Top 10 Most Powerful Women Politicians in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Powerful Women Politicians in the world in 2016-2017. Politicians are the most important people in the development of any country. Women have not been left out as far as politics is concerned. The world has seen powerful women politicians who have emerged in the last decade. In communities where men are confident of their own worth, women are valued and not merely tolerated. In many largest nations of the world, most women are politicians. Not only the playing family roles, they can also be strong politicians who can unite several nations. Various women politicians have been ranked basing on visibility and economic impact.

The following are the top 10 most powerful women politicians 2016-2017:

1o. Laura Chinchilla

laura chinchilla powerful women politicians 2017

She is a powerful woman politician leader in Costa rica.She is the female political leader to be the country’s presdent.Moreover, she is among the 6 women who were elected in Latin America. She was the minister of public and security affairs .She also served as the minister of justice in her country in the National Liberation party.She is the powerful politician who sustains the environment.

09. Sheikh Hasina Wajed


Sheikh Hasina is a 62-year-old Bangladeshi woman politician. She is the current prime minister of Bangladesh.She headed the Awan League which is the major political party in this country. She served the post of the prime minister for two terms in 1996 and 2009.Up to now ,she is the is active political even if she lost her family members in an assassination. She is the member of the council of women leaders in the world. The council aims at mobilizing all the women leaders on the importance of women development.

08. Johanna Siguadordoltir


She is the powerful woman politician who is the prime minister of Ireland. At one time she served as the social affair and security minister. She is best known to be the world’s lesbian head of government in the world. She was ranked the number 8 by the Forbes magazine.

07. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


She is the current Liberian president. President Ellen is one of the founders of the Liberia’s Patriotic From. She is famous for being the first female head of state in the entire Africa. She has won many awards including that of the Nobel Prize of 2011.She is the powerful woman politician who advocated on the human rights.

06. Sonia Gandhi


She is the powerful women politician who was ushered into politics by a fate game. Her decision on relinquishing the post of the prime minister earned her a lot of respect .She was considered as a real ruler. She was the president of the National Congress of India. This is the largest political party that was lead by a woman. She is an Italian who was born in India. Sonia is the wife of the late Rajiv Gandhi, the former prime minister of India.

05. Janet Yellen.


She is the powerful woman politician who was nominated by president barrack Obama to be the successor of Ben Bernanke. She chairs the United States federation reserve. She was the first woman to hold such a political position. She was the member of the federal open market committee in the year 2009.Janet was the only female politician who could speak publicly on the federation monetary meetings. She urged against the bubble deflation in her 2005 speech in San Fransisco.She is among the female politicians who have won many awards.

04. Golda Meir


She was the first woman to be appointed as the prime minster of Israel. She had served as the labor and foreign affairs minister before she was elected to serve as the prime minister on March 1967.She was described as an iron lady in Israel’s politics.Golda used to be a teacher before she joined politics. She was the strong-willed politician and a straight-talker. She is ranked the fourth by Forbes on the powerful female politicians in the world.

03. Dilma Rousseff


She is the president of Brazil Presdent. Dilma has worked well to make Brazil be at its bars. She is the 36 president of the country.Dilma is the first woman politician to hold the office. Before her presidency, she was the chief staff to president Luiz Inacio.Dilma became the socialist when she was a youth. She joined Left Wing and Urban Guerilla groups who fought the military dictatorship on the year 1970 to 1972, she was captured and jailed. She is ranked the third by the Forbes on the most powerful women in politics.

02. Hillary Clinton


She is the powerful woman politician in United States of America. She is the nominee of the Democratic Party. She was the 67 secretary of the United States in the year 2009-20013.Hillary Clinton leads the unsuccessful effort in enacting Clinton health care plan of 1993.Hillary was elected to be first female New York senator in 2000.She is a powerful woman politician who voted to approve the Afghanistan September attacks and the Iraq resolution. Hillary Clinton received many votes in the primary delegates in the democratic primaries of 2016.She is the first female presidential candidate in the 2016 U.S.A general elections. She was ranked the second powerful political woman by Forbes on the top 2016 powerful women politicians

01. Angela Merkel


She is ranked the first top woman in politics by the Forbes on the 2016 top powerful women in politics. She is the German Chancellor. Chancellor Angela controls 3.3 trillion GDP of the German nation. She has made German the fifth with a large economy. She has been in office since 2005.She has been at the top 5 women politicians since the year 2004.

Women can also be strong politicians as men can do. These top 10 powerful politicians and several others have proved on their potential in political leadership. We are proud for the woman political readership.