Top 10 Highest Earning Male Musicians In The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Highest Earning Male Musicians In The World 2016-2017. Becoming a successful musician can be a hard thing to do. With the music industry constantly evolving and the amount of physical album sales declining, it’s difficult to imagine that any singer could earn a living doing what they love in this day and age. However, this is far from the reality, as male musicians from all different genres continue to become extremely successful and wealthy in their musical escapades. Below are ten of the highest earning male musicians 2017 from around the world. Some may shock and even surprise you, but all certainly deserve to be commended for their hard work and perseverance within the music industry.

List of Top 10 Highest Earning Male Musicians In The World 2016-2017

10 – U2
Earnings in 2016- 55 million


With a career spanning three decades, all male Irish rock band U2 continue to enjoy a huge amount of commercial success. The band has sold over 170 million records, with their songs making it into Rolling Stone magazine’s ‘Greatest Songs Of All Time‘ list. The band have also been known for their involvement in numerous charities including, Band Aid, Greenpeace and World Vision. Their most recent album to date, Songs Of Innocence, released in 2014, was shrouded with controversy after reviewers from The Chicago Tribune criticised the album for being ‘impersonal’.

9 – Justin Bieber
Earnings in 2016- 56 million

Justin Bieber, Highest earning male musicians

Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber has made a huge impact on the music industry and continues to sell millions of records worldwide. The twenty two year old singer rose to prominence after record label RBMG signed him in early 2008, after seeing his YouTube videos where he would perform cover songs. Since then Bieber has gone onto release four albums, two films and get into the Bill Board music chart on numerous occasions. The Canadian singer is also known for his high profile relationship with fellow musician Selena Gomez, which ended in 2013.

8- Paul McCartney
Earnings in 2016- 56.5 million


After gaining notoriety for being a member of 1960’s pop band The Beatles, Paul McCartney continues to have a hugely successful solo career, with his latest album New gaining a positive reception from critics. The singer songwriter is also known for his animal rights activism, and has supported numerous animal rights charities including World Animal Protection and the David Shepard Wildlife Foundation. In 2013, McCartney announced that he was no longer a vegetarian and was now a vegan.

7 – Bruce Springsteen
Earnings in 2016 – 60.5 million


Known for his hit singles ‘Born In The USA’ and ‘Born To Run’, rock singer Bruce Springsteen has gained international recognition, with twenty Grammy awards to date. Born in 1949, the singer songwriter gained commercial recognition in the late seventies when he began collaborating with E Street Band. Since then Springsteen has gone onto release eighteen studio albums, and was even deducted into the Holly Wood Walk Of Fame in 1999.

6- Diddy
Earnings in 2016 – 62 million


Otherwise known as Puff Daddy and P.Diddy, Diddy has gained huge notoriety as a rapper and songwriter. His latest album No Way Out 2, sold 26,000 copies in the first week and has since made it into the Billboard charts at number 44. He is most widely recognised for his hit single Come With Me, which was released in 1998. But Diddy isn’t just rapper and songwriter, he has also had a highly successful acting career, appearing hit movies, such as Get Him To The Greek and Draft Day. He currently lives in New Jersey with his six children.

5- Calvin Harris
Earnings in 2016- 63 millionCalvin Harris, Highest Paid And Most Successful DJ’s

Widely known for his highly publicised relationship with singer Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris is an electronic DJ and musician who became prominent after his hit single Bounce, which managed to make it into the UK single charts. Since then, he has collaborated with other well known singers including Rhianna and John Newman. As well as enjoying a successful singing career, Harris also owns his own record label, Fly Eye Records, which the DJ says enables him to sign artists he admires without the restraints of a major record label.

4 – Rolling Stones
Earnings in 2016 – 66.5 million


Founded by Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards in 1962, The Rolling Stones are still going strong, with a career spanning over five decades. The band has gone onto release seventeen studio albums worldwide, and many hit singles, including Paint it Black and Satisfaction. As of 2016, The Rolling Stones continue to tour, and have recently embarked on a tour in Cuba. There is also set to be a new album coming out – their latest release since their album A Bigger Bang, which was released in 2005.

3 – AC/DC
Earnings in 2016- 67.5 million


The final all male rock band to make it to this list, Australian band AC/DC have sold more than 200 million albums internationally, breaking numerous album sale records. Founded by Angus Young, the band have been active since 1973, and continue to tour alongside former Guns N Roses lead singer Axl Rose, who has now become a permanent member of the band. In 2003, the band were finally inducted into the Holly Wood Hall Of Fame, and have been commended for outselling fellow singers such as Madonna and Mariah Carey.

2 – Garth Brooks
Earnings in 2016 – 70 million


With twelve AMA’s and two Grammy wins to his name, Garth Brooks continues to be one of the most successful musicians in the history of country music. Critics have commended Brooks for his progressive outlook on the country genre and the way in which he shows rock and roll, as well as pop influences throughout his music. He is also one of the few artists to have sold millions of albums during an eight year hiatus. The fifty four year old singer has also announced the release of an new album for 2016, though the release date is yet to be confirmed.

1 – One Direction
Earnings in 2016 – 110 million


It’s no surprise that this boy band has become the highest earners in the world 2017. After finishing third place on the X-Factor, the band was quickly signed to Syco records, and a year later released their debut album Up All Night. Since then, One Direction have released three studio albums and have a huge fan following known as ‘directioners’. The band have also been known for partaking in numerous charitable causes, such as donating $600,000 to The Stand Up To Cancer campaign in 2014. The band currently consists of Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, after Zayn Malik’s departure in 2015.

Love them or hate them, these highest earning male musicians 2016-2017 have each brought something unique to the mainstream music world. But will the new and upcoming male musicians be able to make this list one day? Only time will tell…