Top 10 Most Influential Presidents of United States of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Influential Presidents of United States of All Time till 2017. Throughout history, America’s presidents have been the most influential people on earth, thanks to the political and financial dominance enjoyed by the country. According to a list named ‘The World’s most powerful people 2013′, the current US president Mr. Barack Obama is the world’s second most influential man, after his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Starting with the World Wars to the Iraq invasion, American Presidents have demonstrated great courage and power. Below is a list of the top 10 most influential presidents of the United States of America.

List of Top 10 Most Influential Presidents of United States of All Time

10. Grover Cleveland


The only president to serve two non-consecutive terms as President of the US is Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and 24th head of state in the USA. He served as head of Bourbon Democrats, a group that opposed imperialism and high tariffs. Grover rose to be an icon for American conservatives by advocating for subsidies to farmers and business people. The president fought political corruption and bossism, as he was a firm believer in classical liberalism. During his second term in 1893, a panic hit his nation, leading to national depression. The depression worked against him, leading to a Republican win in 1894.Cleveland opposed Free Silver and supported gold standards, which alienated Democratic Party’s agrarian wing.

9. Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson Top Biggest Influential Presidents of United States

Woodrow Wilson served as the 28th President of the United States, having won the race using the Democratic Party. Before rising to the Presidency, Woodrow served as Princeton University’s president and New Jersey governor. After winning the control of Congress and White House in the year 1912, he formed the Progressive movement. Wilson promulgated the agenda of progressive legislation used until 1933, reaching the New Deal. During the outbreak of the world war, he maintained a neutral policy. People perceived him as a man who kept citizens out of war, leading to his re-election, after which he declared war upon Nazi Germany’s submarine warfare.

8. Harry Truman

Harry Truman Top Famous Influential Presidents of United States 2018

Elected as the 33rd President of USA after the death of President Roosevelt in 1945, Truman led America to success during the Second World War. However, results of the war caused strained relationships between Truman and the Soviet Union, resulting in the cold war. A few weeks after Truman was elected President, Nazi Germany surrendered, giving an easy time to him. Truman approved the use of atomic weapons in the towns of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, an event that ended the war. Harry Truman gave the ‘Truman Doctrine’ and initiated a plan to reconstruct Europe after World War II at the cost of $13 billion. The President commenced the Berlin Airlift in the year 1948 and created NATO in 1949.Truman got an approval of the UN to send US troops to the war between South and North Korea, successfully joining the war.

7. Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Top Largest Influential Presidents of United States

Thomas Jefferson is the third president of the United States and a founding father, having masterminded the declaration of independence in 1776.Jefferson served as governor of Virginia during the American Revolution and is the first secretary of state in the USA, having served under President George Washington. Thomas later joined with James Madison to organize the Democratic-Republican Party to oppose the Federalism of Alexander Hamilton, which led to Jefferson’s resignation from the cabinet. He explored the west through the Lewis and Clark Expeditions. The president started the 1800 revolution after regaining control of Louisiana from France and removed Indian tribes from the state to accommodate American settlers.

6. Theodore Roosevelt


Theodore Roosevelt is the youngest president the US has had, having been elected President at the age of 42.Roosevelt is an author, historian, naturalist, politician and explorer, all combined. Theodore served as the 26th President of the US and founded the progressive party, rising to be an influential leader of the Republican Party. He is known for his masculinity and ‘Cowboy’ behaviors, having used the slogan ‘speak softly and carry a big stick.’ In 1882, his famous book: ‘The naval war of 1812′ established him as a leading historian and writer. Sculpted on Mount Rushmore is his face, together with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson. He reduced railroad rates for food and drugs and broke up with capitalism. He is remembered as the first President to lead a conservation project. Roosevelt’s domestic policies were famously known as ‘square deal.’

5. Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan Top Most Popular Influential Presidents of United States

Ronald Reagan is the 40th US president and the 33rd California governor, a position he served before his election as president. He served as president of the Screen Actors Guild and was also a great actor. Starting his political career as a spokesman for the General Electric, Reagan later won both the nominations and the general election in 1980, defeating Jimmy Carter. His economic policies ‘(Reaganomics)’ reduced taxes for industrial growth and inflation reduction. He fought drug trade and invaded Grenada, reversing a communist coup. With his famous campaigns ‘Morning in America’, Reagan was re-elected president of the USA in 1984.

4. Franklin Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt Most Influential Presidents of United States 2017

Franklin Roosevelt was elected four times as the 32nd president of USA and served the position until his demise in 1945.The dominant Democratic Party leader build the New Deal Coalition, which dominated US politics since 1932.He defined the nation’s liberalism in the 20th Century. Roosevelt is a world political leader who dominated political events and led the US during the global economic depression. During the great depression in November 1932, he defeated Herbert Hoover using his campaign theme song: ‘Happy days are here again. ‘Together with Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin, Franklin led the allies against Nazi Germany, Japan, and Italy during the Second World War. In 1933, he created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to cater for economic security.

3. George Washington

George Washington Top Popular Influential Presidents of United States 2018

George Washington is the first President of the United States, thus its founding father. During the American Revolutionary War, he served as commander of the Continental Army. He drafted the US constitution, replacing the Articles of Confederation. Washington supported Federalist Parties and opposed the Stamp Act of 1765, which was a direct tax on the colonies. Washington protested against Townshend’s Acts in 1765 and proposed the boycott of English goods until the repeal of those acts. He aimed at creating a well-financed government while winning the support of the people. Washington unanimously won the presidency twice without the backing of any party, in 1788 and 1792.

2. John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy Top Most Famous Influential Presidents of United States 2019

JF Kennedy is the second youngest president of the US and the 35th head of state, being the only one to win the Pulitzer Prize. He served as president until his brutal assassination in 1963.Kennedy enrolled at Harvard College in1936 and later joined the US Navy in 1941.During his presidency, his great works include the Afro-American civil rights movement, Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis. He initiated the Apollo project, joining the moon landing and space races. He involved himself in the Vietnam War and also erected the Berlin wall. Oswald Harvey assassinated him on November 22nd, 1963 in Texas.

1. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Top 10 Most Influential Presidents of United States 2017

With a dream to reunite the people, Abraham Lincoln successfully run for the presidency, becoming the 16th president of the USA. Until his assassination in April 1865, Lincoln served his duty as president with passion. Lincoln is the most influential political leader, not only in the US but the entire world. The president led through one of the most trying times in US history, during the civil war. He rapidly developed the economy, build canals, banks, and railroads. He offered incentives for the establishment of more factories and opposed the declaration of war against Mexico in 1846.Mr.Lincoln fought slavery by protecting escaping slaves using the army and advocating for a ban on the slave trade in all countries. Wilkes John assassinated Mr. Abraham Lincoln in a theater in 1965.

Surveys and polls are conducted to create a list of the most powerful and influential people, including those who served as presidents of the United States. Such studies include the Harvard University poll in 1948, the Murray-Blessing survey and the C-Span poll in 1999.Just in case you did not know the most influential Presidents the US has ever had, now you know.

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