Top 10 Most Unique Singing Voices Ever

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Unique Singing Voices Ever until 2017. Life without music is really unthinkable. These are the main reason why people have radios everywhere be it in their cars or in the ship. Singers try to make their voices wonderful and impressive to their fans. Most of the singers have voices that take little seconds in recognizing them. When you have heard their songs before, it becomes easy in recognizing all the others songs from the same singer. The beauty of the song relies upon the touch it instills on his/her fans. There are several singers who have unique voices in the music industry. This makes the selection of the top 10 most unique sing voice ever a ridiculous task. The following is the list of the top 10 most unique singing voices ever:

List of Top 10 Most Unique Singing Voices Ever until 2017

10. Kate Bush

Kate Bush Top Popular Unique Singing Voices Ever 2019

Kate Bush is a singer who was only 19 when she emerged with her song on ‘’Wuthering height’’.In this song, she wore a rake thin vintage red dress that span madly on the misty heath. Her singing is a neo –classical helium soprano. The world has never seen a person with a unique voice as her. She remains of the musicians with great originals and distinctive voice.

09. James Brown

James Brown Top Most Popular Unique Singing Voices Ever 2018

This is among the singers with the most unique voices. He is a performer who is flamboyant and charistmatic.Brown is also called Mr.Dynamite.What makes his voice to be easily distinguished is the shortness of his breath that he produces when he sings. This makes his singing to be clippled.In addition; he has a signature dancing style. Brown is a singer whose voice is famous through songs like ‘’Papa’s got a brand new bag’’ and ’’I got you’’.

08. Robert Plant


This is a singer from a rock band that is great. His screeetchy and enjoyable voice makes people to recognize him immediately. Many of his fans say that his songs are beautiful with a sweet voice. No one can beat the voice of this legend. He is talented with a voice which cannot duplicate.Moreover; he has the ability of screaming like nobody can. He has different kinds of fans because of his soft voice.

07. Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury Top Most Famous Unique Singing Voices Ever 2018

This is the seventh singer who has a beautiful and impressive voice. Freddi’s voice makes him to be a legend with no match. This marvelous singer has produced many songs that have the greatest number of fans. He is not only a singer with a unique voice, but also a songwriter and a musician.

06. Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin Top Famous Unique Singing Voices Ever 2019

She is a dynamic singer century since the 19 .Janis’s career is an incredible brief. She had a powerful sweet voice with an Axi-like range. From her life performance on the cry baby, in the festival express, she is a singer with a unique voice. If she would have stayed a little longer, we would have accomplished much as far as her unique voice is concerned. She is one of the Top 10 Most Unique Singing Voices Ever until 2017.

05. Barry Gibb

Barry Gibb Top Most Unique Singing Voices Ever 2017

This is a songwriter and a singer with a unique voice in his singing. He has an extreme high voice and is a good indication of the castrato’s age. He is also known as the Bee gees with his brothers. Their group became famous in 1970.They contributed towards the success of John Travolta movie in 1977.The famous songs of Barry Gibb are, ‘More than a woman’’,’’How deep is you love’’ and ‘’staying a live’’.

04. Amy Lee

Amy Lee Top 10 Most Unique Singing Voices Ever 2017

She is an American song writer and singer. He is classical trained as a composer and a pianist. Amy is known for her life recording that had a unique voice in it. Her voice is short of throaty. This gives her good and powerful criteria of standing out from many. Moreover, she has strong unique vocals with a perfect pitch. Everytime when people hear of her songs; they have to stand to listen to them.

03. Madonna

Madonna Top 10 Most Unique Singing Voices Ever

Madonna is among the singers with a unique voice ever. She is known for her personality and singing capabilities. She is regarded as an asset on the music industry in America. She has a beautiful and impressive voice that makes her distinguishable.

02. Michael Jackson


This is the top second singer with a voice that is unique ever. He was also a producer and a choreographer too. It is impossible to ignore her octaves that have emotional and physical range. In addition, his voice is easily identifiable and it is impossible to copy it.His voice was and it remains to be beautiful and impressive. This is why she has many fans. The background beat boxing gave him the strong stand out from the crowd. Michael Jackson used to dance wee but he is still in the hearts of many.

01. Yesung


Yesung is a singer from Korea with a husky voice. In addition, his voice has strong emotions that are addictive to the listeners. He is the best singer with the most unique voice. He always distinguishes herself from a variety of singers. His voice is one of a kind in the Kpop world.

These are the Top 10 Most Unique Singing Voices Ever util 2017. There are several singers in the world. This is a list with those with unique voices that makes them to be identified easily. Their voice makes them to stand out from a crowd.

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