Top 10 Most Handsome Japanese Singers

Take a look at the below list of top 10 most handsome Japanese singers in 2017. Music is a craze all around the world. Everybody loves to hear some really good music, sometimes to pep you up and sometimes to soothe you down. But lately, with the arrival of music videos, there is an all new visual dimension added to music.

Earlier, decades ago, singers were judged purely based on their singing skills. Today, the most popular singers not only possess great vocals and are not only great performers but with their attractive personalities capture the crowd without much difficulty. Here are the Top 10 Most handsome Japanese singers in 2017 who have the capability to drive audiences crazy when they make an appearance because of their sensational singing and glamorous looks.

List Of Top 10 Most Handsome Japanese Singers in 2017

10. Kyo

Kyo Top Famous Handsome Japanese Singers 2019

Kyo is a famous Japanese musician, poet, song writer and singer. He was born on the 16th of February 1976. He is a part of the metallic band Dir en gray from its very beginning in 1997 and is the vocalist of the band. Some of his really good songs include Saku, Clever Sleazoid, Dozing Green among many others. His compositions are mainly on dark subjects targeting Japanese issues specifically. A few of his compositions include Mazohyst of Decadence, Obscure, The Domestic Fucker Family and Children. Kyo has an awesome stage presence with his hair style and looks.

9. Toshinobu Kubota


Toshinobu Kubota is a Japanese radio personality, music producer, and singer. He was born on the 24th of July 1962. With his awesome dressing sense, he makes his own style statement. He is known for pop and jazz music. Currently he works with the Sony Music company in Japan. Some of his popular songs include Sunshine, Dance If You Want It , Bonga Wanga, Give You My Love,Gold Skool and Moonlight.

8. Yuya Matsushita


Yuya Matsushita is a very handsome and talented Japanese singer, producer ,actor and most handsome Japanese celebrities. He was born on the 24th of May 1990. His height gives him that added personality. His single debut song “Foolish Foolish” was well received by audiences. His other popular songs include Paradise, Trust Me, I am Me, Sweet love. Eternal Now, Whisper My Name among the tons of songs he sang. He joined a band by the name X4 in 2014.

7. Akanishi Jin

Akanishi Jin Top 10 Most Handsome Japanese Singers 2017

Akanishi Jin is a Japanese singer, songwriter, television personality and Japanese actor. He is associated with hip-hop, pop, dance and R&B genres of music. He was born on the 4th of July 1984. Apart from his singing skills, his cute face attracts the hearts of many. Some of his popular songs include Love yourself, Eternal, Seasons and Hey What’s Up. There are a number of music awards credited to his name. His good looks got him a place in a number of films.

6. Hideto Takarai

Hideto Takarai Top popular Handsome Japanese Singers 2018

More popularly known as Hyde, this Japanese singer and actor is really charming and makes an awesome stage presence. He was born on 29th January 1969. With his singing style you can feel the passion in his voice. He is the lead vocalist of the L’Arc-en-ciel band which is a rock band. Some of his famous songs include Faith, Horizon, Roentgen and Evergreen.

5. Ohno Satoshi


Ohno Satoshi is a radio host and a singer. This very enthusiastic singer was born on 26th November 1980. This singer has a very attractive personality and actually started his career as an actor. Some of the good songs sung by Ohno include Kumorinochi, Yukai Tsukai Kaibutsukun and Kaisei. He is the lead vocalist of the boy band by the name Arashi. The Japanese idolize him.

4. Kamenashi Kazuya

Kamenashi Kazuya Top Most Popular Handsome Japanese Singers 2018

Kamenashi Kazuya is a handsome Japanese actor and singer. With his beautiful eyes and attractive looks, he is idolized by many of the girls. He was born on the 23rd of February 1986. He has the complete personality of an entertainer. His popular songs include Someday for Somebody, Kizuna, Seishun Amigo and Hanasanaide.

3. Matsumoto Jun

Matsumoto Jun Top 10 Most Handsome Japanese Singers

Matsumoto Jun is a Japanese radio host and singer. He is one of the very handsome singers of Japan. His awesome height boosts his personality and his cute features draw the audience to him. Some of the popular songs he sung include East of Eden, Stand by Me, Kyo to Kyo and West Side Story. He is part of the boy band by the name Arashi.

2. Tomohisa Yamashita


More commonly known as Yamapi, this Japanese singer was born on the 9th of April 1985. His eyes are totally mesmerizing and his looks are captivating. Tomohisa is also one of the most hottest Japanese actors. His popular songs include Que Sera Sera, One in a Million and Hadakanbo.

1. Gackt Camui

Gackt Camui Handsome Japanese Singers 2017

When it comes to singing skills as well as looks Gackt Camui tops the list. He is not only a popular singer but also a known actor. He was born on the 4th of July 1973. His cute face, his amazing hairstyle and overall personality makes him a crowd puller. Some of his songs include Love letter, Rebirth and The Sixth Day.

These were the top ten most handsome Japanese singers of 2017 who won million of hearts not only because of their awesome voice but also because of their stunning looks.