Top 10 Most Successful Female Bloggers in World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Successful Female Bloggers in World 2017. Owning and running your own blog is a popular thing to do these days. People start blogs for different reasons and the themes can be highly varied. For some people, it is a bit like having an online diary whereas others use it to inform people about a certain area or to engage in a certain topic. On the bigger front blogging is a business. It can be incredibly competitive but if you work hard at it and carve your niche successfully it can bring you both wealth and influence. The most successful blogs receive millions of hits each month. This post takes a look at ten of the most successful female bloggers on the internet right now. You will notice that many of them have been around for quite a long time, having started their blogs at a time when there were fewer blogs around on the internet.

However, it is still perfectly possible to start a successful blog and to get it receiving thousands of visitors every day very quickly. The key is that you have to treat it like a full time job, post regularly, ideally every day and write content that people actually want to read. Some have piggy backed off the success of bloggers and have jumped an extra hurdle, instead choosing to start a ‘vlog’, a video blog, usually run on youtube. These online video diaries receive millions of views and have earned some of their owners celebrity status. Now, the bloggers that are presented below are all professionals. However, although some of them might have started their blogs with the intention of them becoming big, usually it happens by mistake and people start flocking to the site. It then becomes like a full time business.

It is sometimes difficult to see exactly why some blogs are more successful than others. However, if the niche is good and the audience feels involved then this is usually a good reason for why it happens. So, without further ado, let’s look at the top ten most successful female bloggers this year. The ranking is based on their ‘alexa ranking’ which looks at the amount of traffic recorded on a website at any one time. Those with a higher ranking receive more traffic than other websites.

List of Top 10 Most Successful Female Bloggers in World 2017

10. Kiesha Easley –

Kiesha Easley Top Popular Successful Female Bloggers in World 2019

Kiesha’s blog does not necessarily focus on a single subject but instead moves about and shifts her focus. She sometimes blogs about writing, sometimes design, sometimes SEO and sometimes money issues. She offers technical instructions in a friendly way. It is one of the most successful blogs in the world with an Alexa rank of 253,533. She also writes for the savvy group with Brandon Cox. At weblogbetter Kiesha regularly runs competitions to keep her readers engaged.

9. Kristi Hines –

Kristi Hines Top Famous Successful Female Bloggers in World 2019

Kristi has a wide ranging blog which reflects her interests. She is able to take her personality and push it forward to you on the page. She used to blog at but now blogs at a site under her own name – . The subjects that she engages with in her blog vary from writing to photography, self-improvement, motivation and how to make the most of social media. She is an internet marketing expert and many bloggers take her advice very seriously. By following her advice bloggers are often able to zoom their blogs far forward in terms of their Alexa rank. Her own Alexa Rank is 271,666.

8. Rosalind Gardner –


Rosalind Gardner is perhaps best known for her affiliate marketing training but she has many hats, being an author, a speaker, a consultant and of course a blogger. Her website used to be called but she changed the name to include her own name as she became more well known. Her blog is very topical and is mostly about news and current affairs, making money online and how best to do it, starting blogs and affiliate marketing. She wrote a highly successful e-book with the title: How I made $436,797 in one year selling other people’s stuff online. Her Alexa rank is 268,584.

7. Penelope Trunk –


Penelope Trunk is the current CEO of of Brazen Careerist, a profession managing tool for the next up and coming generation. She is also an author and a well known American blogger. Her blog is mostly about careers and education but she occasionally branches out to other subjects. Her Alexa rank is 90,972.

6. Heather Armstrong –

Heather Armstrong Top Most Famous Successful Female Bloggers in World 2018

Heather Armstrong lives in Salt Lake City in Utah and is a prominent American blogger. She has a humerous writing style and has been blogging at her site for many years. The topics she writes about are incredibly varied and they include infomration about cars, books, the internet, accessories, electronics, jobs and how things are generally going in life. She is adored by her fans. Her Alexa rank is 177,184. She is one of the Top 10 Most Successful Female Bloggers in World 2017.

5. Michelle Malkin –

Michelle Malkin Top 10 Most Successful Female Bloggers in World

Michelle Malkin is a fairly traditional blogger, writing about current affairs and politics. She has a regular column in various magazines and newspapers and this supports her blog writing. She is a regular guest on the Fox News channel and national radio channels. Her Alexa rank is 126,574.

4. Ana Hoffman –

Ana Hoffman Top 10 Most Successful Female Bloggers in World 2017

Ana Hoffman started her blog trafficgenerationcafe in February 2011. It is all about letting people into the secrets of getting more traffic to their websites, the holy grail in internet marketing. She has grown the site hugely in recent years and now has several people writing for her. Her Alexa rank is 103,766

3. Ann Smarty –

Ann Smarty Top Most Successful Female Bloggers in World 2017

The Editor in Chief at SEJ (Search Engine Journal) has pulled punches with her blog ‘myblogguest’ for a number of years now. MyBlogGuest is all about a community of guest blogers, all trying to get noticed out there. Her Alexa rank is 95,587.

2. Jenny Lawson –

Jenny Lawson Top Most Popular Successful Female Bloggers in World 2018

Jenny’s blog receives several million viewers every month with an Alexa Rank of 71,155. This has grown rapidly. Since 2006 she has been a guest writer on the Online Houston Chronicle and she also writes a parenting blog which has everyday advice for both new and seasoned parents. Her blog has really risen up through the ranks in recent years. A few years ago she would have been much lower down this list.

1. Ree Drummond –


The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond has won multiple awards for her blog. She started way back in 2006, which is ancient history in the blogging world, and writes about a range of topics including home schooling, entertainment, cooking, gardening and topics to do with the home. Her blog attracts upwards of 22 million visitors per month. Her current Alexa ranking is a very high 9438, much higher than any of the other female bloggers on this list.

These are the Top 10 Most Successful Female Bloggers in World 2017. The world of blogging is mightly competitive and from the rankings you can see that there are many other websites between these bloggers. However, that is taking into account all websites around the world, of which there are many. Bloggers have a huge amount of influence and their readers like to follow them as they can begin to build a connection with them. The blog becomes a community all by itself and readers themselves can get to know each other by posting comments and reading the comments of other readers. It is odd in some ways that these people can seemingly get to know each other really quite well, without ever having to meet each other. There are multiple blogs that are created every single day and so the competition is increasing all of the time. However, these ten female bloggers seem to be strong and are at the top of their game. They are determined to keep going and keep their online influence. Without it, their advertising and other income would not be possible.