Top 10 Hottest Female American Athletes

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Hottest Female American Athletes in 2017. There are two things that we have to honor all the women that we find in this world, sports and beauty. Some of them have found themselves in a critical condition of having to fight for their well-being because of their looks but that is not going to be the case with the kind of women that we are going to showcase you here, they have the best looks but at the same time, shine a lot when it comes to sports. You cannot deny the fact that female athletes are only female but they are also strong, intelligent, hot ad very powerful. Here is a list of the best of them all in this criteria.

List of Top 10 Hottest Female American Athletes 2017

10. Alicia Sacramone – Gymnastics


She began her career at the age of eight year old and by the year 2002, she had started to compete and managed to join the US national tea in the year 2003. Why she is an astonishing beautiful woman is that she began her career with a bang because from the year 2004-2008, she managed to win twelve medals. In 2005-2007 world championships, she managed to win seven medals. That is not all because each year that came and she managed to participate, she never went out empty handed.

9. The Bella Twins – Wrestling

The Bella Twins Top Most Popular Hottest Female American Athletes 2019

Who does not have an idea of who these two lovely women are? If you don’t have, then let me inform you. These are known as the divas in the world of wrestling and their looks have made them known, loved and respected by wrestling fans worldwide. That is why they are known as the hottest women in the WWE history. They are tag team wrestlers and are known as Nikki Bella and Brie Bella. In fact, if you want to know them, just refer to them as the Bella twins.

8. Malia Jones – Surfing


This is a lady that has managed to be a living proof that America can be a living proof of the best hot women around the world. She began her surfing in her early teens but by the time she is at the age of 15, she began winning medals as she won the girls division of the US amateur surfing championships. She has been loved by many and that is why many magazines have taken her pics to put her on their covers and even managed to be on the list of the top 50 beautiful women around the world.

7. Tanith Belbin – Figure Skating


This is a Canadian-American ice dancer and has an ownership of dual citizenship and has managed to compete for the US championships since the year 1998 with his partner Benjamin Agosto. She has managed to scoop a number of medals starting off with being a four-time world medalist, 2006 Olympic silver medalist among others. The looks that she has makes people always admire her but she is always high with intelligence as that is what is needed in the world of sports.

6. Lindsey Vonn – Skiing

Lindsey Vonn Top Most Beautiful Female American Athletes 2018

She is always known as being in the hottest female athletes’ record of all time. She has a strong aspiration to win medals and she is rated as among the six women to have won the World Cup races in all the disciplines that have alpine skiing which include the super G, Slalom, downhill, super combined, and slalom. What is astonishing is that she has a top medals that include 59 world cup races in here career at as 2013. I don’t dispute that her looks are deceiving, she was created to be so and hence earns the title.

5. Gina Carano – MMA


There is one thing that you need to know, if a woman can kick your ass and always look good doing it, then this is the woman that you need to look at. She is a mixed martial arts winner that is ranked as the former 3rd best in the 145 lb fighter competitions in the world. She has been rated as the first woman who headlined a strike force to meet – Carano VS. Cyborg with Christiane. That is a meeting that went into history because it marked the first time two women meet in a major MMA event.

4. Allison Stokke – Track and Field

Allison Stokke Top Most Hottest Female American Athletes 2017

She is a pole vaulter who everyone always yearned to stand up and have a look at the way she does things with her beauty with her. From her ages in high school, she always made her name to be written everywhere, starting from dorm rooms to any place that students lay hands on. She has always worked hard to be a major celebrity by the way she does things only females can do. She is a beauty queen who everyone always expects to see in the Pole vault every time there is competition.

3. Lolo Jones – Track and Field


Headlines have always hit the magazines as the only track start to have admitted that she is a virgin! When you are going to the racks, then I have to tell you that she does her work pretty good. She has managed to bank 3 NCAA titles and 11 American honors while being at LSU. Things have always run well for her because she managed to win a gold medal at the world indoor championships in 2008 and also 2010. That was not all, at the 2013 mixed team event, she managed to bag a gold medal.

2. Alex Morgan – Soccer

Alex Morgan Top 10 Hottest Female American Athletes 2017

This is a kind of lady that has that stunning next door girl hotness that will always make you crave to look at her all the time. She was even rated as the best overall in the 2011 WPS draft. What is unique about the girl is that she was the youngest player that was on the roster of the 2011 FIFA women’s World cup. She has that beauty that always has that beckoning look and a smile that will make many have a tender heart. But in the field, she has that intelligence that most women have a difficult gaining.

1. Stacy Keibler – Wrestling

Stacy Keibler Top Popular Hottest Female American Athletes 2018

This is a retired wrestler and she is well known for her best works when it comes to world championship wrestling and also in the world wrestling entertainment. What is unique about the lady that is here is that she has long legs which makes her to reign as the tallest diva in the WWE. That is why he has even been nicknamed as the weapon of mass seduction. She has also acted as a model in the Maxim and stuff Magazines which also have marketed her beauty worldwide.

You can agree with me then that beauty and looks never lie and these women above are not only beautiful, but also intelligent in all that they do. Each of them has been respected in whatever she does and has even bagged several medals. I don’t have any doubt that I have brought you the best because the world has agreed in them all.