Top 10 Most Handsome Russian Man

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Handsome Russian Man 2017. Russia is one of the countries with very handsome men and women. Russian men have become very popular globally due to their fields of profession like singers, television presenters, film producers, directors, songwriters doctors and many others. Let focus and examine the top 10 most handsome Russian man in 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Handsome Russian Man 2017

10. Alexei Chadov

Alexei Chadov Top Handsome Russian Man 2017

Popularly known as Andrei Aleksandrovich Chadov, he is a Russian actor born on 22nd may 1980, Moscow, Russia. Chadov comes from a family of six raised by a single mother because his father (Aleksandr Chadov) died when Alexei was only six years old. This Russian star began his career 2001 by making a debut support in the avalanche film which was being directed by Ivan Solovov. He released this film when he was a student and got breakthrough thereafter producing films like provocateur, a matter of honor, bigger than Ben, enemy’s heart and many others.

Alexei Chadov is the brother of Aleksey Chadov (famous actor). Chadov broke up with his wife so he is currently single.

9. Alexander Kerzhakov

Alexander Kerzhakov Top 10 Most Handsome Russian Man 2017

Alexander is a very famous football player (striker) in the international football association. Born on 27th November, 1982 in Kingisepp, is a Russian premier league club striker and also Russia national football team. Alex is a very successful footballer through the many goals which he scores earning him so much cash.

Alexander is best known for representing his county in several matches and won most of them. This is how he grew popular. Alex has a medium sized body and height.

8. Sergey Lazarev


Sergey Lazarev was born on 1st April, 1983. He is a Russian singer, dancer and famous actor who rose into fame when he became the member of the smash group. However, in 2006 the group broke up and he began singing and performing by himself. Sergey did his first solo presentation don’t be fake in 2006, and sold more than 500,000 copies to Russian only. This was a great success for him that gave him way to record more other films. Sergey has appeared in many films and has won several awards for his great passion and dedication in the film industry. Some of his albums include electric touch and the best. He also did solos like fake, just because you walk away, shattered dreams, every time and in my lonely life.

7. Vasiliy Stepanov


Vasiliy Stepanov is a Russia actor born on 14th January, 1986 in Moscow, Soviet Union. He is an alumnus physical education and sports college with credit. In 2008, this actor made a debut in the film inhabited island as maxim Kammerer.

Vasiliy stepanov has a great personality, passion and dedication to his work. He is very attractive and has a charming face.

6. Dmitry Borisov


Dmitry Borisov is a Russian project document producer, public figure, television presenter and journalist. He is a very attractive and handsome gentleman who is successful in his field of career. He is popularly known for his skills in anchoring news. Borisov is a talented and hardworking gentleman. He is one of the Top 10 Most Handsome Russian Man 2017.

5. Timur Solovyov


Timur Solovyov is a radio presenter and television personality who is credited for his great work. Whenever this gentleman is anchoring news, he is always focused and dedicated. Born on 11th February, 1982, Timur has worked in popular televisions and radios and he both he portrayed his talents and skilled.

Timur’s hard work and unique physical appearance has landed him in the list of the most handsome Russian man. He is also very successful ad popular celebrity.

4. Peter Dranga


Peter Dranga is a Russian singer and accordionist who was born on 8th march, 1984. This Russian celebrity is relatively young and handsome. He is popularly known for his stage perfomance. Whenever, peter drops on stage to sing or even perform, peter ensures that the attention of the audience is drawn away by his vocals which go hand in hand with his facial expression. Considering the fact that he is handsome, he earns a lot of money in a single presentation.

3. Dmitry Nagiyev

Dmitry Nagiyev Top 10 Most Handsome Russian Man

Nagiyev is a Russian actor, radio host and television presenter who is considered to be very cool and handsome by his fans. Dmitry Nagiyev was born on 4th April 1967. In 1991, he graduated from Leningrad State Institute of theatre, music and cinematography. It is in this school that he was shaped to what he is today. Despite his high age, this Russian star is said to be a man of style.

Dmitry Nagiyev is skilled in his field of profession. Research conducted by showered he is the most talented news anchor in the world and this has gained him a lot of fame in his career industry.

2. Danila Kozlovsky

Danila Kozlovsky Top Most Popular Handsome Russian Man 2018

Danila Kozlovsky catches the attention of many women with his sexy eyes. Born in 3rd May 1985, this film actor and model is popularly known for his role in films like simple truths (1999), dancing on the waves (2003), alka (2006), black hunters (2008), garpasum (2005) and Lenin’s legacy (2007). These films earned him several awards including the glamour awards (2013), golden eagle awards (2012), MTV Russia movie awards (2008) and also Nika awards (2012).

Danila Kozlovsky is every woman’s dream. His romantic role in his films leaves many ladies crazy of him.

1. Dima Bilan

Dima Bilan Top Popular Handsome Russian Man 2018

Dima Bilan is the most handsome Russian man in our list today. Dima is a 34 year old songwriter and singer as well. He has represented his country, Russian, in many singing competitions and emerged the winner. His career began in 2000 when he was only 19. This celebrity deserves honor. He has won so many awards so far that has made his country to be proud of him.

Dima Bilan is the most celebrated celebrity in Russia today. Russian ladies write posts in social media that there no hottest man like Dima. He has become very popular and successful.

These are the Top 10 Most Handsome Russian Man 2017. Russian men are dedicated, passionate, hardworking, handsome and successful men in the field of profession. The above men make to be the most handsome men in Russia. Both are from different fields of profession.