Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Russian Women

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Russian Women 2017. Russia is one of the countries that have the most beautiful women in the world. These women are from the world of music, politics, movies and Fashion industry. They are popularly known because of their great personalities, skills, politics, charm, wonderful ambitions and many other areas. Not only their careers, but are also known for their beautiful nature.

These women have been nickname full packaged because of having nice body shapes, structured faces and their personalities in their field of work. The top 10 most beautiful of these Russian women are studied below.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Russian Women 2017

10. Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova Top Most Popular Beautiful Russian Women 2018

Her full names are Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova. Born on 7th June 1981, Anna gained popularity due to her professional career. She is the former professional tennis player in Russia. This tennis star is very beautiful and is said to be the most searched celebrities in Google. In the Russian Olympics, Anna was considered as the youngest participant and made a history worldwide. This Russian star is said to be very determined because, in 2000, Anna never used to win, besides all that she worked hard and achieved no. 8 in the world. Later on, she achieved the world’s no.1 player in partnership with her friend Martha Hingis. Anna was once nicknamed Spice girl of tennis due to her winning Grand Slam Titles (1999 and 2002), the WTA Championship (1999 and 2000). However, Anna stopped playing Tennis at the age of 21 when she succumbed to serious spinal and back problems.

Anna kourinikova has a charming smile and has very cute eyes.

9. Elena Zakharova

Elena Zakharova Top Popular Beautiful Russian Women 2019

Popularly known as Yelena Igorevna Zakharova, this woman is a Russian film actress and theatre. She was born on November 2, 1975 (age 40). Elena dreamed of becoming a model when she was still at school and as a result, she began acting in movies. In 1998, Elena graduated from college and immediately joined Moon Theater that was being directed by Sergei Prokhorov. This Russian star has appeared in many films including lady for a day (2002), words and music (2004), tartarin of Tarascon (2003), the judge in the trap (1998), doctors (2001), stop (1998), Christmas story (1997), successful exchange (2007) and many more.

Yelena appears in this list because she is also very beautiful.

8. Tina Kandelaki


Tina Kandelaki is a Russian TV presenter, public figure, producer and journalist, who was born on 10th November, 1975, in Tbilisi, Georgia. This 40 year old star is the co-owner of the Apostle media Company. Some of her hobbies include spending time alone and practicing body fitness which normally happens thrice a week. She is characterized by her confidence in her professional career.

Tina Kandaleki is a very successful businesswoman and actress who has appeared in several films like the forbidden reality (2009), a small cameo (2009) and svetophor (2011), in video clips and dubbing technology. She is so unique, intelligent, brave and admirable Russian woman.

7. Natalia Chistyakova-ionova


Natalia is a solo artist and singer beautiful Russian woman. She is also an actress and has appeared in the film, war of the princess and the triumph. Her first music was recorded and was very animated through computers. In 2002, music producer, Maxim Fadeev got to know her and everything became so fortunate for her. Natalia is relatively successful currently.

6. Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina

Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina Top Most Famous Beautiful Russian Women 2018

Anna is singer who was born on 15th August, 1990, in Moscow, Russia. Her stage name is Nyusha. She gained her popularity when she began singing at a very tender age (3 years). At the age of 5, Anna recorded a song called Pesenka Bolishoi medveditsi and started dreaming of becoming a popular singer someday. Currently, Anna is a very popular singer in Moscow. She also has great looks. She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Russian Women 2017.

5. Zoya Berber


Zoya Berber is a very popular Russian star, who was born on 1st September, 1987. Her popularity came as a result of her television series called Realinie Patsani. Many people loved this series and was being watched by millions of people in Russia. In 2011, Zoya was declared 5th in the maxim magazine of the Russian Edition and was nominated to be one of top 100 sexiest Russian women.

4. Lera Kudryavtseva

Lera Kudryavtseva Top 10 Most Beautiful Russian Women

Lera Kudryvtsera is one of the most beautiful and hot Russian Girl. Her two pictures have been displayed online that shows her with and without make ups. In both pictures, she looks very beautiful and has an outstanding facial structure. Lera was born on 17th May, 1971. Lera enjoys dancing and acting. She is also a television anchor.

Lera Kudryvtseva was once married to a music artist, Sergei Linyuk. However, their marriage didn’t work and they divorced finally.

3. Elizaveta Boyarskaya

Elizaveta Boyarskaya Top Famous Beautiful Russian Women 2019

Elizaveta is a Russian theatre and film actress. She was born on 20th December 1985, in Leningrad, Soviet Union, Russia. Elizaveta’s parents were also actors (Mikhail Boyarsky and Larisa Luppian) who were also very famous globally. Her profession career began in 2001 and some of her popular films include Timur Bekmambertov. These films have increased her celebrity and have given her much confidence.

2. Alina Kabaeva

Alina Kabaeva Top Most Beautiful Russian Women 2017

Her full names are Alina Maratovna Kabaeva. The 33 year old star is a Russian rhythmic gymnast, politician, and honored master of sports. Alina has won several medals that have made her very popular in the whole world. She stopped participating in sports in 2007 and joined parliament of Russia. Alina kabaeva has an attractive smile that is appealing to many.

1. Alina Artz

Alina Artz Top 10 Most Beautiful Russian Women 2017

Alina Artz is a Russian TV host, radio presenter and actress as well. She is popularly known as one of the most courageous woman in Russia. Alina aired her first presentation on NTV Channel that was called Das is Fantastic. Her reality shows became very popular and was very much acknowledged. She is the most beautiful woman in Russia.

The above women are the top 10 most beautiful hottest women in Russia 2017. Apart from their gorgeous looks, their personalities also matters a lot. Most of these women are very successful in their field of profession. They have worked very hard to gain popularity.

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