Top 10 Highest Dated Hollywood Celebrities

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Highest Dated Hollywood Celebrities 2017. Hollywood is always filled with affairs, break ups, make ups, marriages, separations and divorces. These numerous love stories, whether a happy ending or a tragic one have always made it to the gossip column. Unfortunately not all celebrities seem to find ‘the one’ and have to kiss quite a few frogs to end up with their prince/ princess. Though some celebrities are more than happy to kiss the frogs, especially since in reality these frogs are pretty darn attractive! Some celebrities have dated more people in a year than we could wish for in a lifetime. Whether such dating is done in search of true love or just to have someone beside you when you wake up, these celebrities sure know how to choose the most stunning ones to date. Here is a list of the highest dated Hollywood celebrities 2017:

List of Top 10 Highest Dated Hollywood Celebrities 2017

10. Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal Top Most Popular Highest Dated Hollywood Celebrities 2018

This hot actor with his mesmerizing blue eyes can get your heart racing, especially if he gives one of his to-die-for smiles! It is not a wonder that women have a major crush on Gyllenhaal who has been linked to several beauties in Hollywood. Reese Witherspoon, Jenny Lewis, Rachel Bilson, Taylor Swift, Kristen Dunst, Natalie Portman and many more, all being just one beautiful lady after the other.

9. Emma Stone

Emma Stone Top Most Famous Highest Dated Hollywood Celebrities 2018

At number nine is the cute and pretty Emma Stone. An attractive actress like Emma would definitely have a line of men waiting for their turn with her. Among these guys were Kieran Culkin, Jim Carrey, Teddy Geiger and Andrew Garfield. Unfortunately, none of them were able to sweep this pretty lady off her feet.

8. John Mayer

John Mayer Top Famous Highest Dated Hollywood Celebrities 2019

John Mayer’s songs literally stick in your head and you can’t help falling for them…and him! Well neither could Jennifer Hewitt, Rhona Mitra, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson etcetera. Having dated numerous beautiful ladies, John Mayer still can’t seem to find ‘the one’ and this list is only seems to get longer.

7. Drake

Drake Top Highest Dated Hollywood Celebrities 2017

What can you possibly not love about this super talented rapper? His amazing voice and seriously good looks only help him that much more in getting dates with the ladies. Among these ladies were Cat Washington, Bernice Burgos and Teyana Taylor. Currently with singer Rihanna, Drake is off the market but will always have that long list of hotties in his dating diary.

6. Sandra Bullock


Currently together with Bryan Randall, Sandra Bullock too spent quite some time trying to find the right one. Matthew Mcnaughey, Hugh Grant, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans are just some of the many men who were lucky enough to date this pretty actress.

5. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Top 10 Highest Dated Hollywood Celebrities

Oh! You have got to love Captain Jack Sparrow. There is literally no other actor who could have done this quirky role better while looking so weirdly sexy. This exactly what Johnny Depp is known for: turning any role into an epic one. Depp reaching his fifties is still as sexy as can be and is still on the market. His previous girlfriends include Kate Moss, Amber, Winona and Vanessa. He is one of the Top 10 Highest Dated Hollywood Celebrities 2017.

4. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Most Popular Highest Dated Hollywood Celebrities 2019

This super sexy and super curvy Latina is one of the top celebrities in Hollywood. Known world over as a singer and actress, Lopez is nearly every man’s dream girl. For a while at least, she was the dream girl for quite a few lucky guys like Cris Judd, Ben Affleck, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and her latest, Casper Smart.

3. Ryan Gosling


Gosling can make your heart melt and he doesn’t even need to look into your eyes to do that. This Notebook actor is undoubtedly one of the sexiest men in Hollywood and all the ladies are well aware of this fact. Ryan Gosling had been in a relationship with Olivia Wilde, Rachel McAdams, Sandra Bullock and a couple more beauties. For the past five years he has been with actress Eva Mendes, only leading to broken hearts everywhere…

2. Taylor Swift


Taylor is one of the prettiest and sassiest women in Hollywood. Nobody can beat this singer, especially during her performances. Maybe it is because she nearly always has an emotional connection to her songs. Besides that, nobody can beat her ex boyfriends list either. Harry Styles, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner and Joe Jonas are just a couple of the names on the list. Currently she is dating Calvin Harris for over a year.

1. Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper Top 10 Highest Dated Hollywood Celebrities 2017

Were you asked to name a cool, cute, handsome and sexy actor, Bradley Cooper is the name that would instantly come out of your mouth. For over ten years we have had the pleasure of watching this sexy as hell actor and some women have been even luckier to sneak in a few dates (and more) with this gorgeous man. Unsurprisingly, Cooper has a long history with beautiful women. A very few of these names include Olivia Wilde, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Esposito, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez (we wonder how he kept track of all the Jennifer’s). Hollywood sure does love playing cupid between some of the most attractive celebrities, even if it is aware that the love story may not last more than a couple of minutes. And who are we kidding anyway? We too love watching these couples suddenly dating each other and falling in hopelessly in love, even if it ends with them breaking up on bad terms. Because whether we want to find ‘the one’ or not, deep down we are all hopeless romantics, thirsty for love. He is one among the Top 10 Highest Dated Hollywood Celebrities 2017.