Top 10 Most Beautiful Women From Cyprus

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Women From Cyprus 2017. You can find the island country of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is the largest and most populated island in the east of Greece and the south of Turkey. Cyprus is a place that you can find some of the most beautiful and talented women in the world. Apart from just looking great, these women are extremely famous for what they do. Provided is a list of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Women of Cyprus in 2017. The list features beautiful women from Cyprus, even those that do not live there. As long as they have Cyprus blood n their vein and they are beautiful, they will feature I the list.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Women From Cyprus 2017

10. Elina Loukas

elina loukas, Top 10 Most Beautiful Women From Cyprus 2017

Elina is a native-born Cyprus citizen; she is famous for her roles in the movies stranger in paradise (2013), Stous Dromous (2007) and Cross (2011). Apart from being incredibly talented, she is one of the most beautiful women in Cyprus.

9. Anna Vissi


Anna was initially born in Cyprus. She also goes by the name Anna Vishy. Ana is an actress as well as a famous Greek recording artist. After completing her studies in musicology, she immediately joined and signed with Minos. During this time, she made songs and collaborated with various artists. She also wrote her songs and released a couple of hit singles while she was still studying at the University of Athens. Anna Vissi is bold and gorgeous.

8. Hannah Simone


Hanna Simone was born on August 3rd, of 1980. Regarding her profession, Hanna is a television hostess, a former fashion model, and an actress. She was born and grew up in London. In 2007, she was working as a VJ for a famous music production company in Canada. Hanna is known for her role as Cece Parekh in the popular Fox sitcom, new girl. Hanna is beautiful and attractive with German Italian and British Indian parents.

7. Anna Monogiou


Anna is a talented actress as well as a director. She is famous for the roles she plays in the movies Broke up (2008), Zevgaria (2002) and Na me Proseheis (2000). She is also a supermodel, and quite popular that to modeling. She is a smoky hot lady with great looks and a touching personality.

6. Hazar Erguclu


Hazar Erguclu was born in 1992. She is a Cypriot-Turkish actress and model. Hazar is famous for her role in the drama movie shadows and faces (2010) and the acclaimed drama series Kuzey Guney (2010-2013(. She played the character Simay Canans in the drama series. When looking at her, the first thing you see is her innocence and mesmerizing beauty. She also starred in the comedy movie full of hunger (2012) and shadows and faces (2-1-) she played the roles of Ruhsar and Sena respectively. She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Women From Cyprus 2017.

5. Marilyn Friday


Marilyn Friday is a writer, as well as an actress. Marilyn is famous for her role in the real me (2011), they neighbor, the jungle and melody and her many men. Judging from her role, she is gorgeous and an amazing actress.

4. Karima Adebibe


Karima was born in Bethann green. London, England. She is the most outstanding actress and models that feature in this article. In 2006, she was chosen to model as Lara Croft from the famous video game tomb raider. She was the 7th pick to play the character. She is hot and incredibly gorgeous.

3. Daphne Alexander


Daphne was born in Cyprus and went to school at Oxford University where she trained for her acting career. She played Nadia in the popular and long-running Tv series causality. Her role in this medical drama is what mad her famous. She is an attractive household celebrity, also famous for her roles in the ghost writer, the fourth kind, and the house of Saddam among others.

2. Ada Nicodemou


Ada Nicodemou was born in 14th May of 1977. She is an Australian actress Although originally born in Cyprus. She is famous for her role as Leah Patterson in the romantic series Home and away. She has also been a host of the reality show; please marry my boy. Ada got into the acting industry in 1994, where she rose to fame.

1. Eleftheria Eleftheriou


To top our list of the most beautiful women in Cyprus is Eleftheria Eleftheriou. She is an actress as well as a singer. She gained popularity due to the role she was playing in the second season of the X Factor. The Greek version. Other than these, she has also starred in a couple of series and Tv shows. She was born and grew up In Frenaros, in Famagusta district. She is the hottest and prettiest female in Cyprus.

These are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Women From Cyprus 2017. Looking at the beauty and careers of the women on this list, you can’t help but wonder what the real models look like. Most women who feature in this least didn’t get the recognition the modeling professions. They have that unexplainable beauty that just stands out from the rest. Judging from their career and anything else that they do, you can clearly state that Cyprus women are not only beautiful and hot but also talented and hardworking,