Top 10 Most Handsome Tennis Players in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Handsome Tennis Players in The World 2017. Tennis is a sport that takes a lot of endurance. The body has to be used to the constant motion. Tennis can also help a person build up muscles. The swinging of the forearms can help develop the arm muscles. Watching the sport of tennis has become a lot more interesting lately. The men are always on the move. This helps keep their bodies rock hard and well toned. They are a distraction to the game of tennis but the fans do not seem to mind at all. These players are the top ten of the most handsome tennis players to play the game.

List of Top 10 Most Handsome Tennis Players in The World 2017

10. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

jo-wilfried tsonga, Top 10 Most Handsome Tennis Players

Tsonga is from France and he has skills as well as looks. He has a many look to him which many people do not expect such rugged masculinity. His facial hair does not take away from his good looks. It adds to it. It is easy to forget the rules of the game or even that there is a ball involved when watching Tsonga.

9. Grigor Dimitrov

grigor dimitrov, Top 10 Most Handsome Tennis Players 2017

Dimitrov is from the county of Bulgaria. If people would have known before that men from this country were so good looking they would have paid more attention. He may be from a small country but his looks are getting the attention of people all around the world. Dimitrov is strong, in good shape, and is handsome. He looks great on the court and looks even better off it. He is another man that allows his rugged masculinity to show through even when playing tennis.

8. Tommy Haas

tommy haas, Top 10 Most Handsome Tennis Players 2018

Haas is from German and he has an intensive look in his eyes when he is playing tennis. A fan can spend more time looking into this eyes then looking at the tennis ball. This intense look can be seen off the court as well. He is good looking and is talented. Watching him play makes this game a lot more interesting.

7. Felicinao Lopez

felicinao lopez, Top 10 Most Handsome Tennis Players 2019

Lopez is from Spain and he is the Latin man that dreams are made out of. Many women would like to have his as their Latin lover. They would at least like to get a private lesson or two from him. They He is tall, dark, handsome, and exotic looking. His dark hair and his dark eyes really get the attention of fans. He makes watching the games easier and more exciting.

6. Adrian Mannarino


Mannarino is from France and he has the classic European good look going on. He has the height and the chiseled features. His hair is carelessly perfect and his short beard make him look like a tough and rugged man. He is also talented at his game which is an extra bonus. He is one of the Top 10 Most Handsome Tennis Players in The World 2017.

5. Rafael Nadal


Nadal is from Spanish. He is a handsome Spanish man and has the look that a person would come to expect. He has the dark curly hair and the dark intense eyes. A fan cannot help but to be drawn into his eyes. He has a great smile and the little bit of facial hair tops off his dark and handsome look. He is everything that a woman would expected in a sexy Spanish man. He is one of the best looking men to ever stop on the tennis court.

4. Tomas Berdych


Berdych is from the Czech Republic. He has an aggressive tennis stance but that does not take away from his good looks. Even with his fist clenched in this pose he is still good looking. The look does not take away from his strong jaw line and all around good looks.

3. Dimitry Tursunov


Tursunov is from Russia. He has a strong hand and really holds onto this racket. He has curly blonde hair that gives him a boyish charm. He has a strong jaw and deep eyes. He does have an intense look to him which makes him even more attractive and appealing to his fans.

2. Stan Wawrinka


Wawrinka is from the country of Switzerland. He is also sweet looking as the chocolate that this country is known for. He is in great shape and has a very handsome face. He has dark and luscious hair as well as deep eyes. He is a star on and off the tennis court.

1. Philipp Kohlschreiber


Kohlschreiber is from the country of Germany. He is tall and athletic. He is in great shape and fans do not mind looking at him both on and off of the court. He has short hair and is clean shaven. There is something so appealing about him that fans pay more attention to him than they do the progress of the game.

These are 10 of the most handsome tennis players in the world 2017. These men make the game of tennis much more interesting to watch. It is hard for the fans especially the female fans to take their eyes off of these men. The men are constantly on the move which keeps them in great physical shape. These 10 handsome men are in the game of tennis and have been making the fans go wild for some time.