Top 10 Highest Paid Female Musicians in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Highest Paid Female Musicians in the world in 2017. There are a lot of women who have the ability to sing or are beautiful, but it takes a lot for a female star to be made. It is all about being in the right place at the right time and having the right stuff (ability to perform, beauty, the right management, the ability to sing, talent to sell yourself, and it helps a lot to be lucky) that not only gets popularity in your home town or country, but around the entire world. With some women, they may find that they can make tons of money simply singing their hearts out, but most try and get into other things, like selling products. This is my list of the top ten highest paid female musicians 2017.

List of Top 10 Highest Paid Female Musicians of the world 2017

10. Nana Mouskouri- Net Worth $280 million


This one is interesting, she is a woman who has massed millions and most people probably have never heard of her. She has a wonderful voice, and has been able to make all of her money singing. She has recorded many different songs in many different genres and languages. She does own properties all over the world, including a large, luxurious mansion in Cologny, Switzerland.

9. Jennifer Lopez- Net Worth $300 million


Some think she is a great singer, some think that she is extremely beautiful, no matter what, people love Jennifer Lopez. Not only does she sing and act, she knows how to invest her money, she has put money into many other businesses that include a production line, clothing line, fragrances, and accessories. Record sales for Lopez are over fifty million worldwide, and she is in high demand for all of her talents.

8. Cher- Net Worth $320 million

Cher Top Most Paid Female Musicians 2017

What doesn’t Cher do? She sings, acts, and is known for her fashion sense. The so called ‘Goddess of Pop’ is known for her appearances and her voice. Her fashion sense has been known to set trends; men desire her for how she shows off what she has and women love the clothes she wears. She has won both Grammy Awards and Academy Awards for her talents. The song that made her hit the big time, she sang with Sonny; it is of course “I Got You Babe”. She continues to top the charts, no matter which decade you are talking about.

7. Barbra Streisand- Net Worth $340 million

Barbra Streisand Top 10 Highest Paid Female Musicians 2017

She was great in “What’s Up Doc?”, a film where she plays a fun and easy going woman opposite an uptight Madeline Kahn and Ryan O’Neal, her even more uptight boyfriend. Of course, she is no one hit wonder, both on the big screen and when she does music. The origins of the pop diva started with her, at least in its modern form.

6. Shania Twain- Net Worth $350 million


It is rare when a female singer has consecutive albums that go platinum, and yet Shania Twain did just that. Her tours, that go all over the world, remind fans just how wonderful and breathtaking her voice is. One of the best selling artists of all time. She is one of the richest singers of the modern era, and her last album came out fourteen years ago.

5. Gloria Estefan- Net Worth $500 million

Gloria Estefan Top Popular Highest Paid Female Musicians 2018

This actually a tie between Estefan and the woman coming in at number four. First she was in a group, but then she went solo. This Cuban born artist is one of the most popular Spanish singers in the world. Estefan does also dabble in business, owning restaurants on the west coast, and she owns a minor share of the Miami Dolphins.

4. Dolly Parton- Net Worth $500 million


The other woman on our list that has a net worth of five hundred million dollars. Parton wrote most of her own music, after coming from nothing and put out great album after great album. She has also acted, has her own theme park (the appropriately named Dollywood), does books, and has clothing that she designs. She owns a lot of other properties throughout the country.

3. Mariah Carey- Net Worth $520 million

Mariah Carey Top Most Popular Paid Female Musicians 2019

Mariah Carey has a lot of fans. Most of her wealth comes from the two hundred million albums sales that she has racked up over the years. According to the RIAA, she is number three among the best female artists for her voice and wonderful music. She has won Grammy Awards and Billboard Awards to back that up.

2. Celine Dion- Net Worth $630 million


This artist has quite a lot of credibility as hit maker. Her music runs the spectrum from R&B to classical to rock, and, as if that were not enough, she also can sing in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Latin, German, and Italian. She can do it all.

1. Madonna- Net Worth $1 Billion

Madonna Top Most Famous Paid Female Musicians 2018

Another one that is multi-talented, this Detroit native can act, sing, and write music. She would also be the richest singer, both male and female.

That was my list of the top ten highest paid female musicians 2017. This list made me realize just how many female singers there are and just how hard it is for all of them to have gotten where they have. I hope you liked my list and enjoyed reading it.