Top 10 Most Handsome DJs in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Handsome DJs in The World 2017. Have you ever wondered what life would be like without music? Well, you can’t even begin to imagine right? The truth of the matter is, the music industry is one of the most essential sources of entertainment and without it; we would certainly be living in a dull, dull world. Music aside, the people behind the music we listen to are equally important as they create the glamorous showbiz scene we love to hate and hate that we love it.

Unlike in the past, the current crop of DJs have emerged from the shadows to become a force to reckon with. Nowadays, the likes of Tiesto and Calvin Harris are featuring regularly in the biggest events worldwide and getting paid as much as musicians – if not more – to showcase their talents. Here is a list of the most handsome DJs in 2017 as voted by you, alongside the critics in our roundtable of course. Feel free to ogle over the individuals on the list.

List of Top 10 Most Handsome DJs in the World 2017

The DJs on this list are not only extremely talented, but also have the looks and sexiness to complement their skills.

10. DJ Snake:


“Lean on” was one of the biggest songs of 2015 and it featured DJ Snake – one of the most versatile and coolest DJs currently. Behind the chilled-out jams and raw bass lines – that we’ve grown to love – is a mysterious man with just enough looks to make every lady at his party go wild. Forget the fact that he never takes his sunglasses off. In fact, we’ve never seen DJ Snake without sunglasses, but who needs to anyway? He looks sexy while wearing them and that’s what counts.

9. Skrillex:


Born Sonny John Moore on 15th January, 1988, Skrillex is one of the best talents there is in the DJ scene. The American spin master has had a successful career both as a DJ and producer where he has worked with a b such as Heroine and Dear Diary. Since he started out in 2001, he is known for his dashing looks and bold hairstyles that make huge fashion statement regardless of where he sets foot. Skrillex is indeed, one of the most handsome DJs currently and I can almost hear the ladies agree with that.

8. Diplo:

Diplo Top 10 Most Handsome DJs in The World

Musically speaking, Diplo is quite a unique talent. He is an extremely versatile producer besides being the main man behind Mad Decent. Over the years, Diplo has managed to stamp his authority in electronic music as one of the best there truly is. Music aside, though, the six-pack he rocks on his sexy body is enough to make you forget the music or anything he does as a matter of fact. He has a great sense of style, sexy voice – as you will agree by listening to his show on BBC Radio 1 show, and great persona. In a nutshell, he is what most ladies would call, the perfect man.

7. Afrojack:

Afrojack Top 10 Most Handsome DJs in The World 2017

Born September 9th 1987, Nick Van de Wall alias Afrojack is arguably the best DJ from Netherlands. Besides being a spin master, the Dutch DJ has a number of great albums under his belt such as “Forget the World” – his debut album, “The Way We See the World” and “Take over Control.” Starting his music career at the tender age of 14, Afrojack was an instant hit with the ladies. His sensational smile and dreamy eyes has earned him lots of female fans and tons of money while at it.

6. Gesaffelstein:


Even if some of you haven’t heard about him, the France-based producer and DJ is a remarkable talent with the looks to match. The dark, yet sexy beats he produces have made him a worldwide sensation and his impressive DJ skills were showcased to the fullest at the recent Coachella festivals. The thing with Gesaffelstein is that he’s really mysterious, which only makes the ladies want to know all they can about him. He can often be found in festivals and clubs stylishly dressed in a suit paired with a white Oxford shirt – his trademark look.

5. Avicii:

Avicii Top Most Popular Handsome DJ in The World 2018

The popular Swedish DJ was born on 8th September 1989 and is renowned worldwide for his smash hits such as “Wake me Up,” “I Could Be the One” and “Addicted to You.” The two-time Grammy nominee was ranked as the third best DJ in the world by DJ Mag and by all standards; he is currently one of the best in the game. The overly mysterious DJ ranks fifth on our list for his promiscuity. You rarely see him in his videos or in most events, but you can tell that there is really something exciting about Avicii. He is one among the Top 10 Most Handsome DJs in The World 2017.

4. Nicolas Jaar:


We’ve now entered into the “tasty-zone” meaning every DJ from here henceforth is simply, extremely appealing. As a DJ, Nicolas has successfully managed to blur the line between acoustic and electronic music through his unparalleled skills. His live mixes and samples are to bluntly put; perfect from start to end and if you’ve attended one of his concerts, you will realize that there is more to him than just the music. He is exquisite to say the least, with an angelic face and dreamy eyes to complement his aesthetically pleasing body.

3. Armin Van Buuren:

Armin Van Buuren Top Popular Handsome DJ in The World 2017

Born on the Christmas of 1976, Van Buuren is one of the two Dutch DJs on this list. He is renowned for his impeccable skills behind the decks, impressive song writing capabilities and production talents. Some of his famous songs include “Mirage,” “Shivers” and “Intense” among others. On the outlook, Armin exudes that “bad-boy” demeanor that the ladies love, but still manages to somehow come out as a gentleman. He has a well-built body, attractive eyes and sexy lips – enough said.

2. Calvin Harris:

Calvin Harris Most Handsome DJ in The World 2019

Of course, Calvin Harris had to be on the list just in case you were getting worried. His rugged beard and sexy six-pack must be highlighted at some point, right? Born on 17th January 1984, the Scottish DJ is one of the most versatile and hottest producers in EDM currently and for good reason. At some point, he almost broke the internet with his famous Armani campaign and I’m guessing it had something to do with the ladies. If you aren’t into his latest album – of which I bet you certainly are – have a look at his godly body.

1. Brodinski:

Brodinski Top Most Famous Handsome DJ in The World 2018

If Kanye features two of your productions in his album – Yeezus – you must be a big deal. Brodinski is certainly a big deal after working with Kanye West, Illangelo, and Gesaffelstein among others. He is what you’d call the full package; style – check, face – check, body – check, and techno – check; his whole darn life checks for crying out loud. He has been making worldwide appearances in clubs and festivals meaning all you have to do to certify our claim is attend one of his live shows – period!

The long and short of it is, the DJs above not only have the talent, but the face and style to make up for the perfect package. If you were wondering who the most handsome DJs in the world 2017 are currently, we have you covered as always – scroll up to find out.

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