Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Scottish Women

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Scottish Women 2017. Scotland is one of the world’s famous land. It is well known because of the tourist attraction suites that are found in the place. On the other hand, many people visit the Scotland because of the friendly Scottish people found there. When you visit the place, you will proof this. Other than the friendly people, the country is also blessed with charming people. The ladies in the Scotland are amazing and exquisite. With beauty, the women are also very respectful and committed. They have long walks of life that I will give some details about their life and the success in their life.

Some of these exquisite ladies are either celebrity or known by the people. Below, we have compiled for you the list of the most beautiful and very gorgeous women in Scotland. These ladies are:

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Scottish Women 2017

1. Katharine Brown

Katharine Brown Top Most Scottish Women in The World 2019

Katharine Brown is a Scottish beauty pageant and a mode which was born on April 1987. She is the title holder of the Miss Scotland in the year 2009. She was also crowned the Miss United Kingdom in the following year 2010. Katharine has blonde hair and green eyes. She has a height of 1.80 m. Other major competitions that she has been involved in are Miss World in the year 2009 and Miss International 2010. She is the one who has represented Scotland in many modelling competitions in the past years.

She is the star of Scotland and the most beautiful lady among the Scottish ladies. Her beauty has contributed to her winning in her contest. She has been chosen by several brands that are very popular to be their model. Her beauty has made us recognise her as the most beautiful in Scotland.

2. Clarita de Quiroz

Clarita de Quiroz Top Most Beautiful Scottish Women in The World 2017

Clarita de Quiroz is a Scottish model, singer and at the same time a songwriter. She was born on August Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Her primary origin is Dorset, Edzell in Scotland. Some of the genres that she is involved in are Soul, pop, and classical crossover. Some of the major instruments that she can play are vibraphone, piano, xylophone and marimba. She has been active in her career since 2006 up to date.

In 2008 Clarita de Quiroz first appeared on the video for MC Harvey. One of the single that she did by herself was summertime that she released in the year 2008. Another thing that she is well remembered for is supporting Akon during 2007 and Amp Fiddler. Clarita de Quiroz is currently situated in Dubai where she is moving on her career of modelling.

3. Stephanie Willemse


Stephanie Willemse is a Scottish model who was born on September 1989. Her modelling career has been successful because she is the one who represented in the 2008 Miss World that was being held in South Africa. After her being the representative of Scotland in the contest, she began the career of modelling. Some of the major titles that she is currently holding are the Miss Scotland in the year 2008.

She is the third most beautiful lady among the Scottish women. She has been successful in her career and has earned her a lot. In most cases, some brands have hired her as their model.

4. Kate Victoria Tunstall

Kate Victoria Tunstall Top Most Popular Scottish Women in The World 2018

Kate Victoria Tunstall is known on stage as KT Tunstall. KT Tunstall is a Scottish musician and a songwriter. She was born on June 1975 in Edinburg Scotland. Her current residential area is Los Angeles in California US. She appeared in the eyes of the public in the year 2004 when she was presenting her song on a solo performance. The song that she sang was known as “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”.

She was also born as an exotic dancer. She as an adopted child and adopted by David and Rosemary Tunstall who is from St Andrew. She began playing instruments such as the piano when she was at the age of four years. Other instruments that she can play are guitar, drums, flute and a synthesiser. Her genres are folk rock, alternative rock among others. She has been active in her career since the year 2000 up to date. She got married to Luke Bullen in 2008 but later divorced in the year 2013. She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Scottish Women 2017.

5. Nicola McLean


Nicola McLean is a glamour model, media and also a television personality. She was born on September 1981 in the United Kingdom. Her ethnicity is White British. One of the major contests that she has been in is I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here which was in the year 2008 and also Celebrity Big Brothers that was in 2008. In her modelling career, Nicola McLean has modelled for Page 3 of The Sun that was in between in September 1999 and on July 2004.

