Top 10 Most Popular Swiss Actors of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Swiss Actors of All Time till 2017. Switzerland has known for having beautifully men and women. It is a land of beautiful valley and contributes to entertainment and fashion industries. Men have involved themselves in acting career nowadays. These are ten most popular Swiss actors we have;

List of Top 10 Most Popular Swiss Actors of All Time 2017

10. Jake Canuso

Jake Canuso Top Famous Swiss Actors of All Time 2018

Jake is an actor and a dancer. He was born in Zurich, Switzerland on January 13, 1970.he is best known for his role in TV series Benidorm, which he played barman as Mateo Castellanos. He is fluent in English, Swiss, Spanish, French, German and Italian. He appeared in a ballet dancer costumers in a music video for ‘no more I love you’ by Annie Lennox, also appeared in videos for Alex Party’s 1995 hit single ‘DON’T GIVE ME YOUR LIFE’, Carter USM’s video ‘Let’s Get Tattoos and for 2 Unlimited’s video ‘Here I go’ in 1994 hit. In January 2013, he participated in ITV diving show splash which was hosted by Tom Daley.

9. Vincent Perez


He is a remarkable photographer, actor, and a director. He is best known in the world for playing the title character, Ashe Corven in The Crow;City of Angelsand starring in Queen of the Damned as Marius de Romanus. Vincent was born on June 10, 1964 in Lausanne, Switzerland by a Spanish father and a German mother. He directed Rien a dire and L’echange film and nominated for Palme Cannes Film Festival. His photographic work has been exhibited in galleries and festival for example, Face to Face a photograph of Johnny Hallyday, Carla Bruni or Gerard Depardieu was at annual photography festival in Arles he is married to a French actress Karine Silla and their have three children; Iman Perez, Tess Perez and Pablo Perez. He is 6 feet tall.

8. Christian Kohlund

Christian Kohlund Top Popular Swiss Actors of All Time 2017

He is the best actor and director in Switzerland. Born in Basel on 17th August 1950 is married to Elke Best since 1982, there have two children; Luca Kohlund and Francessca Kohlund. His top movies are The Cheese Factory in the Hamlet in 1958, ‘The pedestrian’ in 1973, in 1976 he did Unordnung und Fruhes Leid and in 1999 he acted as Jesus. He went to university of Cambridge.

7. Mario Adorf

Mario Adorf Top 10 Most Popular Swiss Actors of All Time 2017

He is a famous movie celebrity for German-Swiss descent and a stage actor. Born in Zurich in 8 September 1930, in 1962 he married Lis Verhoeven and had one child, Stella, then decided to divorce. In 1985 he got married again to Monique Faye. In 2000 he won a Bavarian film award and best human brand award in 2011 among others. He is best known for his role in Sand, Salt and Love in the year 1957, The Death Ship in 1958, and the doctor of Stalingrad in 1958 and Brainwashed in 1960.he is also a successful author mostly in autobiographic books.

6. Bruno Ganz

Bruno Ganz Top Most Famous Swiss Actors of All Time 2019

He is the handsome and finest actor in Swiss. He has been in German language film and TV for over 50 years. Born on March 22, 1941 in Seebach, Switzerland, he is married to Ruth Walz and their have one son, Daniel Ganz. His first film role was in 1960 in Der Herr mit der schwarzen Melone. His got successful after many years. In 1970, he helped found Berliner Schaubuhne ensemble and after two years he performed in Salzburg festival. He was pronounced actor of the year in 1973 after his stage performance in German. In 2004, he portrayed Adolf Hitler in Untergang, downfall.

5. Anatole Taubman


Anatole is the top successful actor in Switzerland and also has been a TV presenter. He has appeared in films such as Quantum of Solace as James Bond, The Transporter: Refueled. In TV ministry he did Pillars of the Earth, Funf Freunde. He was born on December 23, 1970 in Zurich, Switzerland. He appeared as a prisoner in TV miniseries Band of Brothers. He is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Swiss Actors of All Time till 2017.

4. Pasquale Aleardi

Pasquale Aleardi Top 10 Most Popular Swiss Actors of All Time

He is best known for playing the role in Rabbit without Ears in 2007, Baalin 2004 and Resident Evil in 2002. He is born on June 1, 1971 in Zürich, Switzerland. In 2016 he became the starring of Billy Flynn in Broadway production in Chicago.

3. Oliver Tobias


Oliver Tobias is a wonderful Swiss actor, a stage performer, a director and TV presenter. He is born to an Austrian-Swiss actor Robert Freitag and German actress Maria Becke, on August 6, 1947 in Zurich. In 1968, he appeared in the original London production of Hair playing the role as Berger. He began his modeling career in the year 1968. He is divorced from Camilla Ravenshear, having one daughter and in 2001 he got married to Arabella Zamoyska and had two boys. He has appeared in films like, The Stud, Horsethief, Tis Pity She’s a Whore and many other.

2. Christopher Chaplin

Christopher Chaplin Top Most Popular Swiss Actors of All Time 2018

He is the most successful actor and is the youngest son of film comedian Charlie Chaplin. He was born in Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland on July 6, 1962. He has studied piano in Vevey School before he went to London to become an actor. Chaplin has appears in various films like, Death of a Schoolboy in 1990 and Total Eclipse in 1995. Since 2005 he has focused on his career as a composer and collaborated with ambient German experimental and electronic musician Hans-Joachim Roedeliu.

1. Carlos Leal


He is a handsome Swiss rapper and actor. He was born in Lausanne 1969 and cerebrates his birthday on July 9th .he is one of the founders of Sens Unik in 1990, their produced four gold records and contributed music to the films Neutre and La Haine. He is committed to his work and performed in various movies and drama series. He did a shot comedy film which helped him have many roles in French and Swiss productions. In 2005 he appeared in snow white film which was his first major cinematic role. He has won the award of the best actor in Tamil Nadu Film Festival and Swiss Film Prize for best performance in a leading role.

Above are the most popular Swiss actors of all time.