Top 10 Highly Admirable Musicians And Singers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Highly Admirable Musicians And Singers in The World 2017. These ten highly admirable musicians and singers have a lot going for them these days. Everyone can look them up and instantly love them. They have so much music they are putting out that its hard to know what they are doing next. Some of these singers are on tours or even just doing concerts to hold over their fans because they need more time to begin their next album. Some have hit number on the charts and others will soon be at number one with each song coming out. If you look on you tube for these people then you will see why they are so big. The videos they put out every day helps them with the music they have produces. If the video is not shot in the right environment then the song makes no sense to the listeners. So the next time a song comes on and you really like it you should see if it come from one of these top artist.

List of Top 10 Highly Admirable Musicians And Singers in The World 2017

10. Chris Brown

Chris Brown Top Most Popular Highly Admirable Musicians And Singers 2018

He makes the list because of his exceptional and sensational talents in singing, lyricism,and being a awesome dancer. His rapping skills are so that he has won Grammy’s and platinum’s for his hard working talents. “Run it”, “Say Goodbye”, and “With you” are not even a dent in his musical song talents. He seems to have kept a low profile the last few years by staying out of the lime light after his messy break up with ex girlfriend Rhianna. Chris still records music and is heard on the radio today.

9. Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo Top 10 Highly Admirable Musicians And Singers

Starring as a multi talented singer, dancer, and actor of today’s generation Jason initiated his future by following the great artists like Pit Bull and Lil Wayne. It has not been that long since Derulo launched his very own music album so it is to be expected that he will go on to do great in the future of music.

8. J. McLean

J. McLean Top Famous Highly Admirable Musicians And Singers 2019

Also known as A.J. McLean from the world famous boy band, Backstreet Boys, he also launched into a solo career on the side. The boy band has been a great experience for him in the business and taught him what he needed to know for making his self better on stage and vocalizing songs. He performs well on stage and still is part of his harmonizing “brothers” as they still tour today making new and improved music and gaining fan bans every single day. McLean has is no doubt become one of the most highest appreciated musicians in today’s world.

7. Aaron Funk

Aaron Funk Top 10 Highly Admirable Musicians And Singer 2017

I personally had never heard of this artist until doing some research on him for this list. I have learned he has been around for more than a decade and even though his musical talents usually consists of being in the break core genre but he does have other areas of interest as well such as notably classical. He has made twenty two albums and is still making more now. The electric music fans love his unique talents and superb personality.

6. Macklemore


He is a highly applauded and talented male singer of his time and even on into now. His rapping skills is great and have gained him fame all over the world for his job. The famous album of his “Thrift Store” is what launched him into super stardom and made him a international heart throb to every female on this planet. The unique way he sings or raps has made him one of the originals and most appealing and highly admirable singer these days and his talents are expected to keep him in the running for many years to come. He is one of the Top 10 Highly Admirable Musicians And Singers in The World 2017.

5. Aaron Neville

Aaron Neville Top Most Highly Admirable Musicians And Singer 2017

He is an amazing R and B singer and musician of the current age. Not only has he been an award winning figure but has even become famous for his solo song tracks. For so long Neville has made a stamp in the music industry with his unique voice and exceptional talents. People cherish him for the history he has created in his time with his songs being number one on charts for many years.

4. Justin Timberlake


From Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all the way to Solo artist, this man has had great experiences with trying many different business functions. He has acted, sang, and even modeled. His musical talents expanded more and sky rocketed him to world famous sexy teenage dream while he was involved in the boy band, “N’sync”. He was just a child when the band was formed and it seemed like over night they were traveling the world and performing for fans. Justin broke out for a solo career shortly before the group announced there split in the early two thousands. With many number one hits under his belt, Sexy Back, Cry me A River and My love are just naming a few, he keeps making extremely talented choices today.

3. Justin Bieber


Every one was introduced to Justin Bieber when he became a huge hit just as a child. Over the years his voice has changed and become something no one could have seen coming. Not only is he a talented singer but he also has composed songs he also has written amazing lyrics that touch the hearts of many. Today Justin has been catapulted into super star status with his songs such as “Sorry”, Love Yourself”, and “What Do You Mean”.

2. Brian Eno

Brian Eno Top Popular Highly Admirable Musicians And Singer 2018

He is known as a superb and terrific musician and because of that is famous for his lovely compositions and songs. He has been known as a visual artist for years and has won many awards in the music industry since the beginning of his career. His songs gave a new taste to youths around America and they quickly became fans. He is a leading musician and is admired enormously now days.

1. Pit Bull


Armando Christian Perez, also known as Pit Bull, was born in the year nineteen eighty one. His debut album in two thousand four pushed this singer into mega stardom very quickly. With his good looks females trip over them selves to get a chance at him and then with his rapping skills males want to get the insider information on how to be like him. He has many amazing songs some of them include “I know you want me”, “Tonight I’m Loving you”, and “Tik Tok”. Pit Bull won the Latin Grammy Award also and this is all the reasons why he tops our list coming out at number one.

These are the Top 10 Highly Admirable Musicians And Singers in The World 2017. No only are these the top musicians they still have number one hits today and are still working hard to come up with the best for the fans. No matter what you think about a singer they will have other people that love them. Everyone listens to different types of music and trust me when I say these top ten are different in so many different ways. One may sing rap or pop and another will sing sad songs or mellow songs either way people love them and are going to listen to the music every day. So if you have not heard of one of these people then get on your computer or phone, if you are not already, and look them up and find out a little about them and the music they write and sing.