Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Slovenian Women

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Slovenian Women 2017. Slovenian women are very attractive, charming, good looking and beautiful. This is according to recent report ranking them the best in beauty contents and modeling industry. They are popularly known for their tall and slender bodies. Most of Slovenian women have a relative height of 5.5 feet and above. Due to their characters, they have won the hearts of many people and currently Slovenia is one of the leading countries with very beautiful and successful women. Some of them have been featured worldwide. Below is the top 10 list of the most beautiful Slovenian women in 2017 .

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Slovenian Women 2017

10. Sanja Grohar

Sanja Grohar Top Popular Beautiful Slovenian Women in The World 2019

Sanja Grohar is one of the most beautiful Slovenian women hence appearing in this list. Born on 7th February, 1984, in Kranj, Slovenia, Sanja is a model and singer as well. Her singing career began when she was so small and the gift was nurtured by her own mother who used to sing also. In 2005, she participated in miss world and this is how her fame rose. Although Sanja didn’t win, the title miss Slovenia world still remained in her. Playboy magazine crowned her as the best playmate of the year.

Sanja Grohar is among the Slovenian beauty pageant winners and has appeared in several films at the age of 32 only.

9. Katarina Cas

Katarina Cas Top Most Famous Beautiful Slovenian Women in The World 2018

Katarina is a famous Slovenian actress born on 23th September, 1976, in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenja. Her first appearance on television was in 1988 at a commercial cockta (carbonated soft drink company). This is where she did most of her advertisements directed by the director, Jaka Judnic. Katarina left television and began acting in movies like infernal plan (1989). After this film, many television personnel caught her interest and request her to be performing in a number of shows.

Katarina Cas is currently a television host and a recipient of several winning and nominating awards to date. Some of her films include the reality (2008), the guard (2011), wolf of Wall Street (2013) and rift (2016).

8. Maja Cotic

Maja Cotic Top Most Popular Beautiful Slovenian Women in The World 2018

Born on 23rd January, 1989, in Slovenia, Maja Cotic is one of the most famous actress, comedian and model. Her dignity was recognized in 2013 after participating and claiming Miss Slovenia world title. Maja is very young and beautiful woman that Slovenians are proud of. Her fans describe her as courageous, hardworking, determined, focused and successful woman. She is always celebrated for her great personality especially on stage.

7. Iris Kavka

Iris Kavka Top 10 Most Beautiful Slovenian Women in The World 2017

Iris Kavka is one of the most charming, beautiful, bold and successful Slovenian model who is represented by a modeling company called Wilhelmina. Iris is highly recognized by most people all around the world eve since she decided to appear on stage. When it comes to fashion show and talent showing, a good number of her fans are always available to cheer her up.

Born in 1992, this girl is relatively young and has already received several winning and nominating awards in market.

6. Tadeja Ternar

Tadeja Ternar Top 10 Most Beautiful Slovenian Women in The World

Tadeja Terna is a model from Slovenia who was born on 1st January 1987. She represented Slovenia in Miss Slovenia 2007 competitions that were held in china and emerged the winner. This is how the world came to recognize her great personality in entertainment industry. She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Slovenian Women 2017.

5. Ziva Vadnov


She was born on 6th November, 1982 in Slovenia and represented her country in Miss Slovenia competition held in 2004 and emerged the winner. This model is best known for her slim body with nice curves. Ziva Vadnov is the owner of the many awards and nominations that were given to the most beautiful Slovenian models.

On 25th June 2011 is when this charming queen of Slovenia the love of her life and they got married. Ziva is a mother of 1 child (daughter).

4. Tina Maze


Tina Maze is the most successful Slovenian woman born on 2nd may 1983, in slovenj Gradec, in Slovenia. Tina started her career in 1988 was only 6 years old. After completing her studies, she proceeded to work in world cup field and was selected among the beautiful contestants who won Slovenia sports of 2005, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Her four medals decorated her as the best athlete at winter Olympics.

Tina Maze owns very many winning and nominating awards.

3. Sandra Marinovic

Sandra Marinovic Top Famous Beautiful Slovenian Women in The World 2019

Sandra is best known Slovenian Model who worn Miss Slovenia title in 2010. Since then, Marinovic has been busy modeling in top fashion brands mostly in America, Asia and Europe.

2. Iva krajnc

Iva krajnc Top Most Beautiful Slovenian Women in The World 2017

Iva is a sexy theatre performer, fashion model, songwriter, actress and television personality who was born on 10th November, 1978, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She was raised up in Ptuj, Slovenia and studied at Gimnazija Ptui (Ptuj Gymnasium). Slovenians love this charming woman because of her great personality, confidence and great looks.

Iva is also a talented and professional player who worked under Curek Kris and Agustin Artaud.

1. Tanja Ribic


Born on 28th June, 1968, Tanja is a Slovenian actress and singer who pursued and completed her studies in Ljubljana city theatre. She graduated in 1992 after qualifying in theater industry and began her career later on in appearing in several television shows. Tanja is a confident woman on stage, graceful and impressive and courageous whenever portraying her character on stage. In 1997, Tanja Ribic represented Slovenia at Eurovision Song Contest where she emerged the winner.

Tanja is the most beautiful and successful woman in Slovenia who has worked really hard to maintain her name in stage. Currently, the whole world has placed eyes on her and is expecting good things in store just as she promised the last time she was on stage.

The above list consists of the most beautiful Slovenian women 2017 from different fields of profession. Some are actresses while others are songwriters, film producers and models. The life of these women is not only physically beautiful but also successful in their talents. These women have worked really hard to meet their destinies and can be a good example or good role model in the society.