Top 10 Richest WWE Divas in The World

Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 Richest WWE Divas in The World in 2017. Wrestling is one of the most important fields of entertainment in the current world. Considering the number of followers that wrestling has had in Instagram, you will realise that wrestling is the most popular TV show in the world. Earlier before, wrestling was known to be acted by men alone but from some years back things have completely changed, and women have also started acting wrestling, and that has changed everything that people thought about wrestling. It is through wrestling that women have changed their status of living by making huge sums of money through the TV show. Most of the women in WWE universe have tried their level best to make sure that they do not end their careers without having made anything. This article will explain 10 WWE wrestling divas and how much they are worth in descending order.

List of Top 10 Richest WWE Divas in The World 2017

1. Stephanie McMahon

stephanie-mcmahon-richest wwe divas 2017

Stephanie McMahon is the richest wrestling diva of all time. Stephanie is the daughter of McMahon who is the owner of the WWE industry. She was for a period a wrestler and but most of her salary has been coming from things that she does behind the scene as well as the WWE universe that come to watch wrestling. She said to have a net worth of around $25 million dollars.

2. Torrie Wilson

torrie wilson richest wwe divas 2017

Torrie Wilson is the second richest wrestling diva of all time. She started off by winning Miss Galaxy in the year 1998.After one year; she joined the WWE industry when her longtime friend Stacy Keibler introduced her to WWE. Wilson has been a wrestler since that time till the year 2007 when she decided to stop the wrestling career and returned to what she was doing before that is modelling. She is estimated to be worth 18 US million dollars.

3. Stacy Keibler


Stacy started her wrestling career at the age of only 19 years, yet she was a full-time student. She was wrestling at the WCW before joining the WWE in the year 2001 together with her friend that she inspired names Torrie Wilson. Stacy let the WWE wrestling career in the year 2007 and went on ahead to pursue other careers that have been proved to be successful as well. She is estimated to be worth 4.5 US million dollars.

4. Mickie James


Mackie James started her wrestling career in the year.1999. She was the released in the year 2010 from WWE, and she managed to enjoy business even after she left the WWE universe. If you can remember her well, at the time wrestle mania 22 was held she managed to beat a very successful Divas Champion Trish Stratus and became the divas champion. She is currently a musician and an actress as well. She is worth 4 US million dollars.

5. Trish Stratus


Trish started her wrestling career in the year 1998 and stayed in the wrestling career until the year 2006 when she retired. She had worked more than seven titles already, and she is estimated to be worth 3 US million dollars.

6. Lita


Lita was a very fantastic wrestler for a long time, and she had a huge rivalry with Trish. Lita enjoyed her career as a wrestler since she won the Divas’ championship for seven times. All this was contributed by her fantastic moves that had never been performed before by any diva. Lita is estimated to be worth 2.5 US million dollars.

7. AJ Lee


AJ Lee started her wrestling it the year 2010, and she has managed to win Divas championship title. This past June, AJ Lee managed to get the Divas title in the payback, and she has held it since then till now. AJ Lee is estimated to be worth 2.3 US million dollars. AJ Lee is still at the WWE universe till now and her looks at the age of 26 years old have contributed to her success in the WWE Divas wrestling.

8. Natalya


Natalya is a daughter of a former tag team champion named the Anvil. She trained in Calgary, and she has had a lot of success in the WWE Divas wrestling till now. She joined the WWE universe in the year 2008, and she is still there up to now. Natalya is worth 2.2 US million dollars.

9. Brie Bella and Nikki Bella


The Bellas are twin sisters, and they are worth almost the same. Brie 1.7 US million dollars and Nikki is worth 1.5 US million dollars They have been in WWE all the way from the year 2012 up to date.

10. Rena Lesnar


Rena is the wife to WWE superstar name Brock Lesner. She is estimated to be worth 1.5 million dollars. The wrestling fans always remember Rena by the ways she used to expose herself.

These divas have shown a lot of competence in what they do or did in the ring because they were very self-motivated to wrestling up. They have also change the notion that many people had that women wrestling is not interesting, but these women have changed everything in wrestling.