Top 10 Hottest Women Sports Reporters Ever

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Hottest Women Sports Reporters Ever till 2017. Whoever thinks that sports is only for guys has definitely not put those who report for it in to consideration. Over the years, more and more female reporters are getting in to the sports scene to try and cover sports events and even news. It goes without saying that close to all of them are doing a perfect job and some of them are doing it better than a man would have. To give you an insight of what we are talking about, we have decided to line up the top 10 hottest women sports reporters ever to have graced our television sets.

List of Top 10 Hottest Women Sports Reporters Ever till 2017

10. Alex Curry

alex curry, Top 10 Hottest Women Sports Reporters Ever

She had a mind focused on being a reporter as she studied in San Diego State University, It is after graduating that she got her first job which didn’t bring her to the spotlight. She was later sidelined to a reporting post by the NBC sports network and this may have been a stepping stone to her career. The sexy presenter now hosts Angels Weekly.

9. Erin Hawksworth

erin hawksworth, Top 10 Hottest Women Sports Reporters 2017

Erin’s first ever news presentation job was as sports reporter. This was just a local job in the United States. She later proceeded to Boston and Seattle for other sports related duties. After 10 years of building her portfolio and establishing an unmatched prowess in the field, she went back to Canada and became one of the biggest sports presenters there has ever been in the country.

8. Katherine Webb

katherine webb, Top 10 Hottest Women Sports Reporters 2018

Before choosing a career path in news reporting, Webb was a supermodel and managed to bag the Miss Alabama USA crown in 2012. Her screaming beauty complements her professional and attractive personality which is what she brings to the table whenever she is reporting. Many people came to know her after she started presenting for the BCS National Championship Game.

7. Charlotte Jackson

charlotte jackson, Top 10 Hottest Women Sports Reporters 2019

Anyone who watches Sky Sports must at some point stayed tuned to the channel just because this beauty was reporting. She is one of the few women who have managed to break into the sports reporting world seemingly without any efforts. She started by blogging news about football and golf before her interest in sports was spotted. Although she studied medicine, her passion for sports drove her to where she currently is.

6. Britt McHenry


She wasn’t just interested in sports as a reporter but also as a sportswoman. Brit participated in soccer games in division 1 while in her university. She later came to work for ESPN sports network after slowly growing her career while working for ABC7 Washington.

5. Jaime Maggio


Her beautiful personality and stunning looks coupled with a superior presenting prowess has earned her various positions in news presentation. Currently, she presents regional news but seems to be on her way to earning a spot in presenting national sports news. She loves her job as evidenced by her tight schedule which is centered on getting and presenting sports news. She is one of Top 10 Hottest Women Sports Reporters Ever till 2017.

4. Jenny Dell


Her introduction to NEWN sports network did not come as a surprise after she went on to replace another stunning news reporter. She came as a field correspondent managing to quell the anger by Red Sox fans after Don Orsillo, who was their long time and favorite sports presenter, was dropped by the network. Jenny currently reports for the NFL.

3. Marisol Gonzalez


Mexican ladies are known to be extremely beauty. This together with an awesome personality and a good voice should certainly make a stunning and professional presenter. Marisol Gonzales is nothing short of this. After contesting for Miss Universe, Gonzalez decided to go the news reporting way and found herself as a sports reporter, a role which she has managed to play so well.

2. Sara Carbonero


Not only is she one of the most beautiful women in the sports world but also in the entire world. To crown it all, Sara won an award in 2009 for being the sexiest reporter that year in the whole world. It is difficult not to be this considering her Spanish origin which probably explains why she has such an irresistible body.

1. Erin Andrews


Changing the channel that this beauty is on is arguably one of the biggest problems men face. Andrews has managed to work with ESPN for close to 8 years before FOX recruited her. She couldn’t resist the offer by FOX as with them, they gave her a bigger stage. She was to cover the World Series. This served as a stepping stone to other bigger career opportunities as she climbed up and managed to replace even some of her seniors.

These are the Top 10 Hottest Women Sports Reporters Ever till 2017. The above ladies should be acknowledged for their confidence in getting in to a scene that has over the years been reserved for men. They went against the common belief that beautiful presenters should only read news and against all odds succeeded in this field. They have in fact, got more people to watch sports news due to their stunning beauties.