Top 10 Highest Paid Female Gamers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Highest Paid Female Gamers in The World in 2017, most beautiful and hottest female gamers. You can never have imagined that the video industry wild have gone ahead to be one of the employers for many people out there. It is something that has always have a positive impact on people. Many people do not consider gaming as any kind of sport but the truth be told, video gamers always walk away with enough pride that always put them at the same podium of the greatest sports stars that are in the world. Players not only play to enjoy but also they play to win money and make their living to be worthwhile. That is why women are also taking up gaming as a profession and they are growing big and strong. Here are some of the best women gamers out there.

List of Top 10 Highest Paid Female Gamers in The World 2017

10. Alice “Ali” Lew


You need to find this lade by the name Ali when you go into the community and is also respected for being the best in the SK-Ladies Counter Strike Team. Lew has always helped a team in beating up every big contender that shoes up in the game. The first tournament in the year 2006 and won clean $800 dollars. That was not the end for a journey because after two years from that time, this was a lady that came back into the competition and this time round, had no jokes in mind as walked away with $4000.

9. Alana “Ms. X” Reid

Alana “Ms. X” Reid Top 10 Highest Paid Female Gamers 2017

In the gaming world, you can easily locate this lady by the name Ms. X and is one of the fiercest women to watch her play in the gaming arena. Come into contact with this woman that is one tournament old but you don’t have to shun down because the lady is a potential force that you need to reckon with. Having been one that undertook into playing the Quake III Arena in the year 2005, there were no regrets as Reid secured a runners up place after having faced a very comptetitive time. Alana has managed to win up to $10,000 from a single tournament.

8. Livia “Liefje” Teernstra


You can call Livia by the name Liefje when you are looking for such a player in the virtual world of games. Most people did not know Teernstra’s ability that is strong until when anybody that was up to challenge the skills that were in her were stunned in a high performance that was displayed and took part in a competition held in New Zealand. Took part and played DOA 4 (Dead or Alive) and all the competitors that were in it faced a challenging time. After taking part in three tournaments, and managed to emerge 3rd in both of them and won $14,000.

7. Jamie “Missy” Pereyda


This is a girl that looks so simple but wait until Jamie’s hands and mind are in to play QuakeCon 3 that is the time that you will realize that simplicity just ended. The name that is givn to this person as Missy and is a no none-sense contender in any sport that. At the year 2005, played in one tournament of the play and managed to destroy other competitors in the Mss. QuakeCon II series. What you might not believe is that in just one tournament, manage to scoop up to $15,000.

6. Rumay “Hafu” Wang

Rumay “Hafu” Wang Top Popular Highest Paid Female Gamers 2018

Find this player by the name Hafu in the world of gaming and you will find out how a Warcraft world champion you have met. In just 4 tournaments, has managed to be able to bag up to $14,000. The rest of the gamers in the world always wants to get into the winning shoes in various games that were played. Maybe they will live to achieve their dreams or not but has decided to always moves on to newer games and even hard ones but that will never stop Hafu from winning. When Rumay stepped into the Bloodline Champions, has managed to win $2000 in just one tournament.

5. Vanessa Arteaga


This is a super star when you go into the field of gamers that love video games. Vanessa has also been chosen as the first one when you go into the list of Championship Gaming series. This is a kind of lady that loves fighting and when you want a girl that will really kick your ass as you game, then you need to cross her way and get a beating that you will never forget. As championship prize money, went home with $15,000 in the year 2008. Arteaga is worth $20,000 and that is why you always have to trade well when you want to enter into a world of gaming where you will find her.

4. Sarah “Sarah Lou” Harrison


Her gaming name is Sarah Lou and is also rated as the only woman from Britain to have a chance among the top female gamer around the world 2017. Having chosen to play Dead or Alive 4 because of its simplicity and managed to be the champion in that section. Get to know that it hard to beat the collaboration of and skill that are perfect and efficient to execute. This is not an easy task as you think because it takes her time to do a lot of exercises to be that perfect. The result is that Sarah won $50,000.

3. Marjorie “Kasumi Chan” Bartell


She is a software engineering practitioner but assumes the avatar of Kasumi Chan being inspired from the DOA’s Kasumi. Kasumi is a player of DOA 4 and was on the team that won in the 2007 tournament and walked home with $50,000. Has always practiced had to be champion because just a year before that, Bartell also managed to be a runners up for the same event and was given $5,000. Started off as an intern for several companies but now, Marjolie is a force that you need to take care of.

2. Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn

Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn Top Most Popular Highest Paid Female Gamers 2019

She uses the name scarlett in games and is a popular woman that is known in the world of gaming and has always taken part in major events that need gaming worldwide. Has a combination of a skillset that is sharp and when you play with this player in the StarCraft II, that is when you will realize how a skillful gamer. It is a kind of payer that takes nothing into chance while playing. Has undertaken participation in 30 tournaments and all in all has managed to win $100,000, making Sasha to be a gamer that is richer and experienced than most others.

1. Katherine “Mystik” Gunn

Katherine “Mystik” Gunn Top Most Highest Paid Female Gamers 2017

She always uses a name Mystik in gaming world and is the highest paid female gamers 2017 that the world has ever had over the years. Has undertaken playing in the DOA 4 which is known to be the most expensive game in the world and has managed to defeat top contenders for the job. Has always been a runners up in 2007 and 2008 championships but in 2010, managed to emerge the winner and won $100,000. In total she is worth $120, 000.

So, these are the world’s top 10 highest paid female gamers 2017. There are other women who also have managed to earn a fortune through being dedicated video gamers. The ones that we have shown you above are only a few and are the most priced and competitive in different games. Who said that only men can win such games when you are in the virtual world, try playing with any of the above women and they will give you a run for your money.