Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Chilean Women

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Chilean Women 2017. Commonly known as Republic of Chile, it is a place rich of beautiful and successful women all along. These women are mostly from entertainment sector where they have worked hard and earned success. Not only that these women are good looking and have admirable body shapes. They are also rich in talents and great personalities. Let us examine some of the beautiful women in Chile. Below is the top 10 list of the most beautiful Chilean women in 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Chilean Women 2017

10. Maria Elena Swett


Popularly known by her nickname mane, Maria Elena Swett is a Chilean actress born on 11th April, Santiago, in Chile. Her full names are Maria Elena Swett Urquieta. Maria studied theatre at DUOC after her high school studies. In 1999, Elena started her career at the Chilean channel canal 13 although, she didn’t stay here for long so she moved to TVN (2008). Maria played a role of Fernanda in Telenovela (machos) and gained success in her career.

Maria is a mother of one (Santiago Bowe) and was once married to Felipe Braun (2006 to 2010) and John Bowe (2010 to 2013). She is currently single and working on his field of profession.

9. Juanita Ringeling

Juanita Ringeling Top Most Famous Beautiful Chilean Women 2019

Juanita Ringeling is also another Chilean star who was born on 15th may, 1886, Santiago, in Chile. Born to Federico Ringeling, Juanita followed her acting passion and moved to Santiago and enrolled in a acting school. Ringeling is one of the most hardworking Chilean singer, producer and actress. She got popularly known for her leading roles in theatre, television shows, web productions, movies and films such as la Tirana and the beauty and the beast.

Juanita Ringeling is a beautiful Chilean woman who is hard working in her career.

8. Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo Top 10 Most Beautiful Chilean Women 2017

Cote de Pablo is a popular Chilean singer and actress born on 12th November, 1979, Santiago, Chile. Cote moved to United States of America to study acting at the age of 10. She is currently a very successful Chilean celebrity appearing in television shows and films such as the street (20000), the dove keepers (2015), the 33 (2015), the last rites of ransom pride (2010), NCIS (2005-2013), the education of Max bickford (2001) and the street (2000).

Cote de Paulo is the recipient of 6 awards and nominations such as imagen awards (2006), ALMA awards (2008) and ALMA awards (2012).

7. Ximena Huilipan


Her full names are Ximena Huilipan Munoz. She is a popular Chilean actress and super model born on 19th September, 1986. Ximena began her acting in 2002 at the age of 14 after winning the elite model look Chile. Oscar de la Renta (fashion designer) discovered her talent and skills and decided to teach ximena more about modeling and fashion design.

Ximena Huilipan appeared in the film eternal blood or Sangre Eterna (2002). This vampire film gave her a lot of success.

6. Josefina Montane


Josefina Montane is a super model and actress from Santiago in Chile. She was born on 16th April, 1988. Josefina started her career at the age of 14 by working in fashion brands in Chile. Amongst the many beautiful women of Chile, Montane is very hard working, successful, intelligent and talented actress.

Josefina Montana became famous after working in films like mi querido dilemma (2014), soltera oltra vez 2 (2013), Las Vegas (2013) and soltera Otra Vez (2012).

5. Monica Godoy

Monica Godoy Top Famous Beautiful Chilean Women 2018

Monica Godoy is a Chilean actress born in May 1976, Santiago, Chile. A Research that was conducted in 2015 showed that Monica is among the richest and successful Chilean actresses. Her career began at the Chilean television Channel and she became very successful after her role of scarlette in the telenovela film. Monica has a record of performing more than 20 films such as the South Seas (2004), Glado 3 (2009), disparages (2006), amor por accidente (2007), XXL (2004), 40 Y Tantos (2010) among others.

Monica Godoy is currently working in soap operas films.

4. Denise Rosenthal

Denise Rosenthal Top 10 Most Beautiful Chilean Women

Her full names are Denise Sofia Rosenthal Schalchli. Professionally known as Denise Rosenthal, Denise is a successful Chilean actress, dancer, songwriter and super model born on 8th November, 1990, in Santiago, Chile.

Denise Rosenthal is described as a very successful woman in her career. Some of her films include el babysitter (2006), beyond the boundary (2007), across the border (2008), when love hurts (2009), Chile (2010) and el limpiapiscins (2011). She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Chilean Women 2017.

3. Celine Raymond

Celine Raymond Top Most Popular Beautiful Chilean Women 2018

Celine Raymond is one of the most beautiful Chilean ladies. Born on 3rd august, 1980, in Chile, Celine has been successful features in films like maldita (2012), Los Angeles (2009), descarado (2006) and graduados (2013).

Celine is in position 3 in this list of the most beautiful women of Chile. Her body describes the really beauty together with her long hair. She is relatively tall and slim.

2. Constanza Piccoli

Constanza Piccoli Top Popular Beautiful Chilean Women 2017


Constanza Piccoli is one of the youngest Chilean star who has gained much success in her life. Born on 19th November, 1992, constanza is a very attractive actress who has made way the following films; de adventures (2012), el babysitter (2014) and carry me on (2015).

Constanza is described as energetic, skillful, talented, passionate, determined and hardworking in her career hence receiving several winning awards and nominations.

1. Maria Gracia Omegna


Maria Gracia Omegna is the most beautiful woman in Chile. Born on 10th November, 1984 in Chile, Maria’s physical looks are just fantastic and amazing. Being an actress, her films are the most watched in Chile therefore promoting the film industry of this country. Some of her films are Carne de perro (2013), el facilitator (2013), the mask tree (2012), leave it alone (2011) and Chilean (2016). Out of all this films, Maria has been credited as the best film actress who brings everything into reality even if in film. Most of the people in Chile watch her films and enjoy very much

Maria has a glamorous and fantastic look.

These are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Chilean Women 2017. Most of the above women are models, actresses, fashions designers, producers and song writers. They are hardworking, popular and very successful.