Top 10 Most Handsome UAAP Volleyball Players

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Handsome UAAP Volleyball Players 2017. UAAP volleyball is a very competitive sport within the Philippines. It is played by women and men. Every year a list is comprised of the most beautiful UAAP women players. The male players are also noted for their good looks as well. The following material will reveal the top 10 most handsome UAAP volleyball players in 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Handsome UAAP Volleyball Players 2017

10. Marck Espejo (ADMU)

marck espejo, Top 10 Most Handsome UAAP Volleyball Players 2017

Marck Espejo (ADMU) plays for the Blue Eagles and is considered one of the members on his team. He is a very good scorer and is avid player. He might be a rookie but his talent is outstanding. Espejo has excelled within many positions for his team. He is a rock steady player that can move the ball quickly and his attacks are relentless. Females love the way he looks when he competing on the court.

9. Red Christensen (DLSU)

red christensen dlsu, Top 10 Most Handsome UAAP Volleyball Players 2018

Red Christensen is a handsome volleyball player who is all about the spikes. His best maneuver is his spiking ability which is hard for opponents to defend against. He is tall and has piercing eyes that make him look fierce to his opponents and simply adorable to the ladies. Red Christensen is steadily developing as a player and is one of the best in the league.

8. Christian Arbasto (UST)


According to the ladies, Christian Arbasto (UST) is a certified cutie. He is one of the best players on his team and very energetic. When the ladies see him moving around the court they really can’t help but to watch this guy while he performs. He moves with great skill and proficiency. Arbasto is a challenging player that will keep the competition (as well as the ladies) on their toes.

7. Angelone Soria

angelone soria, Top 10 Most Handsome UAAP Volleyball Players 2019

Angelone Soria is the leading player on the UE Men’s Volleyball Team. He is a great team member who has an amazing ability to keep his team afloat even when the odds are against them. Females love his great looks and his amazing athletic ability. He has quick reflexes and can read the competition well. He is true joy for females to watch.

6. Alexis Faytaren (FEU)


Alexis Gaytaren(FEU) is a charismatic leader for his team. He helps his team to get ahead and to stay ahead during competitions. Even when they are behind he still manages to come through help bring about a victory. Many females who watch Alexis in action simply love to him play. They enjoy watching his young and athletic figure as it moves across the volleyball court. Alexis has a great smile which is also a huge draw for the ladies.

5. Philip Cerveza (DLSU)


Philip Cerveza (DLSU) is a true volleyball champion. He can make the women faint while he plays. He is a knowledgeable player that is very good in competitions and he can lead the ball to wherever he wants it to go. His skill undeniable and his talent is immense. He is truly one of the best volleyball players within the UAAP. He is one of the Top 10 Most Handsome UAAP Volleyball Players 2017.

4. Michael Sudaria (AdU)


Michael Sudaria (AdU) is the type of guy that can get the ladies to look at him every time he lays on the court. He is the best scorer for his team the Falcons. He is a consistent scorer who can keep his opponents off balance. Michael has been playing volleyball for years and his experience as a player is constantly being developed. He is truly one of the best in the game today.

3. Peter Den Mar Torres (NU)


Peter Den Mar Torres (NU) is an all-around athlete when he is playing on the court. He can hit hard, block and fly into the air. His defensive skills are superb and he can relentlessly attack his opponents at will. His great athleticism helps him to look real sexy to the ladies. They love the way he moves and the way that he performs. Mar Torres is a highly rated UAAP team player. He also sells shirtless posters of himself which helps the ladies to love him.

2. Jeffrey Lansangan


Jeffrey Lansangan is the poster boy for UAAP volleyball. He has the moves, the amazing skill and athletic talent that is needed to excel at this sport. Not only is he a great athlete a lot of women thinks he is a great looking guy. Lansangan has been playing volleyball for years and is a great player who can get the job done for his team and for the ladies off the court.

1. Rex Intal


Many women have voted and they all agree that Rex Intal is the hottest player in the league. He might not be the best on the court but he can certainly turn heads when he is competing. The women love to him serve, spike and defend. They enjoy his athletic prowess and his rugged good looks. Rex Intal is a rookie but he is doing a great job for his team and for the ladies who love to watch him play.

These are the most handsome UAAP volleyball players 2017. The ladies truly enjoy watching these guys in action while they lead their teams to victory.