Top 10 Hottest Italian Women Celebrity

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Hottest Italian Women Celebrity in 2017. Italy is all over known for its wine and food and hottest Italian men, but why do we have to forget their women? There are some hottest Italian women celebrities who have charmed our world with beauty. Italian women have international reputation and known for their remarkable beauty. Imagine that Italy is known to be the best country to produce beautiful women in the world! Their women put only small effort to their physical appearance to impress the public. Their makeup, hair and clothes contribute very little to their beauty. Have a look at these hottest Italian women celebrity.

List of Top 10 Hottest Italian Women Celebrity 2017

10. Monica Bellucci

monica-bellucci, Top 10 Hottest Italian Women Celebrity 2017

Monica is the hottest Italian celebrity and there’s no list which is complete without her. You might think that she’s under twenty due to her natural beauty and she is always gracious. Her voluptuous curves, palpable intelligence and charm all has made her capture people’s attention and international sex symbol. Was born September, 30 1964 and she stepped in modeling and later turned to Italian films. She is also known for her Hollywood venture like the matrix reloaded, Persephone and Enter the Matrix. Monica is sexiest and hottest beautiful woman all round the globe.

9. Giusy Buscemi

giusy buscemi, Top 10 Hottest Italian Women Celebrity 2018

Giusy is an actress and also a model and she was born on 1993. Buscemi become member of music and performing Arts and faculty of literature at La Sapienza in Rome. She also started several television series such as Don Matteo, Salty Kisses, and One step from heaven, Young Montalbano and Veiled lady. Again, Guisy has enrolled in list of hottest and also beautiful Italian models in the world due to her natural attractive appearance alongside with stunning looks.

8. Raffaella Fico


Fico is a model and was born on January 198. Raffaelo featured in several television shows and among several, she has been hosted. She has fantastic body curves as well as stunning looks. Her beauty if known all over magazines and also multiple television shows. This curly haired queen was once dated Christiano Ronaldo. Furthermore, she had appeared to parties which were organized by Silvio Berlusconi who was former prime minister of Italian.

7. Mellisa Satta


Satta began her career when she was doing her beauty pageant at early age of 16. She is a popular TV personality. She featured in Milian runways and become hot cake. Again, Satta has been on televeison hosting and also actress in several TV movies and multiple shows. She’s remoredto datin Ghana and also AC Milan player Kevin Boateng. She has tunning looks and natural beauty.

6. Carla Bruni


Carla is Italian-French songwriter, singer and a model. She started her career at tender age when she signed City models. Carla has worked for many fashion houses and also designers like Paco Rabanne, Christian Lacroix, Christian Dior, Givenchy and Channel and John Galliano, the list is endless. She is also the highest paid fashion models and has appeared in few films. She also has several music albums.

5. Caterina Murino


Was born September 1977 and well-known Italian actress and a model, too. Her impressive work and make many admire her and she made her appearance in several Italian languages projects such as cinema and television. Also, Murino proved in music videos like Far I’Amore and her venture includes Casino Royale, Eleonaro d’Arborea, Nowhere, Invincible piglet and Odysseus. She is dazzling and alluring and has ability to captive her opponent in few seconds.

4. Elisabetta Canalis


The charm and appeal of this beautiful woman makes her grab public attention but in well manner. She started as a dancer and appeared in minor roles and become personality of Italian cinema and also television. Canalis has acted among most beautiful and hottest Italian women and become cover of various fashion houses and also gained prominence. She has beautiful hair and fantastic body curves which all make her hottest celebrity.

3. Giorgia Palmas


Palmas was born on 1982 and know as television personality and also a model. She began her celebrity career in 2000. She had make appearance for many magazines, topless photos are included. Her perfect toned figure coupled with sizzling appearance makes her the hottest and beautiful woman. She is gorgeous and her natural beauty forces people to know more about her.

2. Federica Ridolfi


Federica is an Italian dancer and also a model that is now among the hottest Italian women celebrity. She was born on 1974 and appeared in many Italian television shows and again starred in many comedy ventures which were broadcasted on local best channels. She’s attractive and appealing person. Her hottest coupled with sexiest body size with seductive figure forces people to have a deep look of her.

1. Alessia Marcuzzi


Alessia is a famous Italian television host, model and an actress. She hosted lot of several television shows such as Colpi di fulmine, Macchemu, Grande, Fuego!, Festivalbar and Atteni al dettagio. She also starred in many television series and also film and these has made her gained recognition nationwide. She is cited at the hottest celebrity in the world.

These hottest Italian women celebrity have worked very hard to maintain personality by their skills of acting and also look. They are known all over the globe due to their skills and they are actually our models. We all need to try and gain motivation from them especially f you want to take up modeling or take up acting as career.