Top 10 Sexiest And Hottest Asian Female DJs

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Sexiest And Hottest Asian Female DJs 2017. Music is the universal language that unites the world. A song in Hindi can be loved with people who don’t have even a clue what Hindi language is all about, same goes for English sang songs. On YouTube Justin Bieber videos are over a billion views yet he hails from North America where USA and Canada’s population doesn’t amount to a billion people. This shows that people who listen to his songs majorly are not English speakers. In Asia, China as a country loves Justin Bieber.

This shows how music is unites the whole world. Speaking of Asia, there are female djs who are at the forefront of the party scene and party life in Asia. These female djs are hot and sexy added to their prowess in deejaying. In any club or event, they are hired to deejay, they always leave their fans thrilled not only because of their unmatched and unrivalled beauty but also because of their magnificent deejaying skills. These DJs come from different Asian countries so if you are a party goer and you wish to visit Asia to party, follow these DJs Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter accounts to know which Asian country you can visit. Let’s see who are these hottest and sexiest Asian female DJs.

List of Top 10 Sexiest And Hottest Asian Female DJs 2017


arra pascual, Top 10 Sexiest And Hottest Asian Female DJs 2017

Her name is popular to anyone party-goer in the Philippines. She isn’t only a dj but also a celebrity in the Philippines. Whether you love trap music, progressive music, hip hop music or big room music, Arra will cater for your music taste. Arra also plays old school music to top 40’s commercial, her intelligence comes from the fact that she can incorporate all these different genres of music into her live sets. Whether it’s on wedding events, gigs, political events, music events or at clubs, Arra will intelligently play all genres of music so that all revelers are entertained.

What causes her to have a large following in the Philippines is also due to the fact that she is super-hot and sexy, she is always trendy on what she wears. She is playboy’s model and also Pioneer Dj Official brand ambassador.


dj bombshell, Top 10 Sexiest And Hottest Asian Female DJs 2018

Just like her dj name expresses itself, she is truly a bombshell in deejaying and keeping with the latest party trends and fashion trends in Taiwan and across the whole world. Blessed with a killer body and pretty smile that always acts like a magnet to men and party goers at large, Dj Bombshell is the real deal in the party life of Taiwan. She has successfully made a name for herself in South East Asia due to being able to play different genres of music with unrivalled prowess.


dj vida, Top 10 Sexiest And Hottest Asian Female DJs 2019

Though Thailand is majorly a Buddhist country hence it being very religious, the Thai people love to party and have a good time. This has created a deejaying market for our beautiful dj called dj Vida. If you want to get dj Vida at your event or club, you will have to inform her management team 4 months upfront. Such is how the schedule of dj Vida is packed but if you manage to get her you wont regret. Men love her because she is a beautiful, sexy tomboy and women love her because she can play any type genre of music.



Most people liken her beauty to internationally acclaimed R&B singer Tinashe. She is that beautifully. She managed to maintain her number 7 spot being one of the hottest and sexiest Asian djs since 2015. Visit Singapore and you will hear her name being whispered in the party circles.



Dj Alexis is a newcomer on this list. Her rose to number 6 on this list has been nothing remarkable. She has been on Malaysian party scene for about 2 years and she has grown that fast. From hard hitting EDM, Hip hop, Melbourne bounce to House music, she is well skilled in playing these genres of music.



Just like her name, she is the king of the party life in Vietnam. She is blessed with beautiful well rounded hind quarters. She dresses sexily from hot pants to nice half tops. She is ambitious as she wants to be the number one dj in Asia.



Dj Yoko is stunning in every aspect, whether it be deejaying or in beauty. She is the number one dj in the girls deejaying team called Katsuyaku girls which is currently under the management of Yami Mak Active HK founder who comes from Hong Kong.



Dj Zara Gift has her own unique style of playing and deejaying music that has made be number 3 on list hottest and sexiest Asian female djs. She has an awesome body and gorgeous dimples. She can dj Hip House music, Hip Hop music and Electro music.



The Korean countries are not particularly known for being party countries but dj Soda is changing all this by playing and deejaying music like never been experienced in the Korean countries. She shot to fame due to posting a cute dance video that went viral on YouTube. She dances while deejaying.



She truly deserves to be number one on this list. She has a sick work ethic, she is very popular in Asia and she has been mentored by the finest dj mentors in Malaysia. She has loved music since she was a little child. She knows how to play a piano and many musical instruments.

These are Top 10 Sexiest And Hottest Asian Female DJs 2017. The djs on this list deserve to be on the number they are. They are very beautiful, hot and sexy, they can dj different genres of music easily.

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