Top 10 Hottest Women Wrestlers in The World Right Now

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Hottest Women Wrestlers in The World 2017. Wrestling was one of the sports that were male dominated until at a time women too decided that they also needed to engage in this sport with a notion that says “what men can do women can do even better”. . Ever since then women have joined this sport and more than often face men wrestlers as opponents. Women wrestlers in this sport are not only strong in terms of physical body but are extremely beautiful and some are even models. Some of these wrestlers have been champions both in the ring and also in catching the attention of the men wrestle fans through their hot and sexy bodies.

These women wrestlers have reached a point where they have dominated this sport that was initially considered men sport. Below are some of the hottest women wrestlers 2017.

List of Top 10 Hottest Women Wrestlers in The World 2017

10. Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Top Popular Hottest Women Wrestlers Right Now 2018

Kaitlyn starts off this this list. She is a former world champion, an American body builder, model and professional wrestler. Kaitlyn has been the only WWE Divas Champion in January of 2013. This professional wrestler was been sensational beauty to both her male and female fans because of her hot body and success in her wrestling career. Kaitlyn became the first female to have whom the reality meet show that was started by WWE.

9. Eve Torres

Eve Torres Top Most Hottest Women Wrestlers Right Now 2017

Eve is a professional wrestler, American dancer and a model. She is smoking hot beauty inside the ring and outside the ring. known for her amazing work in the ring and also as an assistant general manager. Eve has had the following success in her career: won the 2007 diva search contest, was a dancer for the Los Angeles Clippers and has trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This wrestler has been rated as one very interesting person to talk to and listen, has much to offer and a great storyteller.

8. Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky Top 10 Hottest Women Wrestlers Right Now

Velvet Sky is another hot beauty wrestler woman goes by the name. Sky was born in the year 1981 and after completing her training this wrestler has never looked back. In the ring she has won numerous tittles that include, TNT Pro Wrestling, Extreme Wrestling, Women’s knockout Championship and Universal Wrestling Association. Her beauty has caught the attention of millions of the wrestler viewers that love watching her fights.This wrestler was born with the name Lynn Szantyr, Velvet Sky however is her stage or ring name.

7. Sarah Backman


This Swedish born professional wrestler started her wrestling career at an early age of 14 years old. currently Sarah is the most decorated woman arm wrestler in the world. highlights of her amazing career are so many titles that include being a world Arm Wrestling Champion eight times. However, in may 2013 Sarah quit arm wrestling and joined wrestling as a career. Currently, she is working for NXT Wrestling that is a wrestling unit of WWE. Her beauty compares to nothing inside and outside the ring.

6. Thea Trinidad


Thea Trinidad is known by the stage name Rosita. Thea is not only a talented wrestler she is extremely a beautiful lady from TNA. This wrestler has been very successful in catching the attention of all her male fans who are left complementing her looks whenever entering or leaving the ring. Rosita is among professional wrestlers that are celebrated for their beauty that attracts millions of viewers and fans. Unlike other wrestlers who have been in the business for long, it didn’t take long while for her presence to be noticed at TNA.

5. Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams Top 10 Hottest Women Wrestlers Right Now 2017

Brooke Adams is a beautiful wrestler and a member of TNA which is a hotbed for hot and beautiful women. These wrestlers have been on the limelight for their beauty in terms of fighting and their physical appearance. Brooke has worked alongside beauties like Kelly Kelly and Layla for World Wrestling Entertainment in Extreme Expose which was a dance group. She has been successful throughout her career and some of the highlights include winning TNA women’s title two times and winning TNA knockout tag team championship once. Her success in her wrestling career has been a major contributor to her fame. She is one of the Top 10 Hottest Women Wrestlers in The World 2017.

4. Madison Rayne


This hot and beautiful wrestler is a member of the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). Rayne is very sexy and hot wrestler and has been on the limelight for her success in winning championship titles. Some of the titles that Rayne has won include TNA knockout tag team championship two times and the TNA women’s knockout champion once. Her birth name was Ashley Nichole Cabot but later changed to her current name which all of her fans and viewers are familiar with.

3. Paige

Paige Top Famous Hottest Women Wrestlers Right Now 2019

She was born Saraya Jade Bevis but later change it to her current name, Paige. . This professional wrestler is a member of a developmental territory of WWE which is known as NXT. Paige has changed her name twice and was initially known as Britain Knight. Paige got her inspiration to join this wrestling profession from influence from her family as both her parents are professional wrestler together with her two older brothers. Her beauty and hotness are the reasons behind her fame.

2. Maria Kanellis


Maria Kanellis is one of the most successful female wrestlers since she is not only a wrestler but a songwriter, actress and model. Maria has been the cover girl of some fashion models magazine. On April 2010 she released her a debut album that was known as Seven Sins on iTunes. She started professional wrestling in 2005. This woman is celebrated worldwide and on the internet for her beauty and successful life.

1. Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly Top Most Popular Hottest Women Wrestlers Right Now 2018

This hot and beautiful wrestler was born Barbara Jean but Kelly Kelly is her ring or stage name that her fans are familiar with. In the wrestling world, Kelly Kelly is one of the hottest women and her beauty has been celebrated all around the world. Her fame and beauty has made her one of the most celebrated women in wrestling history.

Finally as I conclude these are the top ten hot and beautiful wrestlers 2017 whose beauty and success in winning titles have made them household names. Not only are they successful in wrestling but they have attracted millions of viewers in the whole world. Check out for more of these hot beauties in their World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)webpage.

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