Top 10 Most Handsome Male Models in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Handsome Male Models in The World 2017. Humans, being visual beings, love eye candy. We need to get attracted to an objects appearance before purchasing/owning it. The general thinking here is that men are much more of visual creatures than women. This is not true. Both genders are equally visual beings as that is just the way we happen to be wired. Think about this, if a woman wasn’t nearly as much of a visual creature as compared to a man, then how is it that the male modelling industry is filled with handsome, sexy men? The answer is obvious, it’s because women love watching stunning handsome men walking down the ramp, on television and in magazines.

Do you think you’re aware of all the good-looking males in the industry? Read on to find out who made it to the list of The Top 10 Most Handsome Male Models In The World 2017:

List of Top 10 Most Handsome Male Models in The World 2017

10. David Agbodji

David Agbodji Top Popular Handsome Male Models in The World 2018

Born in Paris, male model David Agbodgi is at number 10. His striking features have been an interest to many top shots in the modelling industry. David Agbodji has modelled for reputed names like Calvin Klein, Vivienne Westwood etcetera and is one of the famous male models in the industry.

9. Boyd Holbrook

Boyd Holbrook Top Handsome Male Models in The World 2017

Boyd Holbrook, not only is he one of the top good looking models you would come across, he is now also an actor. And an amazing one at that! At 6 feet 2 inch, this male model is sure to get your attention. Jean Paul, Calvin Klein, Gucci etcetera are just some of the many labels Boyd Holbrook has worked with.

8. Tyson Ballou


Tyson Ballou has been in the modelling industry for quite some time. This good looking male model was first spotted by a modelling agency the rest is history. Tyson Ballou has proved to be an amazing model and has earned a name for himself in this ever competitive industry. He has worked with the most prestigious brands of the modelling world like Dolce and Gabbana, Versace and many others.

7. Garrett Neff Bluish-

Garrett Neff Bluish Top Most Famous Handsome Male Models in The World 2019

Grey eyed Model Garrett Neff, will definitely make you take a second look at him. A scouting agency picked up this handsome male model at the Miami International Airport! Since then never has Garrett Neff looked back. Currently working with some big names in the industry, Neff is letting the world see a gorgeous piece of art -himself.

6. Tyson Beckford


It was a talent scout that discovered this gorgeous male model. Ralph Lauren was the first big brand that picked Tyson Beckford, a decision that obviously worked. People magazine has him in their list of the Most Beautiful People In The World. Besides modelling, he was also a co-host for a modelling contest Make Me a Supermodel.

5. Adam Senn

Adam Senn Top 10 Most Handsome Male Models in The World 2017

A model, an actor, a restaurateur. Boy does this drool worthy male model have his hands full! Adam Senn always intrigued with this world of fashion, went on to become a model right after he completed his high school. He then moved on to acting and now owns a restaurant. This amazingly talented model makes it number 5 on this list.

4. Noah Mills


One way to describe Noah Mills – drop dead gorgeous! This seriously handsome model began working with a couple of fashion companies which kick started his modelling career. He has flaunted his acting skills a bit as well. Standing tall at 6 feet 2 inch with his hazel eyes and brown hair, this super cute male model steals the fourth place on this list of Top 10 Most Handsome Male Models in The World 2017.

3. Marlon Teixeira


At spot 4, this adorable handsome young model will surely get u smitten. After being introduced into this industry due to a family connection, Marlon Teixeira has only moved forward. From skating to travelling to surfing, living life to the fullest is what this male model does best.

2. David Gandy

David Gandy Top Most Popular Handsome Male Models in The World 2018

This extremely fit model was bound to get noticed among his male counterparts with a not-so-macho physique. And that is exactly what happened. David Gandy gave a new meaning to ‘Handsome Male Models’ with his strong masculine physique. Always stylish and classy, Davis Gandy unsurprisingly was awarded as the most stylish man of the year in 2015. He even began designing his own line for Marks & Spencers, which needless to say was their most profitable line.

1. Jon Kortajarena

Jon Kortajarena Top 10 Most Handsome Male Models in The World

At number one, it is a no brainer! Jon Kortajarena with his mesmerizing eyes and strong jaw line, is sure to set your heart racing. Not just is he insanely attractive, but is also quite successful. This super sexy, super handsome male model considers himself to be quite the romantic. He has joined the acting industry and aren’t we glad for that!

Well these are the strikingly handsome male models of 2017. Of course there are many other good looking male models that the modelling industry has to offer, but the above 10 male models definitely stand apart owing to their nearly perfect looks and amazing features.