Top 10 Hottest Item Girls of Bollywood

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Hottest Item Girls of Bollywood 2017. The Indian entertainment industry has its own unique features. For example, the Indian’s use item numbers to help promote movies, entertainers and songs. Item numbers usually involve sexualized dances, songs or appearances that are performed by incredibly beautiful women. Indian females who do this type of work are known as item girls.

Item girls are not necessarily seen in a positive light. They are often thought of being lewd and very open about their sexuality. However, they do help to promote various films and shows and some Indian women have been able to make a career out of this form of entertainment. Here is a look at the hottest item girls of Bollywood in 2017.

List of Top 10 Hottest Item Girls of Bollywood 2017

10. Yana Gupta


Yana used to be a very hot model from the Czech Republic but she now a very successful item girl in Bollywood. Gupta started off modeling shortly after she finished her degree in Park Architecture and Gardening. Yana also appeared in ads for Calvin Klein and Toyota. She was also a Victoria’s Secret model as well.

Gupta made the transition from the Czech Republic to Bollywood after she took on the job as an ambassador for the Indian modeling company Lakme. She is now one of the biggest item girls in the nation who can definitely get crowds out to see the latest flick.

9. Mumaith Khan


Mumaith Khan is simply one of the hottest women in all of India. She is beautiful, sexy and has a body that is out of this world. Mumaith has an amazing face that simply helps to sell her and the films she represents to the public.

Mumaith also works in Tollywood and Kollywood and this Asian honey can dance her curvaceous butt off. She is delicious looking and it is hard to resist her naturally tantalizing appearance. Mumaith has been around for a while but she has plenty of years left to finish her legacy.

8. Gauhar Khan

Gauhar Khan Top 10 Hottest Item Girls of Bollywood

Gauhar Khan is an extremely talented model and actress. Gauhar is of no relation to Mumaith Khan even though they share the same last name. Just keep in mind that Gauher is just as talented and dazzling as the Mumaith.

Gauhar has been an item girl who advertised for theatrical releases and television shows. She was the star of a reality show called The Khan Sisters. This reality show featured her and her famous sister Nigaar Khan. Gauhar became a household name from this show. She is now one of the highest paid item girls in the Bollywood industry.

7. Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat Top 10 Hottest Item Girls of Bollywood 2017

Mallika Sherawat is known for her films Khwahish and Murder where her erotic performance helped to cement her career as an actress. Even though Sherawat is an actress she is also an item girl. Her appearance is strong enough to get movie fans out to theaters.

Sherawat is not afraid to show the world her body. She revealed herself within the film Hiss and received raved reviews for her performance. While Malika is a highly sexualized film star and item girl, she has other talents. She can dance and her acting range if fairly good as well. She even has a comedic side which she revealed in the romantic comedy Pyaar Ke Side Effects.

6. Chitrangada Singh


Chitrangada Singh is a very well-known item girl who remembered for Gabbar is Back and Joker. She also has played supporting roles in films such as Hazaaron, Yeh Salli Zindagi and Khwaishein Aishi. One of Singh’s strong points is her ability to market brands to the public. Audiences loves Singh’s ability to sizzle on screen. She is definitely one item girl that can definitely get men to tune in to her films and shows. She is one among the Top 10 Hottest Item Girls of Bollywood 2017.

5. Gauhar Khan


Gauhar Khan is another item girl that has the same name as the other Gauhar Khan who is the sister of Nigaar Khan. They are not the same person. This particular item girl is a VJ and not just a model and actress. Her career began when she did her first item number for Aan-men at work. She also did Parda Parda in the film One Upon a Time in Mumbai. She became an overnight success from this film. Khan often works as a VJ on television and many people tune into her show to catch the latest tunes and to see her “move” on the program. Khan is a truly an item girl queen that stands out from her peers.

4. Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif Top Most Popular Hottest Item Girls of Bollywood 2018

Katrina Kaif was often portrayed within the media as a good and wholesome woman. But once she became an item girl, that Barbie doll image quickly faded. She is now a smoking hot temptress who can turn any item number into a sensual feast for the eyes. Kaif has the body, the face and the moves to make her one of the most talented item girls modern times. Some of her item numbers are considered the raunchiest ever made for film. Remember that this is considered an honor for item girls.

3. Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan Top Most Famous Hottest Item Girls of Bollywood 2019

Kareena Kapoor Khan is a Hindi item girl that brings a lusty zeal to any item performance. She can sway and capture an audience’s attention with some dazzling choreographic moves in the business. Yes, item girl numbers are choreographed; even though the ladies appear to look like they are moving in a natural sexual manner on their own. She performed for major entertainers such as Akon and has danced with some really big Bollywood male stars such as Shahrukh Khan. Kareena is a man’s item girl fantasy come true. Many guys are fans for life.

2. Nathalia Kaur

Nathalia Kaur Top Popular Hottest Item Girls of Bollywood 2017

If you ever seen a woman and knew that she was a star? Well, this is exactly what a person would see if they looked upon Nathalia Kaur. This item girl is an actress but she is such an amazing beauty to behold. She has a body that is beyond belief and a personality that is equally as amazing. When Kaur breaks out in a dance routine the guys will stop in their place and just stair because she is just worth a look. Kaur is one of those women that a man can look at for hours on end and never get tired of staring.

1. Malaika Arora Khan

Malaika Arora Khan Top Famous Hottest Item Girls of Bollywood 2018

Malaika Arora Khan is a mover and shaker in the world of Bollywood item girls. This beautiful Bollywood star helps to set the trends for item girl numbers within the industry. One example of Khan’s influence happened when she performed Maahi Ve. She brought stripping and pole dancing into theaters. No one has ever done this before.

Khan’s dancing is erotic and attention grabbing that she can literally have her audiences up and dancing right along with her from their seats. People were actually dancing in the movie halls when they saw one of her performances in the film Munni. Maliaka is really that influential in her field. She is the number one item girl in Bollywood and many people within the industry look to her to see how item numbers will be performed in the future.

These are the Top 10 Hottest Item Girls of Bollywood 2017. Item girls will always help to drive movie sales and profitability within Indian box offices. They are there to help make any movie or film to look its best and to give their films that unique Bollywood look and style.