Top 10 Most Handsome European Actors

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Handsome European Actors 2017. While most actors deserve due recognition for their impeccable acting skills, some of them get even more credit for their looks. Indeed good looking actors tend to become heart throbs and poster boys for many ladies and women alike. Movies starring the gorgeous looking men we will be looking at below become instant hits at the box office and for good reason. As much as I would love to include every single gorgeous European actor on this list, there is only room for the top ten. Therefore, without any further ado, let’s have a look at the top ten most handsome European actors this year 2017.

List of The Top Ten Most Handsome European Actors for 2017:

As always, we start out at number 10 as we work our way up to the top most handsome actor in the European continent. The list was compiled after counting your votes and those from a roundtable judging panel.

10. Michael Fassbender:

Michael Fassbender Top 10 Most Handsome European Actors

You may know Fassbender as the younger version of Magneto or perhaps, from the three movies he’s made with popular director Steve McQueen – 12 years a slave, Hunger and Shame. Michael also starred alongside fellow heart throb Christoph Wlatz in the Inglorious Bastards. He appeared on the cover of a recent issue of GQ where he confessed to be an ardent fan of formula 1 racing and speedy driving. Fassbender is quite popular with the ladies, mainly due to his devilishly good looks and captivating eyes. Grab a poster already if you don’t have one.

9. Bradley James:

Bradley James Top Handsome European Actors 2017

Born on October 11th 1983, Bradley is a slim-faced British actor with striking looks and talent to go with. He made his acting debut in 2008 in the movie Lewis and his career has been on an upward trajectory ever since. You may know him from Portobello 196, Merlin: Secrets and Magic or Homeland among other movies. Talent aside, though, Bradley is one of the most handsome European actors thanks to his flashy hair style, cute slim face and of course, the British accent. Find him always in fitting suits and attires as with all British men.

8. Benedict Cumberbatch:

Benedict Cumberbatch Top 10 Most Handsome European Actors 2017

Born on July 19th 1976, Benedict is not only a highly acclaimed movie star, but also a theatre artist and film producer. The University of Manchester graduate has worked in a number of box office hits including the Penguins of Madagascar, Amazing Grace and The Other Boleyn Girl among others. Acting aside, Benedict is a heart throb by all means. Whether it’s his amazing six-pack, or beautiful slim face, the Briton never fails to impress the eyes every time he hits the big screen. The best part about him, though, is his gorgeous sharp eyes that seem to see right through your soul.

7. Vincent Cassel:


Cassel is one of the more popular European actors known for acting in high profiled movies starring Hollywood’s A-list actors. Some of the movies he’s featured include Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen, Eastern Promises and Black Swan. Cassel was born on November 23 1966 and until recently, was married to the strikingly beautiful actress Monica Belluci. Cassel is really likeable with his raw look, well toned body and age defying beauty. He is also a stylish actor who prefers to always be sharply dressed in fitting attires and suits.

6. Nicolas Duvauchelle:


The French actor was born on 27th May 1980 in a small town in France. Nicolas drew the hearts of many as “Theo” in the popular TV drama Braquo. Since then, he’s gone on to work in big box office hits such as The Endless River, Snowboarder and Le grand Meaulnes among others. The thing with Nicolas, though, is that he has these captivating, dreamy eyes that seem to look right through you. Moreover, he possesses a great body complete with a six-pack, cute face and flashy hair. What else could you possibly ask for?

5. Idris Elba:

Idris Elba Top Most Popular Handsome European Actor 2018

Of course, Idris had to appear on this list for obvious reasons. Born on 6th Septemeber 1972, Idris started out acting way back in his school days. Best known for his roles in smashing hits such as Avengers: Age of Ultron, Sometimes in April and Buffalo Soldiers, Idris is undoubtedly one of the most successful British actors ever. He even raps and sings from time to time and he is quite good. Talents aside, Elba is one handsome man – complete with a perfectly toned body, rugged beard, sexy eyes and great height. Everything about him is just sexy and there is no reason as to why he shouldn’t be on the list of the most handsome European actors.

4. Ralf Moeller:


Ralf was born in Germany way back in 1959 on 12th January. Like fine wine, he gets better with age both as an actor and person. You may know him from box office hits such as The Tourist, The Viking Sagas, Tales of an Ancient Empire and Occhio alla Perestrojka among others. Acting aside, Ralf is a joy to look at – partly explaining why his movies are so popular. He has this well toned body that seems to portray a hero, a raw look and masculine beard.

3. Jean Dujardin:

Jean Dujardin Top Famous Handsome European Actor 2019

Jean was born on 19th June, 1972 in France and the only actor on this list to win an Oscar. You may know him from the monster hit movie “The Artist” for which he won the Cannes prize for the Best Actor, the Golden Globe Award, the SAG Award, the BAFTA and Oscar – quite a feat, huh? His success may partly be attributed to his devilishly good looks and stunning body that make him a joy to watch on the big screen. You can tell he’s a gentleman – part of being French of course – and his amazing fashion sense only add to his resume as one of the most handsome actors in Europe.

2. Guillaume Canet:

Guillaume Canet Top Popular Handsome European Actor 2018

Born on April 10th 1973, Guillaume is known for his role in Tell No One which was the ninth top grossing movie of 2006 in France. The movie won him four Cesar Awards which includes a Cesar for Best Director for the movie. Guillaume is undoubtedly one of the hottest actors in Europe and around the globe – partly explaining his relationship with the beautiful French actress Marion Cotillard. He was formerly married to SLLS fave Diane Kruger – another hottie by all means.

1. Robert Pattinson:


Born on 13th May 1986 in the UK, Pattinson is the most handsome actor in the European continent and if you’ve watched some of his movies, you will agree with this fact. Known for his roles in movies such as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Cosmopolis and Twilight, Robert has certainly has the talent to match his extremely good looks and aesthetically pleasing body. He is to bluntly put it; the definition of sexy and most ladies have had a crush on him for the longest time now.

These are the Top 10 Most Handsome European Actors 2017. The above list rounds up the most handsome actors on the European Continent. Most actors on the list are quite popular meaning all you have to do is grab one of their popular movies to see what exactly we are talking about.