Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Asian Women

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Asian Women 2017. The continent of Asia has beautiful women that are extremely attractive. They can be found within China, Japan, India, Afghanistan, Nepal and Thailand. These women have their own unique features and looks that make them stand out from other females throughout the world. The following review will list the top 10 most beautiful Asian women who are publicly known as famous models and entertainers.

These Asian women are highly regarded in their countries and around the world. They clearly reveal that females from Asia are talented, intelligent, popular and very beautiful.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Asian Women 2017

10. Michelle Kwan


Two-time Olympic winner Michelle Kwan is one of the most memorable Asian women in the world. She is not only an ice-skating princess who has won many titles awards and medals; she is also an adorable Asian honey pot from the states.

Kwan was born in Torrance, California and is a first generation immigrant. This woman has done well for herself since she has been in America. Kwan has a long dark hair, beautiful deep brown eyes and an award winning smile. She is now in her 30s but I guarantee that she can put many women in their 20s to shame. Kwan is a truly a beauty among beauties.

9. Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera Top 10 Most Beautiful Asian Women

Marian Rivera hails from the Philippines and is considered one of the finest women in her nation. She is a celebrity model that has even done some onscreen work. Her fans (mostly male) go nuts over her and they also like her personality. She is a great woman with a lot of charm and sex appeal. Her body is thin and curvy. She would be a dream come true for any man who is fortunate enough to call her his wife. Rivera is a top notch Asian honey that cannot be denied.

8. Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif Top Famous Beautiful Asian Women 2019

Katrina Kaif is one of the highest paid and beautiful actress in all of Bollywood. She is a legendary film star and has even appeared on television. Kaif is an extremely beautiful and conservative Indian lady who has been performing for years. Her natural good looks and amazing talent is helping her to reach legendary status as an Indian actress. Kaif represents India well as one of the best and most respected actresses in all of Asia.

7. Ziyi


Ziyi might be 37-years-old but she still remains a fresh and young looking and very competitive. As a matter of fact, female who are even half of Ziyi’s age cannot touch this Chinese superstar’s physical features and talents. Ziyi is a great film performer and she can still land some of the best model photo shoots in the business. She is smart, sexy and well in demand. Ziyi is definitely one of Asia’s most finest females.

6. Yukie Nakama


Yukie Nakama started off as a Japanese gravure model and then moved on to become an idol girl (singer) before becoming a top rated actress. She appeared on the television drama Trick in Japan and this program helped to make her a household name. She is smart, intelligent and very talented. However, one of her best talents (if you want to call it that) is her looks. Yukie can take just about any man’s breath away with just a single glance. This Asian lady is truly that fine.

5. Ha Nui Lee

Ha Nui Lee Top Popular Beautiful Asian Women 2018

Ha Nui Lee is a beautiful Asian model and actress who probably has one the nicest rear ends on the whole entire continent. She is extremely sexy and very classy. She can look like the girl next door in one film or a hot and tempting honey pot in another flick. Ha Nui Lee is a great woman to watch and listen to. She has a great personality and is a huge draw for films and television. She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Asian Women 2017.

4. Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza Top 10 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2017

Dia Mirza has been voted one of the hottest women in all of Asia back in the year 2000. She won the Miss Asia Beauty Contest. She has been winning pageants ever since. She also has been acting and modeling since that time as well. She is a glamorous woman to behold and an Asian honey pot that will keep audiences entertained for years.

3. Zhang Zilin


Zhang Zilin won Miss China World back in 2007 and since that time she has went on to compete in pageants and beauty contests all over Asia and the world. She is an international beauty that hails from China and has a degree in business administration. Zhang is a spokesperson, actress, voice actress and all around entertainment talent. She can even sing and often makes special appearances and lectures. She is truly a hot Asian woman to behold.

2. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing Top Beautiful Asian Women 2017

Fan Bingbing is often hailed as China’s biggest star. We’ll there might be some truth to that statement. Bingbing is a gorgeous and appealing woman who can capture audiences on the big screen. She is also a pop star of epic proportions. Her hit music has been rocking Chinese fans for many years. Fan is also a model and fashionista. There are very few things that this lady can’t do within the world of entertainment.

1. Hye Kyo Song

Hye Kyo Song Top Most Popular Beautiful Asian Women 2018

Hye Kyo Song performed in the film Autumn In my Heart and it propelled her into stardom. Her performance within this film is what helped to cement her acting career. She comes from Korea and has lots of fans all over Asia who truly adores her. She is very beautiful to watch and she has an amazing voice. Hye Kyo Song is a great performer who does her part with making Asian women everywhere to look their best.

These are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Asian Women 2017. These Asian women are highly regarded in their countries and around the world. They clearly reveal that many females from Asia are talented, intelligent, popular and very beautiful.