Top 10 Hottest Male Models in The World

Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 Hottest Male Models in The World in 2017. The 21st century is characterised by diverse entrepreneurial ventures where anything can be turned into a money making venture. With the corporate world being flooded as a result of people getting unlimited chances to education, people have opted to follow different paths towards achieving financial freedom. Modelling has been amongst the many professions that have come up as a result of this. There are quite a number of people whose profession basically requires them to maintain their bodies and looks in order for them to place a meal on their tables every single day. There are a number of those lucky models who have managed to close a number of deals with top notch companies or have established a very huge social network, which they use to their economic advantage. Below is a list of the top ten hottest male models in the year 2017:

List of Top 10 Hottest Male Models in The World 2017

10. Serge Rigvava

serge rigvava, Top 10 Hottest Male Models in The World 2017

At the tenth spot is a very fresh entrant into the modelling industry, Serge Rigvava. At just 16 years old, the youngster is amongst the youngest model in the world receiving massive attention. Rigvava’s entry into the list of the hottest male models was preceded by his winning of the Elite Model Look Austria 2014, after which he earned the attention of a number of well-paying companies. Serge has been an Elite model in the past few years which have seen him tour quite a number of cities in the world for work related ventures.

9. Alessio Pozzi


Alessio is one the most poplular Italian models there have been over the years. He is popular for modelling with the top notch fashion icons, Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana. He also made his first debut into the modelling industry in the year 2014 and has since then been developing his profession as model. He currently models for Versace, D&G and Givenchy, where he really does make an impression.

8. Sean O’Pry


The eighth spot goes to one Sean O’Pry. The model is deservedly appearing in the list of the top male models 2017 with his very amazing body shape and very regular updates of his Instagram account where he has a large following. In the year 2009, Sean O’Pry was rated as the most successful model of the year by the Forbes magazine, something which actually sufficient proof of his stardom in the modelling industry. Sean is currently working with VNY Management, which is a New York based firm.

7. Tyson Ballou


Tyson Ballou has advanced his profession in the modelling industry ever since he was 15 years. 22 years down the line, he has managed to climb up the ladder of success and has become such a household name. Having modelled for D&G, Calvin Klein and Salvatore Ferragamo, Tyson can confidently stand and look back at a profession well developed. His many years in the industry have led to his vast exposure which has also translated to his being able to be amongst the highest paid models in the world.

6. Rob Evans


Rob has basically earned his position in the list of the 10 hottest male models this year 2017. He exclusively walked for Givenchy Men’s S/S in 2010 and was selected to be one of the judges in America’s Next Top Model. To add to this, his portfolio is one of the most impressive ones amongst the top models there are today. He has modelled for IMM Bruxelles in Brussels, Storm Model Management in London, New Madison in Paris, and Way Model Management in Sao Paulo.

5. David Agbodji


Making it to the top five amongst the hottest male models is one David Agbodji. David his definitely risen beyond the limits to make it to list as one of the top black models. His body shape is definitely one of its kind, which is the reason why he landed a deal with Calvin Klein. This made him the first black male to model to hit the runway for Calvin Klein.

4. Matthew Terry


Women will definitely not resist the looks and stature of the fourth hottest male model in the Universe, Matthew Terry. He has come a long way into attaining a number of deals with a number of the world’s best fashion company in the world, Calvin Klein. He has for such a long time been the face of Calvin Klein rocking underwear and jeans. He traces back his success in the modelling industry to the Ford Models, a New York-based agency.

3. Brad Kroenig


The third spot is filled by one Brad Kroenig, whose achievements in the modelling industry are quite impressive. Brad has been in the industry long enough to spur the attention of Chanel and Fendi’s head designer to publish a book called” Metamorphoses of an American”. The book is a narration of Brad’s journey to the heights of success in the industry. Brad’s storyline in this industry can be seen to very well begin in the year 2003 where moved from Abercrombie & Fitch following his adoption by Karl Lagerfeld.

2. Chad White


Chad White is such a household name in the fashion industry, more so with his killer looks which qualify him to be the second hottest male model in 2016. Chad, despite being young has worked with such a good number of modelling companies in the world. The most prominent ones he has worked with are PMA Hamburg, Supa Model Management (London), Elite Models (in Stockholm, Barcelona and Toronto) and MGM (Paris).

1. Nyle DiMarco


Ladies brace yourself for the number one spot in the top ten hottest male models in 2016, Nyle DiMarco. Nyle isn’t in this spot by luck, but due to his very great looks, which every beholder can attest to. In addition to being a model, Nyle is also an actor. His role as Garet in the popular series “Switched at Birth” worked to build his reputation on a global scope. DiMarco has also viewed as a social activist, where he has been working to inculcate knowledge to the world about withholding the rights of the deaf as well as understanding them.

The list could on and on but these are just but the hottest models in the year 2017, based on the social presence and following, as well as popularity based on their achievement in the industry. While it may be subject to opinion, the list is quite factual and is one to be used as reference point for the hottest male models, unless other drop from an aliens planet to replace them.