Top 10 Hottest Women News Anchors in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Hottest Women News Anchors in The World in 2017. Technology is increasing and also news channels are also increasing and so you will find several people working in channels as anchor, news casters and engineers. 50 years ago, there were countable channels which came on radio and people were listening to voice of their news casters and listen to songs without seeing these people. Some of the news has amazing looks just the way you can hear their voices when they’re talking on radios. Have a look at these hottest women news anchors that have made news to be more interesting.

List of Top 10 Hottest Women News Anchors in The World 2017

10. Susan Li


A hot looking news anchor who from Hong Kong. Li work on famous news television and she studied at Toronto universality an afterwards joined Canadian broadcasting corporation. Li joined Channel CCTV which is found in China and later in 2006, joined Bloomberg Television. She has worked as news anchor until now that she is working in show such as anchor that is called first UP with her name. She managed to win best news show award which was held in 2012. She’s opened morning show and discussed top news of country. Li is also known to be the hottest female anchor of news.

9. Julie Banderas


Julie is known new anchor of fox news and ranked to be hottest as well as beautiful news anchor of fox news channel. She graduated from Emerson College and joined gig news channel which is found in Cambridge after her graduation. Julie gained experience in gig new channel and later moved to other channels of Virginia. Banderas is known to be hottest anchor that worked in fox channel and later ranked to be sexiest news anchor and also worked in news show fox and also Friends First and co host that is broadcast on five in the morning. Her program was on weekend that is one hour long.

8. Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly Top Popular Hottest Women News Anchors 2018

Kelly is beautiful woman who is also hottest news anchor. Currently, Kelly is working in news show of American Television and you will find her on day time working on Fox TV channel. She is courageous woman who is a graduate in law, 1995. Kelly practiced her career for nine years and started to be news anchor and report news in 2004. She moved to washing D.C and prefers Fox News channels, but she worked for several channels. A hot looking woman and beautiful one and currently working on fox new channels due to her experience.

7. Robin Meade


Robin is hottest and also most beautiful lady and daughter of minister. She grew up in London and then graduated in London. Meade’s career is reporter and known to be famous in new channels. She worked for several channels and later joined WJW TV and worked news anchor in the morning show. Meade is also known to work in news channel CCN in year 2001 and she proof to have best casting skills and also ranked to be sexiest new anchor in 2004. She worked in famous news channel called WMFD-TV, WCMH-TV and also WJW TV.

6. Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner Top 10 Hottest Women News Anchors 2017

Alex is experience new caster and ranked to be hottest news anchor. Wagner graduated from Brown University and later tried her luck in field of journalist. She did very well in her field and she had spent 4 years at helm and later move on to nonprofit founded by Matt Damon, George Cloonet, Don Cheadle and Brad Pitt. Later, moved to another channel and work in show and talk about politics as an anchor. Alex is known to be hottest anchor.

5. Gigi Stone


Gigi is attractive as well as beautiful woman and don’t forget that she’s hottest news anchor! A native of New York City and worked in Bloomberg television in her city and discussed all news concerning business as well as breaking news and she specialized mostly in business and entertainment news. Served as co host of Bloomberg enterprise and reported live in main business news stories including Bernard Madoff trial, Galleon Group and more. Later, Gigi worked in ABC news and acted as news caster of business and also finance.

4. Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee Top Most Hottest Women News Anchors 2018

I know you might be in love with watching news but wait until you tune in to Fox News and that is the tie you are going to realize what you have been missing all that time. It is a station that is known to be having some of the best anchors and one of them is Lee. She has worked from diverse news rooms but her agility and smartness is what made fox news to run down for the services that they will always need to get from her. I have to assure you that hard work pays and you will never go without your sweat being seen like that that she has earned. She is one of the world’s Top 10 Hottest Women News Anchors 2017.

3. Brooke Baldwin


For those that are looking for Brooke, then we are going to ask you to tune to CNN and you will find the astonishing and beautiful lady in the TV rooms. The success that she hails did not come easily because she started off from humble begins from the start of work in West Virginia until the time of joining CNN. Most people always tune in to the shows that are run by the woman because you will get an afternoon that is going to be well handled and guided (as from 2-4 on CNN). She has been awarded top rewards but you need to know that she also has studied a lot to raise the heights.

2. Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall Top Most Popular Hottest Women News Anchors 2019

You will find Hall in the day side MSNBC as she hosts many issue programs along with others in the news and series of events in the TV. Tamron started off after graduating from Temple University as she honed her skills in Dallas. The big step that was made from that time is that she has made huge steps to the big screens all the time. The hosting abilities that have been seen possessed by those ladies are what has managed to lead her to even have her own a NewsNation. The respect that is accorded to her is wonderful and admired by many.

1. Courtney Friel

Courtney Friel Top Beautiful Women News Anchors 2017

This is the most beautiful lady that you have never come across and tops the list of hottest news anchors 2017 to exist in the world. Having worked in the American TV as the best reporter ever, the lady has managed to move on and become interested in sports anchor in Go TV mobile TV. She has been better known as a best female that when she switches off to a new TV series, many people will always want to move out and join her in her platforms. For those that want to follow this beauty around, then go out and look for the new series or show that will be started in Fox affiliate KTTV-TV in LA.

Women are known to be hailed and respected about their looks but I have to promise you that you are going to get surprised. The women that you have seen above are not only hot but also very smart in how they do their things. That is why they are going to give you a run of your money if you want them to appear in any of your TV shows. But for now, their hotness is that hot and might easily separate them from all the others.