In one of her contests Nicola McLean came fourth in The Sun Poll as the bets page 3 girl of all time. In her television career, she has featured in majority shows. One of them that she has featured is tabloid gossip showbiz pages and later a guest TV show that included The Big Breakfast, Test the Nation and The Weakest Link. After giving birth to her first child, she retired from modelling. She is happily married to Tom Williams since the year 009 up to date.

6. Nicola Benedetti

Nicola Benedetti Top 10 Most Beautiful Scottish Women in The World

Nicola Benedetti is a Scottish classical vocalist who was born on July 1987. She was born in North Ayrshire Scotland United Kingdom. Her major genres are classical, and her occupation is being a violinist. She was born by a Scottish mother, but the father was an Italian. She learned Tom pay violin by the age of four years. By the age of eight years, she could play the violin very well, and she was chosen to head the National Children’s Orchestra of The Great Britain. By the time she was turning nine, she was already through with the eighth grade of the musical examinations and later furthered her education on the use of instruments.

Nicola Benedetti had performed in very many concerts such as the one that was at Westminster Abbey when there was a celebration of the life and the work of Yehudi Menuhin. She is one of the violin players who is known to do her work with a lot of passion. She has performed in many concerts such as Royal Scottish National Orchestra in the year 2000 and London Mozart Player in the year 2001. Her major labels are Jazz Decca Records and Deutsche Gramophone Universal Classical.

7. Kirsty Hume

Kirsty Hume Top Popular Beautiful Scottish Women in The World 2019

Kirsty Hume is another Scottish model who was born on September 1976. She became prominent in the year 1990 when she engaged in the world fashion. She has model very many times and for differ brands. Some of the places the Kirsty Hume has modelled fro are Dior, Claude Montana and Calvin Klein among many others. Some of the places that she has been featured modelling are some very prominent brands and designers as well. She has a blonde hair and very beautiful blue eyes.

Her life as a model has been very successful. In the year 1997 on September she got married in Scotland to Devon Leitch, but the later separated back in the year 2011. The couple was blessed with a daughter who is known as Violet who was born on March 2004. She has been seen on many occasions such as parties. She was spotted in one of the Halloween party 1998 and held another Halloween party the following year.

8. Sandi Thom


Sandi Thom is a beautiful multi-instrument and a songwriter in Scotland. Sandi Thom was born on August 1981 in Banff Scotland. She has been active in her career since the year 2004 up to date. She became widely known and popular in the year 2006 after one of her singles that are known as I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker and she topped the UK Singles Chart that was in June 2006. Her genres are folk, pop, rock, blues and R& B.

In the year 2004, Sandi Thom moved to London so that she could further her career as a songwriter. Some of her co-writers were Ducan Thompson, Tom Gilbert and Jake Field. Sandi Thom has been successful and has helped in many charity appeals such as Oxfam’s in 6the country of Malawi.

9. Ashley Jensen

Ashley Jensen Top 10 Most Beautiful Scottish Women in The World 2017

Ashley Jensen is a Scottish actress and a narrator as well. Ashley Jensen was born on August 1969 in Annan Scotland. Her career as an actress has been successful, and she has been nominated for various awards. One of the major and memorable award that she was nominated in was the Emmy Award for the television series known as Extra which she featured in the years 2005 and 2007. She is also staff at ABC and also Ugly Betty and short-lived CBS Accidentally on Purpose.

She has been active in the career since the year 1990 up to date. In the year 2007, she got married to Terence Beesley and blessed with one kid. One of the big roles that Ashley Jensen has played was Clare Donnely where she was the daughter of Glasgow criminal Jo-Jo Donnely in 1993 BBC.

10. Edith Bowman

Edith Bowman Top Most Famous Scottish Women in The World 2018

Edith Bowman is a television presenter and a radio DJ. Edith Bowman was born on January 1974 in Fife Scotland. She is well known by many because of her former hosting television show on a weekday afternoon. She was also on various music television shows and varied music festivals. She has gone for a milestone in her career. She became popular in the year 2000 when she held her best shows that were on the television.

These are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Scottish Women 2017. All the beautiful ladies in Scotland are not only beautiful but also successful. Beauty is not all about the looks but also the brain in them. You should be quick in mind for you rot be successful.

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