Top 10 Most Handsome Writers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Handsome Writers in The World 2017. How long has it been since you read a book? They’ve been around since the beginning of time; as heavy as they were, written on stone tablets, they eventually evolved into hard-cover and paper-backs as we now know them. But have you ever wondered who is behind the written word? Who transports you from this life you’re living into a realm that only you and your conscious mind can experience? What do these men look like, these men who have given us pages and pages of pleasure?

We decided to go on a journey to find out a little about them. What makes them the men they are, what they have in their minds as well as how they look to you and I. Because, it’s not only what’s on the skin, but it’s what’s deeper in the heart and mind that makes a writer; an author handsome. And Handsome Enough to find a place in our Top 10. Here, in no particular order, sequence or rank are the Top 10 Most Handsome writers, authors in the world for 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Handsome Writers in The World 2017

10. Richard Flanagan

Richard Flanagan Top 10 Most Handsome Writers in The World

Ooohey. We’ll begin with the shaved head and those piercing sapphire blue eyes that mesmerise like a pair of gems thrown onto a silk throw. With a smile to match, Richard Flanegan wrote, The Narrow Road to the Deep North which was heralded as one of the most igniting books in the world. Well it shows; with eyes like his and a smile that is still smoldering, the book he’s written will be one that will transcend and ignite your every step as you turn the pages.

9. David Baldacci


David is what you would call handsome with a capital H. He too has navy blue eyes flanked by a pair of well-shaped auburn eyebrows and no doubt, under that gorgeous smile that crinkles his eyes, are lashes to die for. He’s clean shaven and shows off a smile that with those pearly whites of his, probably knock the lights out of our eyes given half a chance. He’s got a generous crown of auburn hair with not a hint of gray and it’s probably due to the various books he’s written with flowing smooth regularity. One of America’s best-selling novelists, in fact, he made the top of the 10 best selling authors of the time.

8. Stephen King

Stephen King Top Most Famous Handsome Writers in The World 2019

Stephen King, with his no nonsense face is a man who is a prolific writer of horror, fantasy and way out there stories that come with the thrills, the adventures and the fly-by-the-seat-of-yer-pants kind of excitement in the most horrific way. But behind all that is a man who is silvery, charming and blue eyed. There is something very haunting about him; wide nostrils and a chiseled jawline that gives way to a kind of quiet, assured expression. Whatever is in his mind, he brings out the best in his fictional characters that aren’t always gruesome but are sometimes rather gorgeous to look at too after King has described them in his fluent, eloquent way. Got to say though, for a handsome man as King, some of the most grotesque literature has left his hand in ink on paper that has fed a thousand nightmares.

7. Alfie Deyes


With a blog for his book, Alfie Deyes is a rough and tumble spirit with a crown of unruly brown hair and deep liquid brown eyes to match. He’s an Englishman who was born in 1993 so he’s young yet but with a fashionable dress style, he’s some kind of gorgeous. Having won the top place, the winner of the best selling authors in 2017, he has moved his readers with his writing style. He sports a closely cropped beard and mustache and those kissable lips, if he’s got time with all that writing and coffee drinking, he’s got to be somebody’s awesome catch.

6. Dan Brown

Dan Brown Top Most Popular Handsome Writers in The World 2018

Is it the tweed suit coat, the open-necked collar, the tracery of his gorgeous smile and blue eyes that keeps Dan Brown in the top 10? Or maybe it’s because of his easy personality, his prolific contributions to the world of literature. Whatever it is, he’s a charming novelist who has some interesting ideas on the annals of history. He wrote The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons and Inferno and his works are selling under various translations all over the world. And that dimpled chin; so much for singledom. He’s married. He is one of the Top 10 Most Handsome Writers in The World 2017.

5. Chetan Bhagat


Born in India, this young author has the deepest, blackest, sexiest eyes and behind rimless spectacles, he beguiles. Long fingers, a charming smile on a face that is clean shaven, he crops his hair short at the sides and the back with a simplistic rugged handsomeness. He’s beautifully presented, dresses with timeless style and appears on the photo covers of his books with a photogenic effortlessness. He’s out there to impress so it’s no wonder, he not only writes books but he’s got a finger in the screen writings of Indian movies too.

4. John Grisham

John Grisham Top 10 Most Handsome Writers in The World 2017

Whilst Grisham is a little older, how he appeals to the eyes is beyond description. Often we wonder what is behind the mind of the man who writes, but when it’s Grisham style isn’t got to be charm, wit, and a damn fine mind. Clean shaven, there is a hint of silver at his temples now but that sandy dark blonde hair and blue eyes are behind the dreams of every woman who was ever in love with literature. Grisham wanted to see his dreams as a baseball player come true, but I’m sure there are many out there who are very grateful he didn’t make the grade and became a writer instead. He’s got a kind face, a noble nose and that all American clean look about him. What more could a gal want but to get close to him. We’ll have to go read another of his books.

3. Christopher Hitchens


An Englishman with that famous English complexion that never seems to age. Christopher sported a beard which was naturally embellished with silver at either side of his chin. Blue eyes and a winning smile, he was not short of personality and brains that took him through the annals of religion and literary circles. He was a critic and a journalist who having contributed some very powerful material during his life in Texas, died in 2011. He is included in this top 10 today because of his looks, his personality and his contribution to literature that without him may not have made the footprint it has.

2. Norman Mailer

Norman Mailer Top Popular Handsome Authors in The World 2017

Probably best known for stabbing his wife with a rusty pen knife that almost killed her, Mailer was a prolific writer who perhaps, being faced with writer’s block on the odd occasion, drove him to drink and it was during a drunken stint that a fight happened. However, he remained one of the most handsome writers who have the heavy lids of a man who knew he was prone to outside influences. He possesses piercing eyes, a smile that was rare but when it happened, could light up a room, and a literary meeting to boot. A full head of hair was in its glory when Mailer died a broken man in 2007.

1. Lee Child

Lee Child Top Famous Handsome WritersAuthors in The World 2018

The author of Killing Floor, it’s hard to imagine a man with such an imagination that could bring such thrillers into the pages of books upon books. Jim Grant was his real name, born in October of ’54 but oh what a gorgeous contribution he was when he was born. Smoky gray eyes now, he still stings a woman with charm, grace and that unmistakable clipped British accent. His nose is noble, straight and runs like a strong line toward thinning lips. Lee Child is now in his sixties but has not lost any of his English charm. Known very well for his Jack Reacher stories of the military ex-policeman who wanders the States, Lee Child is one handsome, very lucky Scorpio.

Whilst we’re reading the works of authors who have lived to see the best of what the world has to offer and lived to tell it what’s more, the ten we’ve chosen have contributed not only their works, but their ways, their charm, their behaviour and their unspoken respect for literature as they know it. With magnificent works, it goes to show that behind every beautiful face, every handsome writers in 2017 has become timeless.