Top 10 Most Handsome Indian Men

Take a look at the below list of top 10 most handsome Indian men in 2017. India is one of the Asian countries which large and very popular globally because of its interesting history and a varied diversity. It lies in the southern part of Asia. This country has been the center of attraction to many people all around the world. Indian men and women are said to be very good looking, charming and attractive to many people. Men on the other hand have very impressive looks and they are also very successful in the field of profession. We are going to take a look on the top 10 most handsome men from India.

List Of Top 10 Most Handsome Indian Men in 2017

10. John Abraham

John Abraham Top Famous Handsome Indian Men 2018

John Abraham is an Indian model, hottest Indian actor and film producer, who was born on 17th December, 1972, in India. The face of this man is very nice and appealing. He began his career by working in advertisements and numerous modeling in several countries. In 2003, john made his first debut film which earned him a debut nomination award. Later on, this champion succeeded in producing several films that gained him his popularity. Some of the films include jism (2003), elaan (2005), kaal (2005), zinda (2006), babul (2006), taxi number 9211 (2006) and many more. These movies have gained him several awards so far.
John Abraham is a very hard working, passionate and very handsome Indian men 2017.

9. MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni Top Popular Handsome Indian Men 2018

His full names are Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Born on 7th July, 1981, Dhoni is a cricket player who is also the current captain of Indian national cricket team. MS Dhoni is also one of the most handsome cricketers in the world. He began playing cricket at school in 1998. When he turned 18 years (1999-2000), Dhoni joined debut team and scored very well against their opponents. India honors this gentleman at large because of his superiority in the cricket game. On the other hand, he is one the most handsome, popular and successful man that India is proud of currently.

8. Shahid Kapoor


Shahid Kapoor is also known as Shahid Khattar. Kapoor acts Indian films. He was born on 25th February, 1981, New Delhi, India. His first film (debut) was released in 2003. At this time Kapoor was portraying a romantic leading role in a film called Ish Vishk. Apart from taking romantic roles, Kapoor has also played part in thrillers and action movies. Up to date, he is most attractive Indian celebrities and also most handsome Bollywood actors. This was released by the media in India.

7. Sachin Pilot


Sachin Pilot was born on 7th September, 1977, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Pilot is a politician who belongs to the Indian National Congress (INC). Sachin was once the president of Pradesh Congress Committee, minister of corporate affairs and the member of parliament of Rajasthan constituency. The decency in this politician makes him admirable by many Indian ladies.

6. Salman Khan

Salman Khan Top 10 Most Handsome Indian Men

He is popularly known as Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan. Salman was born on 27th December 1965, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. His professional fields include television personality, film actor and producer as well. The entire India community recognizes him as a very significant figure in the society. He is the most influential, popular and successful Indian actors. Most of his fanatics are women.
Salman Khan’s admirable features include masculine body, very fantastic smiles and hairstyle.

5. Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor Top Most Famous Handsome Indian Men 2019

Ranbir Kapoor is also an Indian actor and the highest paid of them all. He is most popular Indian celebrities and also one of the most handsome Asian actors. He was born on 28th September, 1982, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Ranbir has acted more than 20 films in the market today. His dressing style is very fashionable.
Ranbir Kapoor gained his popularity through working in different films like wake up sid (2009), rockstar (2012), Raajneeti (2010), lucky by chance (2009), black (2005), tamasha (2015), roy (2015) and many others.

4. Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan Top Most Handsome Indian Men 2017

Hrithik Roshan is a successful and well established Indian actor and one of the most handsome actors in the world, who was born on 10th of July, 1974, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He acted as a child artist between 1980 to 1986, an assistant director between 1986 to 1995. In 2000, he started his acting career in releasing debut films. Some of the physical features of Hrithik are that he has a cute masculine body, a long cute nose and his eyes are very sexy.
Hrithik Roshan has so many stars in and out of India.

3. Virat Kohli


Virat Kohli was born on 5th November, 1988 and is the captain of the Indian team in test cricket. He is also the vice captain of limited-overs formats. He is also one of the hottest and handsome Indian Guys. Virat was born and raised in Delhi where he represented this Indian cricket team. Nicknamed as Cheeku, this young star is quite good looking and attractive. He has a modernized style of dressing, nice maintained beards hence ranked in this list of the most handsome men of India. ESPN ranked him to be the most famous athlete in the world.

2. Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar Top 10 Most Handsome Indian Men 2017

His real names are Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia. Akshay Kumar are his stage names ad are the most known. He was born on 9th September, 1967. In 1990s, Kumar started his career by acting action films and gained popularity through his appearances of the Khidadi series. Some of his action movies include mohra (1994), elaan (1994), sapoot (1996), waqt hamara hai (1993) and jaanwar (1999). Despite the fact that Kumar is approaching 50, he still looks very strong, admirable and handsome. His movies are watched by very may people all around the world.

Biggest entertainer of Bollywood Akshay Kumar’s fame also came as a result of his action and comic roles, drama and also romance perfomance, something that women adore most.

1. Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer Singh Most Popular Handsome Indian Men 2019

Ranveer Singh Bhavani was born on 6th of July 1985. Ranveer is a film actor in Hindi films. He studied at Indiana University, Bloomington. In 2010, he released his debut role in romantic comedy (Band Baaj Baaraat). His films include, gunday (2014), Finding Fanny (2014), Lootera (2013) and hey bro (2015). Most of his movies have turned to be successful in India and now he is most successful actors of Bollywood.
Ranveer Singh has a great personality.

Handsome men of India are very successful, passionate and very handsome. most of them are actors and sports men.