Top 10 Most Handsome Male Actors in The Philippines

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Handsome Male Actors in The Philippines 2017. With a wide variety of everything beautiful, the Philippines offer gorgeous country vistas, breath taking panoramas, incredibly diverse cultures with a climate that seems to just nurture all under its care. The wildlife, the economy, the demographics and the abounding history within a city, Manila and its surrounding islands, all seven thousand of them are all noteworthy. But there is something more about the Philippines; something that isn’t being hidden away. Celebrated and very noticeable is the potent beauty of the Filipino men. What a collection we’ve discovered. However, our Top 10 Most handsome Male Actors in the Philippines are only a taste of what awaits. The follow in descending order.

List of Top 10 Most Handsome Male Actors in The Philippines 2017

10. Christian Bautista

Christian Bautista Handsome Male Actors in The Philippines 2017

This man can sing. And what a voice it is when his baritone reaches the midrange notes. He was discovered when he joined Star In a Million which was axed but whilst Christian was singing, he made himself noteworthy. He won fourth place in the finals and was given an opportunity to hit the stage where he plays a role in the musical drama series, The Musical Kitchen. When he’s not acting he’s singing and those dreamy eyes adhere to his subject in such a way, you’d never want to escape. He was blessed with a Libran smile and a charming demeanor that makes him one hell of a hot, sweet, companion on and off the stage.

9. Erwan Heussaff

Erwan Heussaff Top Famous Handsome Male Actors in The Philippines 2019

Erwan Heussaff comes from Filipino-French parents who must have encouraged him to become the confident, mysterious man he is. With a past that combined a lack of self esteem when he weighed in at 240 lbs which equates to 108 kg, something spurred him to write his blog The Fat Kid Inside. A highly recommended read, it is very encouraging and more over successful as it allows one to glimpse Erwan’s past. But it also shows one that he is unique, he’s a real fighter with temerity and determinaiton. He’s had his adversities but he got over them. He’s a Capricornian who at the moment, while he is following his passion, he’s a self-made chef, is turning down acting and modelling offers for he prefers to support his girlfriend, superstar Anne Curtis as she acts and sings and dances. Good for him.

8. Aljur Abrenica

Aljur Abrenica Top 10 Most Handsome Male Actors in The Philippines 2017

This young man oozes confidence and so he should. He has worked darned hard to bring his body into the striking masculine shape it is in. He accepts more mature roles having been crowned the Ultimate Hunk and is encouraged to show off his well-toned, hunkable body. He owns the title as One of the Top Sexiest Filipino men as he shows up at the gym every day. And he’s not shy about promoting healthy living either. This hard working Aries that vied against other contestants in StarStruck when he was seventeen, knows the meaning of the word charming.

7. Richard Gutierrez


Richard Gutierrez is a silver screen matinee idol, a model and a host who has a keen interest in producing and directing rather than acting. He is ruggedly handsome in a quiet unassuming way which is most attractive to the opposite sex. As a man with a body to be proud of, Richard endorses many items from fashion lines and is in demand as an actor. Coming from parents who are also familiar with acting and talent, he is surrounded by siblings who all hold a passion for the craft. He maintains a sculptured body while he works his way up from supporting roles to lead roles and is currently a regular in a primetime soap opera.

6. Gerald Anderson

Gerald Anderson Top 10 Most Handsome Male Actors in The Philippines

Fresh to the business of acting, Gerald is confident and strides toward his craft with a passion that is commendable. He is versatile and gives his all when he’s acting, particularly when he has no objection to shaving off his eyebrows to play the role of a hit man. He is part American on his father’s side, Filipino on his mother’s. His movie On the Job received a standing ovation during the Cannes Film Festival and since then he has several more movies on his curriculum vitae. A passionate and loving Pisces his passion will skyrocket him into an acting career that will ensure he is set for life. He is one of the Top 10 Most Handsome Male Actors in The Philippines 2017.

