Top 10 Most Beautiful Pakistani Television Actresses

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Pakistani Television Actresses 2017. There are many beautiful actresses in Pakistan. However, these ten have caught our eye as the winners, because of their extraordinary beauty coupled with their immense acting, singing, and/or modeling abilities. The physical beauty is only part of the equation, albeit a big part. Personality has much to do with it, because that’s where the inner beauty that adds so much to the outer beauty emanates. If there is one thing that all of these have in common, it’s that they started out small, and then worked their way up.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Pakistani Television Actresses 2017

10. Sajal Ali


She is noted for playing a variety of characters in a range of serials, from contemporary social to romantic dramas. She made her screen debut in 2011 in the serial on ARY entitled “Mehmood Abad Ki Malkain.” She then appeared in various othr serials. Born on January 17, 1994, she is just 22 years of age as of this writing, according to Wikipedia. She has performed in various films, such as Mohaboar Jaye Bhar Mein in 2012, Sannata in 2013, and Chip Roho in 2014. Her latest is a relationship drama called Zindazi Kitm Haslan Hay (2016).

9. Mawra Hocane

Mawra Hocane Top 10 Most Beautiful Pakistani Television Actresses

She was born on Monday, September 28, 1992. She started out as a model. She has worked in many dramas of Pakistan. And by the way, she changed her name to Hocane from Hussain, believing the latter to be a less than exciting name. She wanted something with a more “unique flavor,” as Wikipedia has pointed out. She has also signed up to be in two more Bollywood films. She has become somewhat of a social media icon. In fact, she was the target of some social media harassment against her.

8. Iman Ali

Iman Ali Most Popular Beautiful Pakistani Television Actresses 2018

She is a beautiful model and actress of Pakistani drama. She is famous for her work in Urdu movies and made her debut in one in 2007–her thriller movie Khuda Rax Lixe. She performed a role in the movie “Bol”

which was a worldwide hit. As a model, she has worked with several famous Indian clothing designers, such as Tarum Tahiliani, Suneet Vama, and Mahish Malhotra, to name a few. She has also been in many commercials. Khuda Kay Lize got her her first movie award. She is 38 years of age, having been born on Monday, Dec. 19, 1977.

7. Mehwish Hayat


She is one of the most beautiful actresses of Pakistan drama. On top of all of that she is a famous model who has worked in many commercials. She has made two movies, “Insha’ Allah” (2009), “Jawamii Phir Nahi (2015). The latter film was especially loved by many.

6. Maya Ali


She was born on Thursday, July 27, 1989, according to Wikipedia. She is a successful model, who debuted onscreen in 2012 in the HUM TV series Dunn-E-Shahira. She was also in the serial Aith Nayee Cinderella and was very successful in these dramas.

5. Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan Top 10 Most Beautiful Pakistani Television Actresses 2017

She is regarded as one of the most beautiful as well as famous Pakistani television actresses. She entered this world on Monday, Sept. 27, 1982. She started her career by working in a drama by writer Tum Yahi back in the year 2000. She also worked in a Pakistani hit movie Waar as the leading actress. In 2015 she was cast in “Jawani phi Nahi Aani.”

4. Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan Beautiful Pakistani Television Actresses 2017

Born on January 25, 1991, she made her debut appearance in Tum Jo Miley which aired on Hum TV. She has been married to Pakistani actor Danish Tamoor since 2014. She has worked in many dramas and won the award of best actress in her emotional drama “Pyaryarzal.” She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Pakistani Television Actresses 2017.

3. Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan Most Famous Beautiful Pakistani Television Actresses 2019

Mariha Khan is a popular model and actress of Pakistan. She was born on December 21, 1985, and moved to the United States before she finished her degree. She failed to complete it once she was here, too, opting instead to go into acting. She started as a video jock. She has acted in TV dramas. She has also worked on news channels like Samaa TV and WAQT News as a video jockey. She is also as of right now working in a new drama Mann Mayal…loved by many viewers.

2. Tooba Siddiqui


She is a Pakistani model turned actress. Born August 7, 1984, she gained notoriety in a music video of pop star Yasir Akhtan. She ventured into Pakistani TV serials, short plays and telefilms. “Koi To Barish,” ” Vanee,” “Dil hai Chita” “Sa,” “Bol Meri Mach’i,” and “Noor,” are among her notable works. An example of a gifted actress with stunning looks, indeed!

1. Humaima Malik

Humaima Malik Top Popular Beautiful Pakistani Television Actresses 2018

She is a Pakistani actress and model, born Wednesday, November 18, 1987, who was in Shohaib Mansoors “Bol” opposite Atif Aslan, Mahira Khan, and Iman Ali. She is also supposed to have gotten Bollywood projects due to good work and good looks. In 2012, she was named as one of Beauty Magazine’s eighth most fancied women in Asia, with her nice eyes and pointed chin.

These are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Pakistani Television Actresses 2017. These have been examples of ten actresses who have graced the Pakistani screen and been memorable, not only because of their youth and beauty, but also for their talent and personality. We celebrate these actresses, and rightfully so. They are ten of the best stars that Pakistan has to offer.