Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Fox News Girls

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Fox News Girls 2017. Fox News is a basic satellite and cable TV channel for news in America. Fox Entertainment Group owns Fox News Channel. This channel was established on 7th October in the year 1996 when it started to function. The channel has studios in the City of New York where they broadcast from and has very many customers in America. Fox is a well-known channel even worldwide for its interesting news and mostly for its famous and very beautiful news girls. Fox Channel is loaded with very pretty ladies that are some of the hottest ladies in the world. These hot ladies that cast Fox news are not only beautiful but quite talented and the reason behind the good rating of Fox News Channel. Among the Fox News Girls there are the most gorgeous ones who are just beauty princesses. The following is a shortlist ranking the Top Ten Hottest Girls of Fox News.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Fox News Girls 2017.

10. Rebecca Diamond

rebecca diamond, Hottest Fox News Girls 2017

Rebecca Diamond graduated from Maryland University, College Park having majored in Broadcast Journalism. She is currently a great contributor of other Fox News Channel and Business Network. She worked as the host of Fox Business Network show called Happy Hour. She started her career at Lifetime Television as a reporter and anchor. She also worked for ‘The Associated Press’ as a business writer. She is a famous and talented Super-Hot lady among the Hottest Fox News Girls.

9. Patti Ann Brown


Patti Ann is an American gorgeous lady who is a reporter and news anchor of Fox News. Patti was employed by Fox News in the year 2000 when she joined the Channel. She is now a co-host for “Fox and Friends First” show of Fox News Channel. Patti is also a news anchor of the hourly updates in Fox News Radio. She is a pretty and Hot Fox News lady who knows how to do her job. Patti graduated from Fordham University with a B.A.

8. Sandra Smith

sandra smith, Hottest Fox News Girls 2018

Sandra is a Louisiana State University graduate and a beautiful hardworking lady. She started her business career at Aegis Capital as a research associate. At Aegis Capital, she helped in the analysis of retail stocks, created stock newsletters for clients weekly and researched about investment opportunities. She joined Fox Business Network in 2007 as reporter. She is one of the top Hottest Girls of Fox News.

7. Jamie Colby


Jamie Nell is super-hot American Lady who is mainly a news correspondent. She was employed at Fox News Channel in 2003 where she was first working as a news anchor. Currently, she works as a co-host for the “America’s News Headquarters” of FNC. Previously she worked as a CNN’s correspondent, and CBS news reporter.

6. Molly Line


Molly Line is one very beautiful lady among the Top Hottest Fox News Girls. Molly joined Fox News Channel when she was employed in January 2006 as a Boston reporter. Previously, she worked for WFXT (Channel 25) as a news anchor. Line is a graduate in B.A in Political Science and Communication from a technical institution called Virginia. She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Fox News Girls 2017.

5. Andrea Tantaros


Andrea Tantaros is an exceptionally pretty lady in Fox News. Her beauty is one of its own kind. She is a co-host of “The Five” show which is a hit show aired on weekdays at 1700hrs on Fox News. She also helps in Fox Business Channel and writes for Newsmax and New York Daily News. She is famous for her great talent which most viewers acknowledge her for.

4. Julie Banderas


Julie Banderas is another beauty queen and one of the hottest girls in Fox News Channel. She joined FNC after getting a job here in the year 2005. Julie currently serves as a correspondent in New York for the Channel. Julie Banderas won the “Outstanding Single Newscast” Emmy award in 2004 for her great and amazing Republican National Convention coverage. She is a Bachelor degree graduate from Emerson College.

3. Megyn Kelly


Beautiful Megyn Kelly is currently serving the anchor of “The Kelly File” show which is usually aired on weekdays at 2100 hrs by Fox News Channel. She resides in New York and works from here. She joined Fox News when she got employed here in 2004. Before she used to host” America Live” show.

2. Ainsley Earhardt


Ainsley Earhardt is currently serving as a co-host of “FOX and Friends First” show by Fox News together with Patti Ann Brown. She was employed by Fox News Channel in 2007 and decided to reside in New York. Previously she worked for KENS-TV as an anchor and also as an anchor in WLTX-TV. Here she was titled “The Best Personality of the Year” in the Metropolitan Magazine of Columbia.

1.Jenna Lee


Jenna is the Hottest Lady in Fox News Channel. This lady is extremely glamorous. She is currently the host of “Happening Now” show of FNC alongside her co-host John Scott. This pretty queen joined Fox News in 2007 when she was employed as a Fox Business Network reporter and later moved to Fox News Channel in the year 2010.

These are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Fox News Girls 2017. Fox News Channel is rated well because it has quite a number of talented anchors which is evident in the above listed beauties of the network. These talented pretty ladies are the top Hottest girls in Fox News.