5. Coco Martin

Coco Martin Top Most Popular Handsome Male Actors in The Philippines 2018

Coco became the Actor of the Decade award after he earned the title, Prince of Philippine Independent Films. Martin began his budding career in a talent agency, Star Magic and soon after made his first cameo appearance. Rodel Luis Nacianceno as he was christened is a leader in the appeal stakes with his dark brooding eyes and gentle smile. As a Scorpio, he exudes sex appeal which isn’t lost on his fans. 2006 brought him fame when he made a few explicitly sensual films which is where he earn his ‘Prince of Philippine …. ‘ title. He possesses the acting prowess of a legend and has become a household name as he strives from one primetime show to the next displaying his diverse ability to act in genres of drama, comedy and action.

4. Dennis Trillo

Dennis Trillo Top Popular Handsome Male Actors in The Philippines 2018

A Taurean born in 1981 Dennis can assume acclamation for his acting performances and his voice which he used when he was an integral part of a rock band. Not only can Dennis sing but this versatile actor can play the drums and strum a guitar. He is a recording artist with a charming combo of Chinese and Filipino and played in many small roles before he received his first invitation to play a lead in primetime. Another diverse actor, he played a cross-dresser in Aishitemasu and played the role of a homosexual. Far from being anything than a woman’s man, he has a child with former actress Carlene Aguilar who was born in 2007. Whilst he is beautifully built, he is still a shy man and holds tight to his privacy.

3. Tom Rodriguez


This man was created with perfection written in the blue print and yet he remains the real McCoy. He’s got the clean steady smile, the dimples to punctuate the lower cheeks, the eyes that look honest to a tee and over all he looks like a really nice guy. And he is; particularly when it comes to women. And although he might be a tiny bit shy, he is very comfortable when it comes to taking off his clothes. Being an actor calls for such things and he’s serious about his work. He loves theatre and played Aladdin on the stage which brought him into the limelight. A Libran with a winning smile, he was noted for his acting prowess when he appeared in numerous TV shows and his role in the comedy movie Temptation Island.

2. Sam Milby


Brought up by parents who believe in having a gentleman in the man, he is also sexy to a tee. With or without his shirt, he’s a Gemini with a sense of humour. In his younger days he was a figure skater which explains his sense of balance and tone. But he also worked as a waiter and a singer when he played guitar for bands. Not focused on the stage, it was only during a holiday in his mother’s homeland that he drew the attention of a talent scout who offered him a role in Pinoy Big Brother. He unwittingly attracts his fans with his shy, charming yet self-confident esteem and has become a very successful actor, who is a commercial model. When he’s not doing all of that, he enjoys singing and is releasing albums which feature his gorgeous voice. With a dual American – Filipino citizenship, he’s swept off his feet in more ways than he can imagine. Oh, and what a smile on that gorgeous man!

1. Piolo Pascual


Piolo Pascual, actor, model musician, producer, is an older, hunkier, sexier, television actor who is in a word, handsome. Sings like a nightingale, is as tall as they come, has enviously dark skin, brooding dark eyes and is absolutely all man, he tours all over America and Canada, and with a stellar career is pursuing acting again. Having lost his cast directing father while he was young, it is unknown whether that nuance was the influence in his passion for acting, however, he is happily engaged in the movements of PETA and the quest to free Mali the lone elephant that is housed at a Manila Zoo. He has held his gratitude throughout his life and continues to be successful, having at 25 already earned millions of dollars he continues to improve his wealth. He has a son and lives in California.

These are the Top 10 Most Handsome Male Actors in The Philippines 2017. Whoever their ancestors are or were, these men exude charm, modesty and gentlemanly assets that will be no doubt handed down to their own progeny. They are humbly handsome and extremely talented. Hailing from the Philippines, they are men first and foremost, sex symbols next, actors and entrepreneurs thereafter, but from wherever they come, they are compassionate, empathetic, warm, friendly and caring human beings.