Top 10 Most Beautiful and Successful Pakistan Actresses

Take a look at the below list of top Top 10 Most Beautiful and Successful Pakistan Actresses 2017. Pakistan is known to be having very beautiful and successful actresses. These women are popularly known for their hard work and determination at large. The list below consists of the most successful Pakistan actresses.

List Of Top 10 Top 10 Most Beautiful and Successful Pakistan Actresses 2017

10. Iman Ali

Iman Ali Top Most Famous Successful Pakistan Actresses 2018

Iman Ali is a very beautiful and successful Pakistan actress and beautiful fashion model who appears mostly on Urdu films. Her career began in 2000 when she acted like a supporting actress in the Bol drama. Iman has worked in several fashion Houses such as Tina Dhaka, Manish malhotra, jj valaya, tauni tahiliani and suneet Varma. In 2006, these houses won him a Lux style award for best celebrity of the year. Iman has appeared in very many television series and films which include Khuda Kay Liye (2007), ma e Meer (2016), bol (2011) and main Punjab Nahin Jaoongi (2016). His television dramas are such as salban sheeshay ka, chal parha, Bewafayiana, pehla Pyar, Kismat, arman, and Dil Dekay Jaien Gay,

Iman Ali is one of the most beautiful and successful actresses of Pakistan.

9. Amina Sheikh

Amina Sheikh Top 10 Most Successful Pakistan Actresses 2017

Popularly known as Aamina, she is a successful Pakistan actress born on 29th August, 1981 and began her career in the Pakistan cinema. Amina is the owner of four lux awards from nine nomination such as dil e nadan (2009), seedlings award (2012), armaan award (2013), maat award (2013), seedlings award (2013) and independence through unit (2014). Amina sheikh began her career back in 2008 in Fashion modeling where gained her popularity the French nomination award at the Lux Style. She later established herself as one of the most top and successful female of Pakistan.

Amina Sheikh is a married woman with children but still looks like a teenage girl. Her eyes are always glowing and she makes to be the center of attraction in Pakistan.

8. Saba Qamar


Saba Qamar is a very popular Pakistan actress from Gujranwala. Saba is a credited television actor as she has performed many television dramas and series which include maat, jo chalay to Jaan Se Guzar Gaye, Pani Jaisa Piya, dastaan ad main Aurat Hoon. In 2011, she emerged the winner of most popular and critic category as best actress of the year. She deserves to be in this list because of her classy style.

7. Natasha Ali

Natasha Ali Top 10 Most Successful Pakistan Actresses

Natasha Ali is a very famous Pakistan actress who has worked in many fashion houses and has been hosted in very many shows. Ali also makes to be part of popular Fashion shows as well. Natasha’s gained public recognition because of her sensible and hard work in her professional career, in dramas and films. This is one of the biggest names in Pakistan amongst actresses and model.

6. Mehreen Raheel

Mehreen Raheel Top Popular Successful Pakistan Actresses 2019

Mehreen is a Pakistan model, managing director, host and Pakistan actress. She is a very popular celebrity who is good in portraying her roles in films such as Zindan Gulzar hai, dastaan, mastana mahi and many more. Mehreen’s career came as a result of his studies at Lahore Granma School of arts and sciences and then she joined diploma in dancing, script writing and drama. She was later very fit in television and film. Currently, Mehreen is very popular in the Pakistan film industry and even worldwide.

5. Madiha Iftikhar

Madiha Iftikhar Top Most Popular Successful Pakistan Actresses 2018

Born on 5th February, 1985, madiha iftikhari is a Pakistan drama actress and model who is popularly known because of her appearances in films like Andata, zagham, ishq akai inteha and many more. Madiha is one of the most beautiful and successful Pakistan actresses with very long hair, good body shape and admirable lips. Her appearance in many films and television series has lifted her to a successful Pakistan model and actress. She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful and Successful Pakistan Actresses 2017.

4. Tooba Siddiqui


Tooba Siddiqui is a successful Pakistan model born on 7th August, 1984, Karachi, sindh, Pakistan. She started her career by starring in the music video of a pop singer, Yasir Akhtar. in 2000 is when she started modeling at various fashion houses in Pakistan. Tooba has appeared in Ajnabe Shehr Mein, wrong number special appearance in song Nachey Mann (2015) and Dobara phir films.
Tooba Siddiqui cannot be left out in this list of the most beautiful and successful Pakistan actresses 2017.

3. Sanam Baloch


She is a talented and glamorous Pakistan actress who hails from Karachi in Pakistan. Popularly known as Sanam, Sanam Baloch is also one of the highest paid Pakistan actresses and she is also one of the most successful in the Pakistan film industry. She started by hosting various television shows like good morning show with ARY news. She has also been starred in Durr e shehwar (2012) and Dunstan (2010) films. Sanam started her career by hosting in KTN. She appeared in two shows of this channel several plays.

So far, Sanam Baloch has appeared I more than 20 television shows and she has three awards for her great work.

2. Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan Most Famous Successful Pakistan Actresses 2019

Mahira is a popular and successful Pakistan actress and former VJ who owns three Lux style awards. She was a student at the University of Southern California, however, she dropped out at the age of 18 years and thought of acting and made her first Debut film in bol films by Shoaib Mansoor. Some of her famous films are bol (2011), Verna (2016), raees (2017), actor in law (2016), ho Mann Jahaan (2016) and mainto (2015). She is also part of the television shows MTV most wanted (2006), Neeyat (2011), Coke Kahani (2012), weekends with Mahira (2008) and TUC Tumhare (2014).

Mahira khan’s career success is a combination of beauty queen , talent and hard work.

1. Humaima Malik

Humaima Malik Top Most Successful Pakistan Actresses 2017

Humaima Malik makes to be the most successful and beautiful Pakistan actress who has appeared in very many films and television shows. Her success came she grabbed Bollyhood projects. She has done fantastic work in film industry with Mahira Khan and many others. Most Asian magazines celebrate her as the most fancied women.

The above are the most successful Pakistan actresses 2017. It takes hard work and determination for one to acquire success in something. These Pakistan women are determined and also hardworking in their field of profession.