Top 10 Richest Men In Mexico

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Richest Men In Mexico 2017. When a person thinks of Mexico they may think of a country where many people live in poverty. While this is not too far from the truth there are some very wealthy people that live in Mexico. In face some of the richest people in the world live in this country. These are the top 10 riches men that live in Mexico and are enjoying a life of luxury.

List of Top 10 Richest Men In Mexico 2017

10. Max Michel Suberville

Max Michel Suberville Top Most Popular Richest Men in Mexico 2019

Siberville has gotten in on the soda craze. He is a share holder in the Coca Cold Femsa sales in Mexico. Even the people of Mexico like to enjoy a nice and cold glass of soda. He is also involved in the distribution of this soda and keeping all of the coke in stock. This soda franchise has helped him make over $1. 4 billion dollars.

9. Roberto Hernandez

Roberto Hernandez Top 10 Richest Men in Mexico

Hernandez made his money in the world of baking. He may live in Mexico but is one of the top shareholders in the Citibank group. He has made a lot of money with his investments in this company and this willingness to take risks with this group. Hernandex also made money when he help opened the Yucatan Peninsula to tourists. Every time a tourist comes to see this area and visits one of his businesses he can watch his fortune grow. Currently he is worth 1.8 billion dollars.

8. Jose and Francisco Rojas


These Mexican brothers share the wealth. They work in the beverage industry and they also work as snack food manufacturers. They have more than half of the shares in the Coca-Cola Philippines company. This allows them to sit back and allow the company to make money for them. These brothers are currently worth $2.2 billion. They expect to see their fortune increase as sales of this soda continue to go up.

7. Rufino Vigil Gonzalez


Gonzalez is the CEO of the Industries CH. This is a high production steel company. Every year they are able to distribute more than 5 million tons of steel all over the world. Gonzales owns 64 percnet of the stick of the company. He also owns a number of subsidiaries in the steel business. These companies sell steel commercially as well as weld them together to make and sell steel tubes. Gonzalez is said to be worth around $2.4 billion dollars. \

6. Emilio Azcarraga Jean

Emilio Azcarraga Jean Top Popular Richest Men in Mexico 2018

Jean is the well known in Mexican television. He is not only a media mogul, he is the director the Mexican Televisa. This broadcasting company makes the popular Mexican soap operas the Telenovelas. These shows are enjoyed by Spanish speaking all around the world. They have a lot of drama and actors and actresses that are nice to look at. Jean is estimated to be worth $3 billion dollars.

5. Jeronimo Arango


Arango and his family recently sold their shapes to the company Cifra. This company can be compared to Walmart in Mexico. The selling of these shares made the family a large amount of money. Arango alone made $4.4 billion dollars on his shares making him a very wealthy man.

4. Ricardo Salinas Pliego


Pilego is not only the chairman of the Grupo Silnas he is the founder as well. This company deals with telecommunications, media outlets, retail stores, and has a number of financial services for both companies and individuals that are wealthy. Pilego is the owner of the television network that is called Azteca TV that is only available to those that speak Spanish. His investments in media have made him a lot of money. Currently Pilego is worth $9.8 billion dollars. He is one of the Top 10 Richest Men In Mexico 2017.

3. Alberto Bailleres

Alberto Bailleres Top 10 Richest Men in Mexico 2017

Baillere has a number of different ventures that have made him a lot of money. He has business ventures in the field of mining, retail manufacturing, and bottling. While he did lose money due to the declining prices of metal and the slow growth of the economy he is still doing very well. Bailleres is worth just over $10 billion dollars.

2. German Larrea Mota Velasco


Velasco made his money in the field of mining. He is one of the main shareholders in the Gruppo Mexico company. This is the largest mining service in all of Mexico. His mining business has made him a real lot of money. He is worth just over $14 billion dollars.

1. Carlos Slim Helu


Helu is he owners of the Grupo Carso. This group allows him to hold shares in many major companies in Mexico. At one point in time Helu was the richest person in the world. He is worth almost $76 billion dollars and his fortune is going to keep on growing.

These are the Top 10 Richest Men In Mexico 2017. They all have made at least a billion dollars in their investments and hard work over the years. These men have billions of dollars and they are living the life of dreams. While many people think that the economy of Mexico is not too great these men are able to show that there are still some very rich people in Mexico. They have made billions and even at one time the riches man in the world lived in Mexico.

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