Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers in World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers in World in 2016-2017. For those who defend clients to resolve legal issues have chosen one of the highest paying professions. They are the ones who are helping to guide people towards a successful future. It is often their skills, experience and popularity which gains them a healthy income. Their services and legal consultations alone are made to break one’s wallet. A lawyer does not ever have an easy job.

It is their strong commands over the law which leads them to success. Expensive lawyers are those who win almost everytime in court. The TOP 10 MOST EXPENSIVE LAWYERS IN THE WORLD can be hired really quick to defend your case if you are willing to pay their high priced greenback fees. Afterall, when it comes to seeking the best legal defense, advice, and consultation, you should expect the very best to serve you in the court of law.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers in World 2016-2017

10. Benjamin Civiletti-


This is a famous United States lawyer who has been in the legal practice field since 2005. He is dedicated to winning every legal case in court. His income equals to a fine total net worth of $300,000. I bet if you have a plush bank account, you would hire him to solve your legal issues too.

9. Vernon Jordan-


This most expensive lawyer of the world has a total net worth that is estimated to be over 10 million United States dollars. He is a graduate of Harvard University and has been known to win all complicated legal cases in court. He has much talent and success to go along with fine income. Who would not want this man to represent them? Only those who cannot afford his high fees.

8. Stacey Gardner-


She has a total net worth of one million dollars and practices her profession in the United States. She is also a model and is good at both of careers. She attended Southwestern Law School. This real beauty with brains was born on November 6, 1980 in Beverly Hills. You can see her on quite a few television appearances.

7. Harish Salve-


Practices in the areas of constitutional, commercial, and taxation laws as he is one of India’s leading lawyers. He was inspired by Nani Palkhivala, an eminent tax lawyer from Mumbai. He represents large corporations like Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries Limited and more. He also represented Vodafone in its $2.5 billion tax dispute with the Indian government. He has also been ranked as a most powerful person in India by India Today magazine.

6. Albert Stainoz-


This most expensive lawyer in the world takes a lot of money from his clients, in a return guarantee they get success from high court. He is a lawyer of currency exchange and practices in the United States. He gains a hefty total net worth of $320,000 as he has won about 99.43 percent of cases in his career.

5. Vernon Jordan-


If you are looking for the best civil court lawyer, then if you can afford his fee, he will be perfect for you. This lawyer is also an activist and a social person. His success is very much high in all parts of the world. He makes his home in the state of Georgia in the United States where he has gained an estimated net worth is $630,000.

4. Thomas Mesereau-


This is the lawyer who defended Michael Jackson in 2005 and won. He is well known in the United States for his high profile cases. He also has a fine net worth of about $ 25 million greenbacks. I bet any celebrity who can afford his high fees will hire him as well.

3. Joel Segal-


This is a global football lawyer who started his career as a legal advisor of football management. He is quite talented and successful and he also represents independent cases. He is a great millionaire lawyer with a net worth of thirty five million American greenbacks.

2. Wichai Thongtang-


This was a former lawyer residing in Bangkok, Thailand. He is married and has 4 children. This billionaire has a net worth of $1.5 Billion. He is now an investor who has set up Link Network to create a countrywide network of retailers. During his career as lawyer he had some powerful clients like the former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra being one of them.

1. Kirkland & Ellis –


Kirkland has provided exceptional service to clients around the world in complex litigation, corporate and tax, intellectual property, restructuring and counseling matters. Offices can be found in the US, Beijing, Hong Kong London, Munich, Palo Alto, Shanghai, Chicago, Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C, and San Francisco.

This firm originated in 1982, the Kirkland & Ellis Foundation and has provided monetary support to charitable and law-related organizations serving a wide range of communities, initiatives, and people. This firm serves immigration clients as they are also highly dedicated to immigration legal matters. They are highly skilled and trained in representing clients seeking immigration-related remedies. The firm also achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and Green Building Rating System certification. Law offices have an environmentally responsible fashion here by providing collection bins in office spaces.

It really does not matter where in the world you are located, it always good to know who are the Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers in World in case one day you might need them to represent you, that is only if you can afford the high price fees that they charge for exceptional and flawless legal services, advice, and consultation to help you win your case too. Some lawyers operate from their private offices, while others prefer to work for a firm along with other lawyers. Lawyers specialize in many different fields of law some of which include criminal, insurance, business, domestic, civil, safety, car accidents, worker’s compensation, personal injury cases and much more….