Top 10 Most Handsome Volleyball Player in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Handsome Volleyball Player in The World 2017. Who does not love volleyball players? Well if you love them you will love these hotties that love to play it. These ten male volleyball players are great at what they do and care a lot about their families. Here is a list of the top ten volleyball players and what they do and love. You will find out what they like and dislike about certain things. They tell you how they feel about things and what they would do while now playing volleyball. Some of them are single but some of these hotties have girlfriends so hands off ladies. They seem to pretty much love helping others and spending time with family and friends. No matter what you do they will always love volleyball.

List of Top 10 Most Handsome Volleyball Player in The World 2017

10. Matt Anderson


This American sensation is a hottie that turns the heads a many women. He is a great volleyball player and has won many awards for just doing something that he is passionate about. He loves to live happy and seems to like to have fun. His ideal woman is someone that is active and healthy, family oriented, likes to laugh at stupid stuff, self confident, and she will know she is beautiful but will not rely on her beauty alone, and she would be intelligent. So to snag this one up ladies maybe you should start making a check list to see if you have what it takes to catch him.

9. Michal Kadziola


This is Poland’s one and only dancing king of beach volleyball and is so handsome. On weekends you will find him in his favorite music club or just hanging out at home. His ideal first date would be to take the girl to a public setting like a cafeteria of some kind so she feels comfortable and he can break the ice of first date shyness. Afterwards he would take her on a stroll through the park and end the night by walking her home. Now if that is not a romantic then i do mot know what else would be. He is a big sweet heart and apparently he can even cook! He loves when girls sing and would be surprised and shocked if one sang a song to him. So if you got you a good voice then ladies give it a try, maybe you can win this hotties heart over.

8. Aleksandar Atanasijevic

Aleksandar Atanasijevic Top 10 Most Handsome Volleyball Player in The World 2017

On the weekends you will find him out to eat with his family or with his friends. He is passionate about every kind of sports out there. Red lipstick on a girl impresses him. His ideal partner would be someone who understands him and supports him in everything that he does in life no matter what it may be. He enjoys a good burger and laughing with friends. In two thousand eleven he was European champion in volleyball.

7. Drew Manusharow

Drew Manusharow Top Popular Handsome Volleyball Player in The World 2018

This volleyball player ended his career to turn into a world traveler. He is passionate about volunteering, helping others to learn new things that will help them with their career to help other people., being happy, and traveling around the world to see different cultures and learning more about the places we live in. His ideal partner will be well educated about the world, respectful to those around her, has to have a sense of humor, conscious of her health and she has to care about others as well. It wont hurt if she is sporty and willing to work out with him every now then either. Better get in shape ladies to land this feller.

6. Mike Di Carlo


He is a volleyball player and professional model that owns his own events business. He also gets paid to travel the world and model so obviously he is a hunk. He loves to sketch, paint, doodle, and draw. His passions are volleyball,friends, family, and to do something different everyday to experience new and adventurous things. On the weekends he can be found spending time on his boat or up at the cottage he owns.

5. Cullen Irons

Cullen Irons Top Mos Popular Handsome Volleyball Player in The World 2018

He loves volleyball, chipolata, and short walks on the beach. A surprising talent that he has is he can lick his elbow! Dating deal breakers for him is when a girl stand eye to eye with him and he hates picky eaters. The ideal partner for him is someone that can relax as well as him. He loves Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Patrick Hernandez. On the weekends look for him to be catching up on sleep or watching The Daily Show. He indulges on pickle juice and plans to be an astronaut in his after life! He is one of the Top 10 Most Handsome Volleyball Player in The World 2017.

4. Ivan Castellani


Has passions for volleyball of course, food, and music. Ideal first date would be dinner at a nice restaurant because he is a simple kind of guy. The ideal partner for him would be a girl who is fun, outgoing, carefree, and a even a little bit of crazy. He is good at making people laugh is fun to be around. His favorite artists are The rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, and Bob Marley. On the weekends he can be found out to dinner and maybe at a bar or disco. If he has a game or training the next day thought he is at home watching a movie and snacking on chocolate or ice cream.

3. Bas Van Bemmelen

Bas Van Bemmelen Top Handsome Volleyball Player in The World 2017

This volleyball player is passionate about his girlfriend, family, friends, and of course volleyball. A talent that may surprise you that he can do is belly dancing. His ideal partner would be his girlfriend, Christin. Sorry ladies this hunk is off the market. He spends to much money on things that he barely uses. To relieve stress he plays video games. On the weekends you will find him in the gym training, or visiting his girlfriend, family, or friends.

2. Evan Patak

Evan Patak Top Famous Handsome Volleyball Player in The World 2019

His passion is for family, friends, food, recreation, cars, and music. His ideal partner would be his lovely girlfriend. He has a talent for cooking. Three artists you may find on his iPod would be Bassnectar, Datsik, and Funtcase. To relieve stress he drives his car. If he found a genie in a bottle his three wishes would be to end violence or conflict in the world, for every one to have good health, and for money to not exist.

1. Gavin Schmitt

Gavin Schmitt Top 10 Most Handsome Volleyball Player in The World

Passionate about volleyball and his family and has over twenty five hundred songs on his iPod and it is mostly hip hop. His ideal partner is someone who he can hang out with like he could his best friend, she likes to wear sweats but wears them well. His dating deal breaker is a chick that smokes. On the weekends you can find him relaxing on the couch or out on the deck having a beer and just chilling. His three wishes in life if he had a genie are good health for himself and his family, unlimited money because sadly everything the world has a price tag, and an unlimited number of wishes. To relieve stress he usually will watch TV or a movie, or he will do anything that does not require him to think and just relax.

These are the Top 10 Most Handsome Volleyball Player in The World 2017. These hotties are just like every one else they just play a sport. They do things that we do wish for things we ourselves would probably want. They sit around and watch TV and do everything else the same. When people see them out they need to remember they are no different then us just love to play sports and became big doing it. If you search them on you tube you will see that they are very good at what they do and love what they do. Some guys love basketball and football these men love volleyball. No matter what they do or how they do it they make sure to put their all in it so they can be the best. Playing this game gives them joy and helps them relieve stress sometimes. They love to eat so when you see some of the things listed that they would add to their burgers do not be surprised when you see it is a lot. They always think of others like their family and friends and love visiting them while at home. If they are caught out on the weekends you will see them enjoying the weather or going to the gym to get sweaty. Ladies these guys may be hot but remember they have lives just like ours.