Top 10 Most Handsome Youtubers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Handsome Youtubers in The World 2017. Youtubers are popular and successful internet personalities. Most of them are said to have gotten sponsors and support from family members. In order for them to walk this far, there must be much effort in foundation. Let us examine most handsome personalities of this site.

List of Top 10 Most Handsome Youtubers in The World 2017

10. Casper Lee

Casper Lee Top 10 Most Handsome Youtubers in The World 2017

His full names are Casper Richard George Lee. Born on 24th April 1994, London, in England, lee is a popular Youtube star with more than 6 million subscribers. He is also an actor and song artist. In 2011 his career title began gaining fame by settling in Youtube channel that garnered more five million users in each year. Later on in 2012, lee introduced a second channel, Morecasper that was name after him.

In 2015, Casper was nominated to take part in kid’s choice award for favorite Vlogger and emerged title bearer. At the age of 23 years only, many people admire his great appearance and is generally said to be very handsome and successful.

9. Markiplier


Have you met this American hottest youtuber? We couldn’t have completed our list without him. Official names are Mark Edward Fischbach but many of his fans know him as Markplier. Mark was born on 28th June, 1989, Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii in United States of America and began his career in 2009, Cincinnati, Ohio. Currently based in Los Angeles in California, he is a successful star and handsome YouTube personality who studied theatre and arts I University of Cincinnati.

Edward mark is one of the most followed celebrity and most of his fans are women who confess of handsome nature of this guy.

8. Troye Sivan


Troye Sivan Mellet is just an Australian songwriter, actor, singer and YouTube personality with a South African origin. Troye is a very small and handsome young man bone on 5th June, 1995, Johannesburg, South Africa. He has appeared in various movies portraying his character. Some of these films are terrible Bertrand (2015), madness continue (2015), spud and spud 3 (2016), learning to fly (2016), wolverine (2016) and many others.

Sivan’s physical characteristics include height of 5.8, attractive hair and cute eyes. At 21 years, this YouTube personality has been featured among hottest young stars from Australia.

7. Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa Top 10 Most Handsome Youtubers in The World

Popularly known as Joey, Joseph Michael is a popular American songwriter, actor, author, producer and YouTube personality known by his own father’s name, Joey Graceffa. Michael was born on 16th May, 1991, Marlborough, Massachusetts, in USA. His popularity came when he appeared first in a television show called amazing Grace. Later on fans and followers began being interested in him by doing a lot of research in internet. From His own films, songs and producing industries, Michael has really risen to a successful level globally.

Joseph is a kind person and always portrays really meaning of Christianity outside there.

6. SuperKian 13


Kian Lawley is his full name but fans prefer called him SuperKian, or just Kian. To talk about cuteness, he makes to be every woman’s dream globally. Having more than 5 million followers in Twittter, Facebook and YouTube, this young star is awesome, attractive amazing, funny and hot guy.

SuperKian 13 is generally sexy and handsome that most young women dream of dating.

5. Marcus Butler


Marcus Lloyd Butler is an American YouTube personality born on 18th December 1991, shoreham, west Sussex, in England. Currently, Lloyd resides in London, United Kingdom. His career activity began after joining his first college and began doing video mixing and creating music on YouTube. Butter owns one song namely I am famous.

Whenever Marcus Lloyd butter is mentioned, what comes in my mind is his great personality, masculine body with 6 packs in his stomach. He makes to be every woman’s dream and heartbeat as well. We all love him. He is one of the Top 10 Most Handsome Youtubers in The World 2017.

4. Finn Harries

Finn Harries Top Most Popular Handsome Youtubers in The World 2018

Do not make a mistake of confusing Finn Harries with his identical twin brother called Jackson Frayne Harries. These two gentlemen resemble each other so much. Running a British YouTube channel, they were born on 13th May, 1993, Britain. In 2015 is when these young men began their career by appearing in a film called let us talk about mental health? Through this, approximately 4 million people began subscribing into this channel gaining them a lot of fame.

Finn harries is cute, handsome and has aroused many women worldwide.

3. Joe Sugg

Joe Sugg Top Famous Handsome Youtubers in The World 2019

Joe is a popular British YouTube personality, film maker, author and song writer known by people as Joseph Graham Sugg. His channels on Youtube made him famous among many stars worldwide. Some of them are Thatcher Joe Vlogs, Thatcher Joe games and Joe thatch. Joe must have inherited this talent from Zoe Sugg (elder brother) who worked in YouTube films before signing a contract with Love film industries where he is currently working.

Joe Sugg is of teen Choice award conducted on January 2015. With his brother’s help, sugg has really flourished to meet success. Most of YouTube Followers are women and young girls who always have a passion of meeting him.

2. Dan Howell

Dan Howell Top Popular Handsome Youtubers in The World 2018

Meet one of the most popular, successful and handsome radio and YouTube personality in our list today. Born on 11th June 1991, London, England, Daniel James Howell gained much fame after portraying his character in Youtube channel called Dan is not on fire.

Howell uploaded his first film called Hello internet on 16th October, 2009 and got several positive reviews from friends and relatives. This is how he got encouraged and rose to defend his career by uploading more other articles. His YouTube films contain comments like, cute, amazing, sexy and most handsome. There is no doubt that Dan is amazing.

1. Connor Franta

Connor Franta Top Handsome Youtubers in The World 2017

Connor Franta is hot, sexy, popular and most handsome of all youtubers. You can describe him using his cute eyes, well structured face and masculine body. People have even gone to an extent of examining his stomach which contains 6 pack features.

Connor is every woman’s dream.

These are the most handsome youtubers 2017 that we have. Most of them are in their early 20’s but very successful.