Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Portuguese Women

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Portuguese Women 2017. Portugal is a famous country known for number of things. Talk of Vasca Da Gama, the Portuguese sailor who travelled across the Indian Ocean to the East African Coast. But that is history. Lets’s focus on the beautiful women that are found in this lovely nation. Portuguese women are not only beautiful but also hot and sexy.They can blow the mind of any man. These are the kind of women that every man would wish to have as wife. They are simply unmatched. Their nice curvy figures make them stand out from other women in other parts of the world. Here is a list of top 10 Most Beautiful Portuguese Women In 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Portuguese Women 2017

10. Liliana Santos

Liliana Santos Top 10 Most Beautiful Portuguese Women

This fine lady was born in 1980.She has maintained her beauty and still appears like she is 20.She is an actress and many people adore her. Thanks to her pretty face. You definitely want to watch her movie. Before acting, she was actively involved in modeling. She won numerous awards as a model. This explains her unmatched beauty. She was featured in a number of men’s magazines. Her picture was used as cover photo. She has acted in movies such as Floribela, Resistire, Inspector Max and more.

9. Rita Andrade


Born in 1981,this amazing lady is not only beautiful but also charming. She is a former model. She has appeared in many magazines on cover page.This clearly shows that her beauty is extraordinary. Her fame spread like bushfire when she ventured into acting. Many people love watching her movies because they admire her impeccable beauty. Some of the best movies she has acted include Golden Globes and Fama Show.

8. Andreia Rodrigues

Andreia Rodrigues Top 10 Most Beautiful Portuguese Women 2017

This attractive woman will keep your eyes fixed on her. She has all that it takes be referred to as the queen of beauty. She has beautiful eyes, sexy lips and curvaceous figure. You definitely want to meet her. She is still active in modeling. In addition, she is an actress and her movies are worth watching. Some of her best works as far as film industry is concerned include Gosto Disto and Fama Show. She has also featured in a number of TV series.

7. Sofia Arruda


This pretty women was born in 1988. She is still young, sexy and attractive. Every man wants to have her. She is a great celebrity in Portugal. She is very active in acting. She has stared in movies like Anjo Meu and Feitico de Amor. Her excellent acting skills has marketed her beyond Portugal. She appeared in a number of American sitcoms. She also participates in several television series. She will keep you glued to your screen.

6. Claudia Vieira

Claudia Vieira Beautiful Portuguese Women 2017

When it comes to beauty, this lady’s meets the qualifications. She is extremely beautiful. Everyone talks about her in Portugal. She is also an actress. Her movies are a must watch if you enjoy watching beautiful women. She is a very successful actress. Thanks to her natural beauty. On top of that, Claudia is a former model.She appreared on cover page of many magazines. She is also a television presenter. Her amazing voice coupled with exceptional beauty will make you stay glued to your TV when her show is running. She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Portuguese Women 2017.

5. Diana Chaves

Diana Chaves Top Popular Beautiful Portuguese Women 2018

This good looking Portuguese woman was born in 1981. She is so sexy. She is the kind of lady that will arouse your libido if you are a man. She has succulent, well curved hips which can drive you insane. Her height, beautiful lips and sexy eyes will make you crave for her. She is good. There is no better word to describe this product of creation. Meet her. Your heart will describe her better.

4. Laura Figueiredo

Laura Figueiredo Top Famous Beautiful Portuguese Women 2019

Call her the sexiest Portuguese lady. She has curves that will render speechless. Her beautiful eyes are adored by many people. There was a time when Luara was the most sought after model. She appeared in many TV commercials. This earned her both fame and money. She has acted in movies such as Morangos com Acucar and Mundo ao Contrario. Her outstanding performance contributed to the success of the two movies.

3. Jessica Gomes

Jessica Gomes Top Most Popular Beautiful Portuguese Women 2018

Jessica Gomes was born in 1985. Her grandparents are of Portuguese origin. She is not just beautiful. She is the queen of beauty. She has a figure that cannot be compared to any ordinary woman. She is simply extraordinary. She has featured in many American magazines. She is very famous and has fans from all parts of the world.

2. Vanessa de Oliveira


This pretty woman has all that it takes to be called fine lady. She has nice curves that every woman desires to have. In addition, she has an attractive face that will make you want to meet her before you die. Apart from beauty, this renown beauty queen is also very intelligent. She has written several books which have sold pretty well. On top of that, she is a newspaper columnist. Thanks to her excellent writing skills.

1. Rita Pereira


She is urguably the most beautiful Portuguese woman. Rita is simply incomparable. Everything about her is just perfect. Her amazing voice, attractive face, mind-blowing figure, romantic nature e.t.c makes her number 1. She is also an actress and most of her movies have been successful. She has featured in many TV series. Her shows are watched by millions of fans. If you meet Rita, you will have met the most beautiful woman in Portugal.

The above are the most beautiful Portuguese women in 2017. They are hot, sexy, talented and adorable.Most of them have participated in modeling. They are also actress and their movies have done so well.

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