Top 10 Real Life Disney Prince in The World

Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 Real Life Disney Prince in The World in 2017. Disney has brought us these animated princes. Well when you first think of the Disney prince, the first thought that comes to mind is Prince Charming and all his ‘charm’. Disney has made these animated princes find their way into many people hearts. However, just like these once, there are the real life prince from Disney who have been able to wiggle themselves into the hearts of many girls. Well these are various actors who have been able to bring their charm with them into their roles in whatever show they are on and made it possible for women to love them even more.

List of Top 10 Real Life Disney Prince in The World 2017

10. Kyle Massey

kyle massey, Top 10 Real Life Disney Prince in The World 2018

From the show Cory in the House, we get this cute funny guy. Born in 1991, this actor is also a dancer and dance making him more desirable than ever. He has also been featured in other shows such as That’s so Raven where he acts as Raven’s small brother. He has also released some rap songs for the Walt Disney Records and the Hollywood Records. His voice was also used in the animation Fish Hooks. With his swag he has been able to become a sensation and has made a name for himself.

9. Avan Jogia


We have now seen in several shows including the people’s all-time favorite, victorious. His looks and his eyes are somewhat a mystery that keeps people coming back for more. Apart from that, there is the elusive smile and the voice that is to behold. Well he made his name in Disney before moving on to some other shows such as Twisted where we still get to experience the mystery that is him.

8. Booboo Stewart


In the show Descendants he is a son of one of the villains banished to the island. He is also one of the people chosen to come back to the kingdom and study. Well his looks and charm get him so far as we see in the film, he is also a singer, dancer and model. Well we also see some of his awesome moves in the show during some of the songs. Apart from this, he is also known for his role as Seth Clearwater in the show Twilight.

7. The Jonas Brothers


The original boy band. These was group of 3 boys who gained fame in the pop community for their voices, looks and what they could do with the guitars. They made several appearances in the Disney channel children’s television network. This group was made up of 3 brothers including Paul Kevin Jonas II, Nicholas Jerry Jonas and Joseph Adam Jonas. These three stared in the movie Camp Rock and the sequel Camp Rock: The Final Jam.

6. Mitchel Hope


Well once you look at the Descendants, then you start getting a list of several princes such as the actual prince in the movie Prince Ben. Well with his declaration he is viewed as taking a damn move but as the show goes on we are treated to a love story of two forbidden people falling in love. Prince Ben is one whose charms and looks have made it easy for him to wiggle himself into the lives of many women around the world. Well we all accept the title Prince really does suit him. He will also be featured in the movie Descendants 2.

5. Brandon Mychal Smith


He is an actor, singer, rapper and dancer. He is well known for his role as Nico Harris in Sonny with a Chance and So Random. This actor got the Family television Award and Young Artist Award in2007 for his role as Tayshawn in Ron Clark Story. He performed and danced in the music video Party Up. With time he has been able to make it to being a household name in the various houses with kids. In many teens eyes he has been seen as a real life prince.

4. Alexander Biagio Conti


The young Canadian actor was born on 1st September 1993. He has grown since a young age taking various roles in different shows. He is the youngest of 4childre in his family. Apart from him, his family also has 2 other actors including Adam Conti and Jordan Conti. In Disney channel, he was featured in the show Harriet Spy Blog Wars as Sport. He has grown to be a famous and well know name and person in the industry. He has been nominated for several awards over the years since when he started acting in 2000.

3. Sterling Sandman Knight


He is an American actor and Musician. He was born in 1985. He was featured in the Disney channel show Sonny with a chance and so Random. Here he was able to wiggle himself into the lives of many fans as a favorite actor. He was made a great entrance into Hollywood I 2009 with his role as Alex O’Donnell in the show 17 again. He has in time take up various other roles in the industry which have been good for his growth as an actor.

2. Zac Efron


This actor grew up in the industry from a young age. Over the years he has been able to build up his carrier and make a wide fan base from his excellent work. He is currently a household name. This actor who was born on October 18th 1987, started his carrier as young actor, singer in various avenue. The show that took people by storm was the show High School Musical. He had the lead role where he acted and sang. Apart from this he also stared in several other movies such as 17 again, the Lucky one among many more

1. Corbin Bleu


His role in the show High School Musical put him the radar of some of the coolest actors on the Disney Channel. He is a dancer, actor, singer and a producer. With his carrier kicking off at a young age he was able to grow into who he currently is making his name one of the well-known names in the industry.

So, this is the list of world’s Top 10 Real Life Disney Prince 2017. Some of the actors in the Disney Channel have been able to bring to live the Disney prince by being awesome in what they do.

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