Top 10 Most Famous Salsa Dancers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Famous Salsa Dancers in The World 2017. There are a number of salsa dancers in the world today. Ranking the top ten salsa dancers is very difficult. It is even more difficult to come up with the list that is acceptable by all. All this anomalies are due to the high number of salsa dancers in the world today. This article therefore, explores the top ten salsa dancers according to our personal point of view. However, the list subject to further scrutiny just in case there are few notable omissions.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Salsa Dancers in The World 2017

10. Karel Flores

Karel Flores Top Famous Salsa Dancers in The World 2019

Flores epitomizes beauty in the world of Salsa. Born in Mexico, she rose to become one of the most sort after Salsa dancers in the world. She became famous through Yamulee Company where her charm and fascinating techniques made her darling to many. She has remained relevant in the Salsa world for a long time now and she never seems to lose her incredible techniques. She is always accompanied by her husband wherever she goes to perform. Her longevity in the industry is quite interesting and a role model to many. She currently promotes salsa dancing through her Karel Flores Teams that are found in cities across the world. This is where her amazing styles and techniques are taught to the aspiring salsa dancers.

9. Terry Tauliaut


His fascinating musicality, incredible dance moves and strong personality has endeared him to many. His wonderful moves attract fans from all walks of life. Terry is a creative salsa dancer gifted with massive talent and dazzling choreographies. They form a perfect match with his wife Cecile. He has changed the world of salsa dancing with his creative skills and catchy moves.

8. Karen Forcano

Karen Forcano Top 10 Salsa Dancers in The World

Her performance is out of this world. She is certainly a crowd puller with her fantastic performances. Hers are a must watch performances making her one of the most outstanding stage performers of salsa dance. She forms a dynamic duo with Ricardo Vega making their performances one of the most watched shows in the salsa world. Their talent attracts many fans to their shows and their incredible moves are unmatched. Karen has a great athletic ability and her favorite spin technique just makes her style unique.

7. Oliver Pineda


This is a multiple award winner in salsa dance. Nothing can serve to affirm his dominance in this dance more than the accolades he has garnered over the years. It is not easy for one to be a world champion for over five times. Oliver requires no introduction to salsa dance lovers as he continues to dominate the salsa world with dazzling techniques. He is a gifted dancer with enjoyable perfect moves that captures everyone’s attention. His robust performances and unique techniques are a must watch for any salsa lover. He is a role model to the aspiring salsa dancers.

6. Juan Matos

Juan Matos Top Most Popular Salsa Dancers in The World 2018

Juan is the king of Pachanga and fun to watch. He is among the most famous legends of Salsa dance and a respected figure in the salsa industry. He is a role model to many with catchy and crazy techniques. Best dancers in the world ask and heed his advice. They also take his lessons in order to perfect their dancing skills. Juan is among the best performers and a social dancer with his entertaining moves. Nonetheless he remains one the greatest salsa dancers from Latin America.

5. Magna Gopal


She is among the most entertaining salsa social dancers with creative style making her one of the most exciting to watch salsa dancers. She is a fascinating lead and swing dancer who is highly regarded as the Spin queen. She is certainly one of the most incredible dancers in the world. Magna pulls large crowds to her performances due to her talent that is out of this world. She is undoubtedly one of the finest talents salsa dance has ever seen. She is one of the Top 10 Most Famous Salsa Dancers in The World.

4. Leon Rose


He is regarded as one of the best salsa dancers from United Kingdom. His playful and funky character compounded with his amazing moves always excites the audience. His style is quite distinct and his classy performances are out of this world. Leon is also an immensely gifted social dancer and fun loving too. He has a strong personality adored and respected by all in the salsa dancing industry. This is the salsa dancer any fan will instantly fall in love with due to his unrivalled skills.

3. Johnny Vazquez

Johnny Vazquez Top Popular Salsa Dancers in The World 2018

He is highly respected as the Prince of salsa dance a title he so much deserves. Formerly, he was a member of Vazquez brothers a group that is respected as one of the best group in dancing industry. Vazquez popularized the L.A dancing style. He epitomizes this style in his sharp, flashy and technical moves. His other team the Imperio Azteca has also taken salsa dancing to a new level. He is one of the greatest dancers of time and for the salsa dance fans there is no better way to have fun other than to watch his performances.

2. Griselle Ponce

Griselle Ponce Top Most Salsa Dancers in The World 2017

She is a conspicuous figure in the salsa dancing world. She is a former a former dance partner of Mambo partner dance crew. Her energy and strength is incomparable with any in the salsa dance industry. She is a technically gifted dancer with dazzling skills that make a mockery of other salsa dancers. She is undoubtedly a class ahead of the rest of the dancers. Her performance is fun to watch and excites all fans. Ponce also attracts a large crowds wherever she performs anywhere in the world.

1. Eddie Torres

Eddie Torres Top 10 Salsa Dancers in The World 2017

He is regarded as the Godfather of salsa dancers in the world. He is undoubtedly the best salsa dancer ever. He has been in the industry for over twenty years and still going strong. Torres is the living legend that is adored by all salsa dancers. An opportunity to have a class with him or even meet him is every salsa dancer’s dream. It is what any salsa dancer ought to do at some point in their lives.

These are the Top 10 Most Famous Salsa Dancers in The World 2017. There exist a high number of salsa dancers in the world today although the above list gives insight into the top rated salsa dancers. These are the dancers any salsa lover will have fun watching their performances.

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