Top 10 Most Popular Female Film Directors in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Female Film Directors in The World 2017. Being a film director was a man’s thing sometime back. Although, after change in time and society, women have dedicated themselves in different fields in film industries and are doing a great job especially as a director. These women have performed very well in this field and through this, they have gained honor for themselves. Their passion is to provide good films that carry important messages and entertainment values to their clients. Female film directors have proved to the world by doing a fantastic job in producing wonderful films to the world. Let’s take a look on some of the top 10 most popular female film directors in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Female Film Directors in The World 2017

10. Sarah Polley


Sarah E. Polley was born on January 8, 1979. Sarah is a political activist, writer, actress and film director who hails from Toronto, Ontario, in Canada. At the age of only four years, Sarah appeared in her first cinema. She began her career as an actress and later became a director where she made a decision of being behind the camera to direct different films. Due to her commitment and dedication, this film director was considered one of the most famous film directors in the whole world. The passion, commitment and dedication to her work have won her several awards to date. She had produced more than 50 films so far.
Sarah Polley is married and a mother of two daughters.

9. Lynn Shelton


Lynn Shelton is an American director, writer, and producer of films who was born in 1965. The 51 year old film star hails from Oberlin, Ohio in United States of America. Some of the films that she has done include Humpday, your sister’s sister (2011), we go way back (2006), Laggies (2014), what the funny (2008) and touch freely (2013). She began her career in her mid-30s. Lynn is said to be the most talented, skilled, talented and experienced film directors hence appearing in the list of popular female film directors in the world 2017.

8. Deepa Mehta

Deepa Mehta Top Most Popular Female Film Directors 2017

Deepa Mehta is a 66 year old screenwriter, film producer and director who is popularly known because of her good elements. Deepa was born on 15th September 1950 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Some of her films are fire (1996), earth (1998), water (2005), Camilla (1994), the forgotten woman (2008), Beeba Boys (2015), bollyhood/Hollywood (2002) and anatomy of violence (2016). She started her career in 1973 when she shifted to Canada after getting married. She has won four film awards so far.

7. Kathryn Bigelow

Kathryn Bigelow Top Popular Female Film Directors 2018

She was born on November 27, 1951. Kathryn Bigelow is a 64 year old star who hails from San Carlos, California in United States of America. Kathryn is a producer, screenwriter ad film director. Some of her films include the loveless (1982), touched by the hand of God (1987), the widow maker (2002), strange days (1995), point break (1991), the weight of water (2000), and blues steel (1989). This American film star has grown fame because of her visualization sequential acting in her movies. She owns an award for best Female director.

6. Haifaa Al Mansour

Haifaa Al Mansour Top Most Famous Female Film Directors 2018

Haifaa Al Mansour is the first female Saudi Arabian Film director. She was born August 10, 1974. Her father (Abdul Rahman Mansour) introduced Haifaa in film industry through video. The fact that there was no movie theatre in Saudi Arabia made her to gain popularity. Some of her films are the only way out, who, women without Shadows, the bitter journey and a storm in the stars. Currently, Haifaa makes a special place in the hearts of so many people.

5. Miranda July

Miranda July Top 10 Most Popular Female Film Directors

She is popularly known for making easy but great movies. Miranda is an author, screenwriter, actress, author, artist and film director who hail from Barre, Vermont, united states of America. Miranda July was born on 15th of February 1974 (age 42). She started her career in 1995 in Portland. So far, she has published several films, books, albums, music videos and EPS. This American star has published more than 10 films which include are you a favorite person for anybody (2005), nest of tens (2000), Atlanta (1996), the amateurist (1998) and I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left.

Miranda July has won various awards for her movies. She is popularly known for her hard work.

4. Mira Nair

Mira Nair Top Most Female Film Directors 2019

Mira Nair is an Indian lady who has interesting and wonderful films which refer to several issues concerning the society. She is currently based in the United States of America, New York City. She specifically deals with international films for the society of Indians, social and cultural spheres and whether in economic. Mira was once nominated for the academy award for best foreign language film. Some of her films are Mississippi masala, monsoon wedding, salaam Bombay and Golden Lion winning. Mira Nair has quality films that have gained her popularity.She is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Female Film Directors in The World 2017.

3. Sofia Coppola


Her full names are Sofia Carmina Coppola. She is one of the best talents in the film industry. She is popularly known for her talents and skills in her film career. Sofia Coppola is highly admired by many people across the globe. Sofia was born on May 14 1971 in New York City, USA. In 2010, Sofia was nominated an award for best director in the academy. She started her career in 1998 and has 7 films so far.

2. Phyllida Lloyd


She is a 59 year old film star from Bristol, South West England. Phyllida started her career in 1997. This successful film director, actress and screen writer became popular when she released her film the iron lady. This film has excellent skills through which the audience is much entertained. She has also won several awards through her great work.

1. Claire Denis

Claire Denis Top 10 Most Popular Female Film Directors 2017

Claire Denis is a 70 year old film star from Paris in France. She is the top most of all female film directors in the world. Claire Denis is highly celebrated by his clients because of her extremely wonderful films which turn out to be successful and approved by millions of views all over the world. She has more than 30 films which include High life, Bastards, white material and 35 mums. So far, she has 6 won awards and several nominated ones.

Claire Denis tops in this list. She deserves it.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Female Film Directors in The World 2017. All of the above women are hardworking, skillful, talented, and experienced. The passion they have towards their career has increased their honor hence considered successful. By that, they are very popular..

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