Top 10 Legendary Fashion Designers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Legendary Fashion Designers in The World of all time till 2017. Fashion has been part of human being since the beginning of civilization. All fashion designers agree with the fact that the best work of art in the world is the human body. There have been drastic changes in fashion design over the centuries. Notable improvements in human apparel have taken place in the last century. Several designers have been behind these changes in fashions. Some have even won awards for there works in fashion design. There are numerous fashion designers in the world today but then there are few notable names that have become synonymous with fashion industry. This article discusses top legendary fashion designers of all time who we must recognize for their works in shaping the way people currently dress.

List of Top 10 Legendary Fashion Designers in the world of all time till 2017

10. Donatella Versace (Italy)

Donatella Versace (Italy) Top Most Popular Legendary Fashion Designers 2018

She is regarded as one of the greatest female fashion designers of all time. Nevertheless, Versace is considered the best female designer from Italy. She is the vice president and chief designer of her company known as Versace Group. Her versatility in fashion industry has seen the tremendous growth of her company over years. She was also part of Giovanni enterprise a fashion design firm then owned by her late elder brother, Giovanni. Her couture held in Paris was the first after the death of Giovanni. Her grand parties were well attended by the likes of Prince Charles, Sir Elton among other famous people from all over the world.

9. Donna Karan (America)

Donna Karan (America) Most Famous Legendary Fashion Designers 2019

She is famously reffered to as DK an abbreviation for her name. she founded the DKNY clothing labels and she is its chief designer. Her strong belief that she can only design cloths she loves and can wear led to her line of clothing called Essentials that hit the fashion industry with a storm. Its unpresedented rise to popularity within a short period of time was just incredible. She later formed the DKNY clothing that is also famous. Her works in fashion design has won him many awards like special CFDA award,Coty American fashion critics, award and the lifetime achievement award. These awards just serve to confirm her indispensable role in shaping fashion design industry.

8. Calvin Klein (America)

Calvin Klein (America) Top 10 Legendary Fashion Designers 2017

He is regarded as one the greatest names in this industry. He is the founder of the Calvin Klein fashion house in 1968. This remains one of the largest fashion houses in the world. His passion for fashion design developed while at High school of art and design. Ironically, Klein failed to graduate from the Fashion Institute of technology based in New York. He was tutored by Nicolas de Gunzburg and familiar with the fashion scene in New York. His trade mark tight-fitting signature jeans attracted record sales in its first week in 1974. As a result of this achievement he was awarded for the most outstanding design at CFDA award show. He made history by this award by becoming the first designer to be declared the most outstanding in both men and women category. This is no mean feat and only serves to confirm his place among the top legendary fashion designers.

7. Tom Ford (America)


Upon his appointment as the creative director of fashion house Gucci, Ford steward the company to record sales. He later founded his own label called Tom Ford. He twice dropped out of college and decided to concentrate on television commercials. His attractive looks made him work for twelve advertisements simultaneously. He has curved his niche in fashion design making him one of the finest fashion designers of all time.

6. Pierre Cardin (France)

Pierre Cardin (France) Top 10 Legendary Fashion Designers

He learned fashion design at a young age while working as a clothier’s apprentice. Cardin famous for unisex fashion designs he developed. He also developed space age designs and avant-garde style. He made women’s clothes for several years. He was appointed the chief executive director of Christian Dior’s tailleure atelier. He is one among the Top 10 Legendary Fashion Designers in The World 2017.

5. Ralph Lauren (America)


He is the founder of the Ralph Lauren Corporation, a clothing company in 1967. This is a multi-million-dollar company he started in order to fulfill his boyhood dream of being a millionaire. He studied business and later served in the army. He afterwards worked as sales agent where he developed interest in fashion design and started producing European style necktie. This idea was turned down at first as no being worthy investing in. its from such a humble beginning that Lauren has managed to develop a multi-million-dollar company after securing financial backing.

4. Christian Dior (France)

Christian Dior (France) Top Legendary Fashion Designers 2017

He founded arguably one of the best fashion houses in the world in 1946, known as the Christian Dior fashion house. He was at the peak of his career during the Second World War where his fashion house designed dresses to wives of Nazi soldiers. Corolle, his first designer dress was rejected by women because it completely covered their legs. Furthermore, the dress required crazy amounts of fabrics. This company based in Paris, France restored Paris lost pride as the epicenter of fashion in the world. It also revolutionized the dressing code of women.

3. Yves Saint Laurent (Francessss)


He used non-white models in marketing his non-European dress code. Famous, for his introduction of tuxedo among the women. He started fashion design at an early age by designing his mother and sisters dresses. He horned his skills at Chambre Syndicale de la Haute couture and is regarded as the trend setter in the fashion and design industry. He was once the head fashion designer at the legendary Christian Dior fashion house when 21 years of age. He helped Dion fashion house avoid financial crisis that would have led to its closure.

2. Giorgio Armani (Italy)

Giorgio Armani (Italy) Top Popular Legendary Fashion Designers 2019

He is the founder of one the greatest fashion houses of all time,Armani in 1975. Armani is certainly the the best fashion designer from Italy. It has retail outlets in more than 37 countries. Its incredible menswear lines have gained recognition all over the world. Armani was a trained medical doctor whose burning passion for fashion design made him quit medial profession. The death of supermodel Ana Carolina made him ban body mass index for those models below 18. His menswear cloth line remains one of the highest selling designer cloths.

1. Coco Chanel (France)

Coco Chanel (France) Top Most Famous Legendary Fashion Designers 2018

She is as the finnest fashion designer ever in the industry. She completely changed the way women dress. Chanel was the founder of the world’s famous Chanel brand whose trade mark products still have incomparable popularity today. She is the only fashion designer to feature in 100 most influential people of 20th century by the Time magazine. Her works revolutionalized the fashion industry and the way women dress today is partly due to her outstanding works. She is an icon in fashion and design industry and certainly the greatest ever.

These are the Top 10 Legendary Fashion Designers in The World of all time till 2017. The above men and women revolutionalized fashion design and have played a key role in the way we dress today. Theirs is no mean achievement having had massive success where others have failed. They are certainly the greatest ever in the industry.