Top 10 Most Popular Hottest Female K Pop Idol

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 most popular, Hottest Female K Pop Idol 2017. There are several hottest female k pop idols who are famous Female k pop idols are famous because of their talents. They have received several awards. Many of them have received several awards towards their contribution. They are highly skilled in acting, music and dance .K pop idols receive worldwide attention when they are doing a stage performance. They are best known by their sexual appealing look. K pop has become a music division which attracts various people of the world. These females make the fans crazy of their talented dance moves.. The following are the list of the top 10 hottest female k pop in 2017:

List of Top 10 Hottest Female K Pop Idol 2017

10. SISTARS’s Hyorin


She is a k pop singer who is known to be the best.Hyorin comes from Korea and she has great vocals. She is the female k pop who is hot. She has staged many live performances which are versatile.Hyorin was a member of the 4 minute and the Sistars group. She started the career in 2007.From there, she signed with the entertainment of Cube. She has a perfect concentration on her single solo career.

09. Ga from the Brown Eyed Girls


This is a k pop female who redefine most conventions for modern k pop. She was among the four girls in the Brown Eyed Girls. She was with Jea; Narshi and Miryo.The girls became friends who had a mutual respect towards each others talents. In 2006, they debuted without showing their real faces in the media. She looks very sexy when she is performing on stage. Her singing is bland with a breathy singing. She is a k pop female with a unique look that refreshes the personality. This has helped her in gaining her popularity in the field of k pop. The stage electrifies when this k pop female is doing a live performance.

08. Jaek Yung from the Rainbow group


This is a Korean female who is among the top hottest k pop in 2017.She is a star who has a tone of voice which is perfect. She has many fans who proofs that she has an awesome look. She was the leader of the Rainbow girl’s band. She has amazing features with a cute face that blows many of the million minds that go to her life performances.

07. Nana


She is among the hottest k pop females with a hot body. She has a face which is innocent. Nana is a dancer and an impressive singer. She is flawless to rock the nights when she performs. She was at one time in the After School team member. She was born in 1991 and is a celebrity in Korea. Her voice quality is tremendous among the audience.

06. Lee Hyori


She is a female k pop actress-singer, activist and a TV presenter. She comes from South Korea in the province of North Chungcheng.She started this career in the year 1998 as one of the members of Fin.k.l k pop girl group. She then isolated herself to become a solo artist. Her bold single called stylish got her several awards. She has a material dabble with a jazz sound. Her music videos are full of confidence. She is among the female artists in Korea who are highly paid.

05. Park Ji-min


She is a k pop singer who is gifted with a beautiful voice. She is a member of the Girl Duo k pop group. Park has participated in many dramas which have made her popular. Her life performance ere gorgeous. She is a female k pop who is unique from the others-her eyes speaks more than what her mouth speaks. Not only being talented, she is also sexy.

04. Hyuna

hyuna, Top 10 Hottest Female K Pop Idol 2017

Hyuna was born in 1992.She was a member of the 4 minute and the Gangnam style co-star. She is a female k pop in 2017 who has confidence during her performances. She released her single solo called ‘’change’’ and a video called ‘’Bubble pop’’.She is also regarded as a female who is shameless. Apart from being a musician, she is a dancer, modeler and a song writer. She is the female k pop idol who was listed on the billboard of notable acts along with Justin Bieber.

03. Miss A’s Suzy


She is a hottest female k pop idol who has a great look. Suzy is a singer who is notable in the world of k pop. She is highly talented and seductive. Suzy is so popular in South Korea. She was a good online shopping model. This made her the main minet superstar.

02. Yuri from the Girls Generation group


She is a female k pop who is the heart beat of many youngsters.She is a member of the Girls generation group. She has a sweet voice and a personality which is hot. This makes her successful. She is an artist from Korea who makes the world wild. This makes her to be the number 2 in the top 10 hottest female k pop in 2017. She is seductive and talented with moves which are perfect.

1. CL


She is the hottest female k pop idols. She is a bold girl in the world of k pop. She declares herself as the baddest when she takes the stage. She is also a rapper. She is a k pop female who has received different awards i.e. the best female solo, the hottest female star among others. She is the leader of 2NE1 group. Her singles include; the’’ hello bitches’’, fallin and lifted e.t.c

So, These are Top 10 Most Popular, Hottest Female K Pop Idol 2017. The world of k pop has changed depending on perfect looking and presentation. The k pop industry is great with talented females. It is the best career which is entertaining with the female k pop idols who are amazing in the world.

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