Top 10 Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars in 2017. What I have come to realize is the fact that stars can easily come and go if they are don’t care to remain in the entertainment industry. But there are others who want their mark to remain in the entertainment showbiz so that they play a significant role when it comes to the entertainment industry. It does not what time you became a star because you will realize that some of these stars started it way back before even they knew but the unique thing about some of them is that they had to wait for their time to come so that they start reaping their fruits. Here are some of the best ladies that will take you places when you watch them.

List of Top 10 Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars 2017

10. Myrtle Sarrosa


This is a girl that already had managed to catch the eyes of many people out there before being awarded a winner of the world-wide show, Big Brother. Being talented in in Cosplaying was also an advantage to her because she always had something to use as a platform to showcase God’s wonderful creature out there. To make matters more gracious and ferocious, you will find her image on the front covers of FHM magazines but the career that is still waiting for the girl is way bigger than you can imagine.

9. Janella Salvador

Janella Salvador Top 10 Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars 2017

This is a lady that you can’t wait to see doing work around you because you will eventually end up salivate for bigger reasons. Acting is one of the things that most celebs love and that is why you cannot miss finding her name at least in one of the best watched show, Please Be Careful With my Heart. Most people have always run to watch the show because they know that they are going to find someone that will automatically make their day.

8. Lauren Young


I always find it a hard thing to ignore the fact that prettiness and girls is one thing that is hard to separate. This lady emerged from nowhere and conquered the miss world pageant in 2013 and from that time, you have to be promised that that was not the end because of how slowly Young is entering into the industry with confidence. What I cannot dispute about her is that there no single day that has same looks, growing beautiful each day that comes and goes has been something she cannot leave to attest.

7. Nadine Lustre


Acting in a movie has always been a challenge to some people but always has been something for those that have been born to swim in the acting career. One of those lucky people is this woman Nadine who in whichever movie that she steps into, there is always a mark of quality that remains behind in it. Acting is not enough because moving into the TV sector is what is waiting on the way for her. I know you always enjoy watching the prettiness that you will be availed without no regret.

6. Julia Montes


Some people like Montes started to gain the fruits of their career way back before others even contemplated on starting theirs. Julia is always selected to go and take part if some mature roles in movies that are rated as best in the entertainment industry. This shows you how far the strength that she has can take and fly her away. One thing you have to be aware of is that if you are a fan of watching TV shows that she takes part into, you need not worry because you will always be taken care of by the same person. She is one of the best, beautiful and prettiest young Filipina female stars 2017.

5. Julie Anne San Jose

Julie Anne San Jose Top Most Beautiful Young Filipina Female Stars 2018

You need to get up and give a standing ovation for this child wonder who has a talent of playing almost every music instrument. What is important about San is that the lungs that she has are some of the best because those high notes are not going to be a problem because Jose was born to entertain you. We don’t have to forget that Julie is also a dancer and you will love all the loves done so that you at least have something to try and jiggle around when you are alone.

4. Janine Gutierrez


If you are born in a family where acting is everybody’s business, then you will realize that your blood will have to accommodate that fact and let yourself in that acting capacity. Y dear friend, that is why Janine can never escape the love and blood that the family has towards acting as she finds herself into the beat. Having a degree won’t give her the bragging rights anymore because the looks that she will portray will make anybody’s heart look tender in the showbiz. Get ready to get a girl that will give you the best.

3. Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano Top Most Handsome Young Filipina Female Stars 2019

This is one of the teens stars who has a shiny star in this world because she came from nowhere to somewhere. This is how she rose to power. One day several fans just came across a movie that Liza was and then to another, that is when they realized that there is a girl out there that needs to be appraised. Although fame was not instant for her, when it came, it streamed like a hot cake in the market. This is the time to shine for Soberano and let her take the day.

2. Julia Barretto

Julia Barretto Top Most Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars 2017

Another beauty queen in the industry is right here. Julia started off from a humble background appearing on television doing shampoo adverts for Kiddie shampoo. But after growing up, the name and the personality that she has have grown up to the nest level. Has a lot of other talents from beautiful, like hosting, dance, acting and almost everything that any actor can be able to do. Wait till you are surprised because the height that she is going to rise are going to be a boom.

1. Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo Top 10 Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars 2018

The lady in the list here started her shining star with a team that she has with King Bee. You will see her doing mostly commercials, shows on televisions, and movies. But one thing that is best known about Kathryn is the fact that there is nothing that she has done and given an error room to spoil the dreams that are always in mind. That is why you won’t get it wrong when you do anything with her by your side. All the fans out there are always yearning to get more from such a lady because they always know that more is always coming their way.

I respect all the ladies around the world because they always do a lot to remain who they are. That is why it always believed that every person that is created or made on this earth will always have a shining start waiting for him or her. When the day comes they you have to reap maximum benefits from them. The Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars 2017 have awakened their shining stars and that is why they have managed to get into this ten best list. I don’t have to say that they are the only ones, but for now, let us live at the fact they are the best.

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