Top 10 Sexiest Filipina Female Stars

Take a look at the below list of top 10 sexiest Filipina female stars 2017. Filipino television has been around for less than 100 years. It first came into existence in 1953 and since that time it slowly formed into the media outlet that it is today. Currently, Filipino television is loaded with lots of programming and many stars have emerged from this industry.

These female icons not only work in television they also do work in films and other forms of media. Here is a look at the top 10 sexiest Filipina Female Stars who sexuality and good looks have helped them to secure their entertainment careers.

List Of Top 10 Sexiest Filipina Female Stars 2017

10. Myrtle Sarrosa


Myrtle Sarrosa used to be Cosplay actress and she was ranked as the second best player within this Filipino pastime. This beautiful and young Filipina starlet graced the cover of top rated men’s magazines such as FHM. Sarrosa has appeared on Pinoy Big Brother and she has even appeared as a sports hostess for major events involving the NCAA. Sarrosa has even graced her presence across the big screen in films such as Once a Princess and Just the Way You Are.

Sarrosa has big sparkling eyes that reminiscent of the anime characters that she used to portray during her Cosplay days. Her hair dark and alluring. She tops off her magnificent appearance with a dazzling smile that could make most guys give in to her charm. Myrtle Sarrosa is truly one talented and sexy Filipino actress who is going places.

9. Janella Salvador

Janella Salvador Top 10 Sexiest Filipina Female Stars 2017

Many people in the Philippines know Janella Salvador as “Nikki” on the popular show Please be Careful with my Heart. Her role on this day time show helped to make her a household name. Salvador appeared in films such as Haunted Mansions and Mano Po 7 and she is the hostess of ASAP which is known as the All-Star Sunday Afternoon Party. This show is the longest running music show in the Philippines and Salvador has had the honor of hosting the program since 2013.

Janella Salvador is one of the beautiful young actresses in Philippines. Janella is also a singer as well as an on-air personality and she even does commercials. Janella is young (she’s only 18) and she has a girl next door type of look to her appearance. Her clean and cute good looks make her innocent and sexy when she on film. Salvador is the type of girl that a guy would want to take home to meet his mother.

8. Lauren Young

Lauren Young Top 10 Sexiest Filipina Female Stars

Megan World won the Miss World pageant in 2013 and she is the older sister of the Filipino actress Lauren Young. While Lauren might not have secured a pageant title she has built a viable career in Filipino television. Lauren is constantly on television and she has completed 8 movies. Her television shows include Maalaala Mo Kaya which is the longest running television program in Filipino history.

Lauren is just as spellbinding as her sister Megan. They both have similar features and if you did not look at them carefully; they could appear to be twins. Lauren has a classy look that has star written all over it. No wonder this young lady has lasted so long in the world of entertainment.

7. Nadine Lustre


Nadine Lustre is a leading lady and a certified movie star. She has appeared in a number of great films including Diary ng Panget, Talk Back and Your Dead and in Beauty and the Bestie. Throughout the years she has even appeared in Maalaala Mo Kaya. Nadine is a favorite public personality because she livens up a room and is a true professional.

Lustre is 22 and she has the ability to alter her facial features. She can appear as a sweet and charming young lady when there is a need for this role. This talented actress can transform like a chameleon and appear like a sultry older lady with sex appeal. Lustre is the perfect actress for this age.

6. Julia Montes

Julia Montes Top Most Popular Sexiest Filipina Female Stars 2018

Julia Montes is a versatile actress who is young but mature. She is only 21 but has a vibe that is well beyond her years. Do not be misinformed, Julia is not some over the hill young adult woman who is worn out before her time. However, she is an actress that can perform in a variety of roles and will not be typecast.

Film and television credits to her name includes Maalaala Mo Kaya, Walang Hanggan and her breakout role in Clara del Valle which put her on the map. She also played in the popular 2009 Filipino horror flick T2. Montes has smoking hot, thick and full lips; thick and long black hair that drapes down to her chest and deep dark hypnotic eyes. Montes is truly one of the hottest chick in the business.

5. Julie Anne San Jose

Julie Anne San Jose Top Famous Sexiest Filipina Female Stars 2019

Julie Anne San Jose is a professional musical entertainer that has been dominating the music charts within the Philippines for many years. Her music career began back in 2011 and she is now one of the best artists in the nation. Her albums titled Julie Anne San Jose and Deeper have went gold and triple platinum. Julie Anne is not only an accomplished music star she is also a famous actress.

She also appeared in films such as Tween Academy and Just One Summer. Julie Anne San Jose oozes with talent. She even enjoys hosting and event doing commercials. Her looks also help her to stay on top of the entertainment world. Julie Anne San Jose is sometimes seen with fiery red hair but its normal color is brown. She looks tempting, dazzling and breathtaking whenever she performs on a screen or in person. She is definitely a sexy Filipino performer. She is one of the Top 10 Sexiest Filipina Female Stars 2017.

4. Janine Gutierrez

Janine Gutierrez Top Most Sexiest Filipina Female Stars 2017

Janine Gutierrez is 27 but looks like she is going on 21. She seems to be aging in reverse which is a good thing for performers within the entertainment field. Keep in mind that Janine is the daughter of Monching Gutierrez and Lotlot de Leon. So this young starlet was born into a family of actors. Gutierrez is not only talented she is also smart.

She has a degree in European studies and is a cultural icon. Everything about Gutierrez says that she is a star. As a matter of fact, she is so well received within the Philippine that she does not have to audition for many parts like other females in her class. Janine Gutierrez has deep dark colored hair, a soft face and the type of features that make her appear like the sexy princess that she is.

3. Liza Soberano


Liza Soberano is 18 and coming into her own as a grown woman. While she still is a young woman she can still be rated as a sexy lady. She is also one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Soberano sexuality is starting to emerge and though she plays wholesome roles within the film industry, her sexuality is starting to become more noticeable.

Her films include my Ex and Whys and She’s the One. She also has television show called Forevermore. In 2016 she plays as Serena Marchesa and Monica Urtola in the hit show Dolce Amore. Soberano has thick and sexy eyelashes, wide eyes and full luscious lips. Her features help her stand out as one of the best Filipino actresses in the business.

2. Julia Barretto

Julia Barretto Top Popular Sexiest Filipina Female Stars 2018

At age 19 Julia Barretto is clearly one of the Philippines biggest, brightest and sexiest stars. This young lady is starting to enter her prime as an actress and as a woman. This Marikina born honey pot was doing commercials when she was a little girl but now that she’s grown up; she has moved on to bigger and better things.

Barretto sings, dances, hosts and is an all-around performer. She even models. This helps to give her entertainment career an edge. She has a lovely face that is calm and deceptively alluring. She is a classic beauty smoothed over with just the right touch of sex appeal.

1. Kathryn Bernardo


Kathryn Bernardo is considered the number one actress and performer in the Philippines. Early on in her career she was teamed up with Daniel Padilla who is considered the king of Filipino acting scene. Kathryn and Daniel have made many commercial, television and public appearances together. Bernardo even has an album to her credit.

While Kathryn is a teen actress she is starting to come into her own a full fledge entertainer. In 2017 she is making more films and still remains active in her career. Bernardo’s acting opportunities are increasing now that she’s an adult. People in the Philippines can expect to see more of this drama queen in the future.

These young and sexy female Filipina stars 2017 are among the best in the business. They are all just moving into the next phases of their careers and each of them seem like they will do well as the sexiest females within the nation.